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Day 22 - 0$ made, 0 events held, 0 products designed, 0 twerkflows made. Starting an accelerator program and meeting with my coach 1-on-1.

Day 387 - $7,863 made, 20 events held, 6 products designed, 46 twerkflows made. Scrambling to fix a supply problem I should have solved long ago.

Don't be so stupid as to complain when you get exactly what you want.

This sounds obvious. But I have found it just the opposite. When you get dressed up to go snowboarding, you don't get to bitch about the cold. Simple, yet recognizing it and dealing with it has been like searching for a fugitive by walking around banging a drum.

I set myself up in my small hometown, importing strange things from small suppliers around the world out of countries that are sometimes hard to work with. So when I write about only wanting to encounter interesting problems and new challenges it's because that is what I'm hoping for. When that doesn't happen and I end up dealing with typical, foreseeable problems it's a real interesting trick my brain plays to tell me that I shouldn't have to deal with this. I put myself here in this position, so I have to expect the problems that come with the territory. Shouldn't like em, but shouldn't complain about them either.

Issues where I got all pissy / what I should have done

A friend telling me the work I've done on his company is not good enough / realized that if my point is to help is company than I need to take his feedback until we see real results

Retailers not knowing what to do with my most outlandish products / great, wonderful, I need to show them what how to use them

Late supplier shipment that I did not push on / obviously my problem for not following up

Undersubscribed events where I did no advertising / too obvious

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