Getting Started With 3D Printing, a Recap Of Useful Steemit Posts

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My last weekly report has revealed that I have already posted more than 250 Blog posts on Steemit for already for the last ~4 months I have been a part of the community. So I have figured out that maybe I should bring some of my older posts back into light as that are probably quite hard to be found on Steemit buried with literally hundreds of new posts. I'm starting with my series of introductory articles about 3D Printing, because there are a lot of interesting things that newer users on Steemit most likely have missed and may never get to see...

Getting Started with 3D Printers and 3D Printing

This is a series of 10 in-depth articles about people that are interested in 3D Printers and 3D Printing giving a pretty good idea on what to expect from affordable consumer oriented devices, how you can sue them, what options you have available and so on. Do note that these posts are based on my personal experience and knowledge with me getting into 3D printing and learning and trying a lot of things myself and I'm still learning as it is a fascinating technology giving you a lot of possibilities. I have started and finished (for now) the series of 10 parts about three months ago, though I did have some other 3D printing related posts later on...

Some of My Other 3D Printing Related Blog Posts

During the Steemfest in Amsterdam this weekend I had to explain what I write about on Steemit to quite a few people, so technology and crypto currencies are my main topics, though I actually cover much more than that as the people that follow me probably have already seen. Since I had to get back to some of my earlier posts to show some things I have figured out that I can do a couple o posts like this one in order to summarize some of the topics that have been addressed in multiple articles. What we need for sure in the Profile page is an easier way to browse a larger number of posts, making them easier to find, especially older ones, posted like a couple of months ago…

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I like the low poly bunny!

I like when they 3D print the horse at the beginning of Westworld.

We meet on steemfest I remembered you from @blueorgy post. It was a pleasure. following.

A kind of 'table of content' post is always helpful after a while! :)

Priceless. I am toying with the idea to buy a 3D printer for two years now. Your posts will be a great starting point and a wealth of educational material. Thank you!

RS for you! My vote power is way down so I can't today but followed you. Great content here!

Great content here and I agree, posts get buried for sure. I have pondering the ethics of re posting my older content back on here as new, I just don't know how that would go over... likely why you made it clear in here like you did, similarly. Great content!

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