Starkerz Full Steemfest Talk | 2nd Nov 2017 | Promo-steem and Responsible Upvoting

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Today November the 2nd 2017 at Steemfest 2017 we had a talk from Starkerz about being a responsible Steem holder and the value of the promoting Steemit.

Click the video below to watch the full talk!

Starkerz is part of the promo-uk team and in this video he talks about how investors in Steem should find quality content that will help promote Steem and how Wales and other Steemit users should be using their own up votes responsibility.

Starkerz recently went on a UK tour of some of the main universities to promote Steemit to students and the UK promo team have been recruiting new members to Steemit who can offer high-quality content to the platform.

Thank you for viewing this post and if you would like to the promo-steam material, simply search for the team Promo-steem.

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Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

Great presentation friend is cool, nice job

Thank you very much now i am gain more knowledge about steemit. Please upload more relating this type.

Does this guy not have a Steemit account?

He doesn't post on there right now, he just uses Steemit at the moment for investing.

Great speech by @starkerz thanks for recording @tomasgeorge. It's fantastic that I can look back and see this video and see the progress that @steem-ambassador #promo-steem have made since November! I wish I could resteem the video.

it really a step in the right direction buddy...just keep up the game @tomasgeorge