Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

in ppc •  9 months ago

The Plitivice Lakes in Croatia are undeniably very beautiful, but unfortunately, they are visited by large amounts of tourists. Even in shoulder season, it was not possible for me to take my time to capture the long-exposure photos of the waterfalls that I wanted to shoot. This was the best shot that I was able to get while jammed in a queue of tourists.

1/5s; 18mm; f/29.0; ISO 100

Camera Gear

I captured this photo with my Nikon D5500* and a 10.0-20.0 mm f/4.5-5.6* lens.

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Another really beautiful shot. Well done @jpphotography 👍🍻😀

Wow! Looks a lot like oregon in the states!


Sounds like I need to go to oregon one day 😀

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@jpphotography Very beautiful there. Was already there a few times


It's such a beautiful place! Thanks for your comment :)

Really outstanding work!

Somehow this slipped past me and I just seen it. Awesome snap JP! Hope you had a good time there, I thought of going there for some pics but was shocked to find out the ticket costs like 25€. Absurd! Now I'm waiting for a chance to get in for free,lol.


Thanks! There are sooo many tourists there, that's why they can set sky-high prices.. Luckily I got a student-discount so I paid 100 kuna and despite the tourists I had a great time :)

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