5 Unusual Ways To Make Money With Steemhunt Other Than Hunting Products!

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Last month Steemhunt Team (Founded by @project7 and @tabris ) announced their HUNT token AIRDROP - An SMT Platform! Steemhunt is a project made on Steem Blockchain, that rewards its users for sharing new unique and cool applications or products! This is one of the largest AirDrop for Steem Users. And since then, they got around 1.5 million of STEEM POWER in delegations which is super crazy. This was also one of the largest funded projects on Steem mostly because it gives it's sponsors a fair deal under the HUNT Token AirDrop Program. Learn More About Steemhunt at https://steemhunt.com/

A total of 500 million HUNT Tokens will be issues and 250 million will be airdropped in number of ways, and yes, I am going to explore them today one by one. All these ways are open to everyone, to earn a good amount of HUNT tokens way before they get listed on exchanges! I am sure this project is going to fly off really good and it would be good to have these tokens in your wallet before that happens. Now, let's explore these unusual ways to make more money with STEEMHUNT other than hunting cool products:

Now, let's see some examples and screenshots to see how I collected some HUNT tokens by using some of the methods above:

  • Voting other Hunts has been the number one way for me to get HUNT Tokens on daily basis. I try to upvote at least 3-5 hunts daily so that I keep on getting tokens everyday. I have not been able to follow this routine but I will make it a habit in the future for sure. Check the below screenshot of some of the previous tokens I gathered by Voting Airdrop:

    PRO TIP: Give bigger upvotes to get more Tokens. 60.000 HUNT tokens per day are issued for this airdrop so do not miss the chance and claim the major chunk of daily reward pool.
  • Recently they announced Airdrop for Marketing And Promotion of the Project in this post after scraping away Resteem Hunt. As a future @steem-ambassador, I have already promoted many Steem applications and related platforms so why not get paid for it. I took part in it and wrote a high quality curation post about 6 Splendid Open Source Apps I Found On Steemhunt That You Can Use Daily! It was upvoted by their account and I also got 2000 HUNT tokens. How cool is that? :-D

  • There is a bounty program going on for reporting voting abuse and review comment abuse on Steemhunt. You can do so by using Steemhunt's discord server. It's crazy, the number of accounts abusing the platform on daily basis. Which means, more chance for you to hunt the abusers. ;) and get HUNT Tokens as a reward to clean the platform.

  • Checkout the sponsor report to have an idea about how much money sponsors make. Sponsors are those accounts that delegated SP to Steemhunt and boy, once they announced the AirDrop, the sponsors came running with their investment. Haha! See a sample of the report below and see how many HUNT tokens have been distributed to sponsors so far:

I hope now it's clear to you how you can also earn extra money using Steemhunt. A highly rewarding platform which is quite cool and smooth to use. It's a perfect fit for product hunters and people looking for new, innovative products to use! Go and try it yourself and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

I am thinking of creating a series of products or applications I find on Steemhunt and put them into categories! This will educate more people about the platform and other technological marvels. If you like this idea and have any kind of suggestions, then please contact me through discord. My user id is hungryhustle #4487. Maybe leave a comment below. That would really help! Thank you for reading.

Note: Just like open source applications, all of my designs can be used freely by anyone & anywhere. Do whatever you want, just do not hurt your mother. Cheers!

You can also checkout my product hunts under my Steemhunt's profile. Leaving a link below:

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : https://hungrypb.com/2018/07/03/5-unusual-ways-to-make-money-with-steemhunt-other-than-hunting-products/

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