On The Road Again: Day 1 in Sevilla, Spain

in #travel3 years ago (edited)

For months I have been struggling in the German winter; Even though I live in the sunniest part of Germany, the sunny days we have had since November can be counted on one hand.

Having finished my last exam at uni on Tuesday, I couldn't wait to leave the winter behind and made my way to the airport this morning. The German weather said goodbye to me with a little ice rain and temperatures around zero, so I am supper happy to be in Sevilla (Spain) now, where I spent all day walking around the city at comfortable 20 degrees and sunshine.


I had no idea what to expect in Sevilla, since it only is a stopover for a couple of days on my way to Morocco. This is why I was so surprised to find myself in such a beautiful city that is - contrary to many European cities - not overcrowded with tourists; At least not in this time of the year. I am not as fluid in Spanish as I used to be since I haven't been practicing since I left Latin America two years ago, but I love speaking and hearing this beautiful language again!


I am super happy to be travelling again and was walking around with a bright smile on my face all day long. I have spent so much time in front of my computer recently studying for my exams browsing Steemit, that I am happy to have some time off now exploring the real world. I am not a digital nomad with unlimited travel time now, but only have four weeks to travel. This is why in the next weeks, my posts will be less regular than usual.


Of course I will keep you updated on my travels and will try to post a photo on Steepshot every day and maybe even some longer posts, but this depends on the availability of WiFi; Since I can't connect to the WiFi of my hostel here, I am going to try posting using my phone as a mobile hotspot (thank you, European Union, for introducing free roaming!), but I won't be able to do this in Morocco.


Camera Gear

The camera I used to capture this photos is a Nikon D5500 (APS-C) with a Nikon 18-140mm f3.5-5.6 and a Nikon 10-20mm f4.5-5.6 lens.

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Glad you'll have more sunny days in the next few days!

Your photos looks very inviting by the way. Hope I can also visit that part of the world (Europe entirely) one day.😄🤗🙏

Hope you also have fun in Morocco!😃

Thank you! Morocco is really amazing, a world very different from Europe but I love it here!

This is so beautiful! I must admit that I'm more into traveling to wild places than cities or so but your pics made me want to see those by my own to badly!! :)

I also love traveling in nature, but sometimes culture is also very impressive! I can certainly recommend visiting Sevilla! :)

I'll keep in mind :) thanks for the tips :D

Hiya, just swinging by to let you know that this post made the Honorable mentions list in today's Travel Digest!

Amazing, thank you!

Sevilla looks beautiful, It's great that you have those weeks to vacation.
The pics are wonderful!

Thank you! I'm indeed very happy to have some time for traveling :)

Great post and nice image collection ;)

You've been busy on your first day .. Welcome to Spain!

Haha true, I was walking around all day long. I love Spain!!

I love Seville, apparently the home of tapas

I had some amazing tapas yesterday, can't wait to try more!

There you go, Julian hit the road again :) Safe travels my friend and enjoy Morocco! Its currently nr. 1 destination on my African travel list :)

I heard so many great things about Morocco, really excited to get there!

Seville has a fantastic architecture I ve never been to there...enjoy your trip to Morocco!

The architecture is really stunning! So excited for Morocco, I arrived last night but haven't seen much yet!

I forgot in which part of Morocco are you travelling?

I went from Spain to Tangier and arrived in Chefchaouen today, I have two weeks until I need to be in Marrakesch

Sounds very interesting enjoy it!

What amazing architecture, thank you for sharing!

The architecture is really amazing! Thanks for dropping by :)

Stunning pictures @jpphotography. I envy you getting away to the sun. This winter seems like it has gone on and on.

It feels like a game of thrones winter that goes on for years, doesn't it?

This is year it really does. It's been consistently colder here than usual. 😢

It wasn't even that cold in Germany this winter, but there were clouds every day, almost no sun in months..

20 degrees! Olala! Summer came in early for you! Enjoy your time in Morocco and I cannot wait for the posts from there! I love the Morrocan colours and textures and especially - food! Never been there but eager to learn! 😃

Thank you! :) There are really beautiful colors in Morocco, I arrived in a city called Chefchaouen today and all the houses here are blue! So beautiful! Now that the start of travelfeed is done I hope to find some time tomorrow to post some photos from Morocco.

great post! the architeture of Sevilla is impressive.

It is! Thanks for your comment!

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