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As far back as I was sitting tight during the current day when I would cross 200 followers. You folks have given the staggering reaction to my substance. Thankyou!!

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Hello extraordinary steemians,

Its been an astounding experience since I joined steemit. I thank @thankgodikkc for telling me about this wonderful platform.

As far back as I was sitting tight during the current day when I would cross 200 followers. You folks have given the staggering reaction to my substance. Thankyou such a great amount for perusing my posts, remarking and resteeming them. Much thanks to you for everything.

I couldn't thank more to this group for helping me drive my energy and the sort of thankfulness I have gotten from huge numbers of you. For the individuals who are not familiar with my identity and what I am doing, lemme simply give a brief synopsis on that.

I am Okoli Ebuka Michael, a bonafide Christian and I am presently studying electrical and electronics engineering in the brilliant stronghold of federal polytechnic oko. I live in Nigeria and I post about an assortment of things, from poetry, news, stories to finance to religion etc. every now and then.

I have a ton of things I need to provide for this community and furthermore to my magnificent followers😘. My supplication for y'all is that you turn whales soonest. So be it!

My companions @thankgodikkc @chiboyzz and I are really arranging something incredible for our adherents/followers and the community at large. We are planning ways to start promoting steemit in our school also. I simply implore we get the assistance we require. Pls appeal to God for us. We truly have much to offer however, we are presently inadequate with regards to supports and are planning to discover some soon.


Since this day is an extremely unique day for me and furthermore as a major aspect of this community, achieving the huge number 200+ on my profile, I have chosen to give away 5sbd to 3 of my followers. It would be my own way of saying thankyou to my followers and also show those that have helped me in many different ways that I also want to do what they have been doing to me to others, these people include @surpassinggoogle(the boss), @abigail-dantes(steemmum), @swissclive @humanearl @pangoli @bait002 @deeclown @lamex @teardrops @micch(twinny) @damarth among others thanks so much. This will be my own #artofreciprocity. Tho its little but @humanearl made me to understand that no matter how little anything you want to give is, so long its from your heart, its okay. Thats what matters. So I will be doing my first giveaway. Im so excited

Indeed, you should realize that it wouldn't come that simple, so it's going to be in form of a contest. What's more, since this is my first challenge, I would not only be giving out 5sbd to only 3 winners but also another added 0.40sbd to 2 other people(i.e the runner ups) making it 5.4sbd altogether.

All you have to do to enter this contest are:

• upvote this post

• you must be my follower or follow me if you are not, to be eligible for this contest.

• resteem this post: to enable it gain more audience, hope you get?

• post the link to your entry as a comment on this post.

So the contest goes like this;

I want you to write a short post telling us how you felt after your first week of joining steemit. Tell us how either frustrating or cool it was for you for I know it was frustrating for many of us, so let it all out in your entry.

It shouldnt be more than 250 words and less than 150 words. One entry per person. Your entry will be judged by its quality and the number of upvotes it accumulates. Make sure your voter votes your comment(which will be your entry on this post). Thats where we will judge from, plus the quality of the entry.

Be sure to follow all rules correctly.

1st- 2.5sbd
2nd- 1.5
3rd- 1
2 runner ups- 0.2sbd each

JUDGES:- @happymichael and my twinny @micch

SUPPORTED BY @steempioneers #irise-network and @bait002.

Feel free to support me. Please donate, help a minnow.


If you are a minnow and are finding it hard to cope on steemit.. Feel free to join the I RISE network using this link Telegram:


The I_rise network is run by the great @lamex and @deeclown and its mission is focused on helping minnows grow and monitoring their growth as they move up the ladder, to commemorate its vision, the i_rise network is also giving out contest to test the engagement of minnows i.e the extent to which they affect others and how far they have gone, this is also like a feedback to them to know which way they can help us. Feel free to also join one of their on going contest link
They are also launching their discord community to take their services to cut across Continental boundaries they feel they should reach out to not just minnows in their geographical locations but international. So I implore you all to watch out for the launching of their discord channels. Make sure to follow @cryptene and @lamex @deeclown to always get the latest gist on #irise-network.
And also do well to follow @steempioneers. Contact @steempioneers if you need upvotes to win your contests. Read all about us here click here
I am a Proud #steempioneers member.😇.


Thankyou so much for your time. Now let the contest begin.

P.s: the contest ends in 7days


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Congratulations @happymichael
All rules of the contest is duely observed and follow accordingly.
Below is the link to my entry :


Good luck @johnskotts


I live your post it make sense .. Goodluck


Go get the the prize

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I read your post. It's like we share the same story😁.. Except from the first reward that gave u $3+
Mine was far below that


Thanks for the support.
Steemit can be fun and can be frustrating simetimes. Depends on your own perspective.




Thank you ma

my entry into you contest, the reminisce is fun to remember. haha 😂 😂 😂.


Wish you goodluck bro.



  ·  last year (edited)

I'm in. My write up is cooking.

After battling epileptic power supply, ladies and gents, here is my entry.


We are wating..


Good luck bro

  ·  last year (edited)

Congrats dear @happymichael ...More SBD to your wallet. Here's my entry

Thank youuu


Thanks @oredebby.. And

Amen oo.. I Wish you the same dear.

Your post is loaded, this is my first time of seeing your blog, I'll put in for the contest, I've also joined the groups you suggested above, great works you guys have done here.


Thanks so much for your kind remarks towards my blog. You have made a nice decision by joining the groups, you wont regret it.

And also, I will be waiting for your entry, be sure to follow all rules correctly. Thank you

This post has received a 3.08 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @happymichael.

Congrats Michael... Wud av loved to join but I just saw Dat my guys @seento and @oredebby are in already... So let me tender my support for them


Thanks so much for congratulating me. You actually memtioned just two of your guys where as over 5sbd would be shared to 5 people. Take a look at it wella.




Hahahahahahahaha..... Dis guyyyyy



Congrats brother keep steeming


Thank you man

nice post



Congratulations bro on reaching this milestone, wishing you all the best!



Thanks so much boss! I really am honoured having you on my post.

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

Congratulations bro


Thanks man! I really appreciate