Healthy Mind and Body | Aging: The Value of Good Friends and Mahjong Madness!

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Moving to a new community always presents new challenges. Navigating unfamiliar territory, meeting new friends and even finding a new market can be scary for some! As we age, these types of challenges can be even more difficult and sometimes overwhelming.


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Now, here I am in my 60’s in a new community and without family nearby! I realize I need to pay attention to a few things which would never have crossed my mind a few years ago! We all know about the importance of diet and exercise but how closely do you pay attention to these areas of your health?

  • Cognitive Stimulation
  • The Value of Good Friends

But Why? It’s never been a problem!

I know, I have been deeply entrenched within the financial segment of corporate America for the past 40 years. There was little need to worry about whether or not I was mentally stimulated. In fact I was over-stimulated! Constant connection with people, working long hours each day definitely fed any need for cognitive learning or socialization! I welcomed the time at home with family!

But now…Cognitive decline?


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Everyone has those “senior moments”! We laugh about it when we’re young, thinking surly it won’t happen to me. But it can! Memory loss can be frustrating but continuing to learn, stimulating the brain can help! Challenging the brain cells to talk to one another! Some cognitive decline may be due to illness and dementia, just taking advantage of these two strategies will certainly help

Simple Strategies like these :

  • Continue learning! Keep the brain active! Exercise it! Take classes, learn a new language.
  • Take up a new hobby! Painting? Cooking perhaps?

But I have friends…

New in town? How do you find friends your age? This can be tough, but well worth your effort! Socializing on a regular basis is crucial! As we age many seniors have a tendency to battle depression, lack of confidence and fears! Meeting new friends takes on a whole new meaning when you’re older. I know my friends were always the parents of my children’s friends! Easy right? Meet them at church, sporting and school events, a no-brainer. As a senior, crucial, on so many levels!

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I have managed to meet wonderful people in the short time we have lived here. Cooking and blogging on Steemit, Book clubs, learning Spanish, taking watercolor classes and learning a new “Brain-game” keeps me pretty busy learning!


Have you played Mahjong? Oh my goodness, are you in for a treat!

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Mahjong is a tile-based game which originated in China during the Qing Dynasty. (18th century) This popular game quickly spread throughout the world. Typically Mahjong played with four people and a set of 144 beautiful tiles based upon Chinese characters and symbols. There are several versions of play within Asia as well as Western countries.

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Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and calculation!

Players try to achieve a “winning hand” by receiving and discarding tiles during play. Official Mahjong cards are published each year. These cards establish the winning hands for that year.

IMG_1375 (2).jpg

Talk about Cognitive stimulation!

Let me tell you, the first time I played I left with a major headache, lol! The game moves at a fast pace, especially if you are playing with seasoned players! It hasn't driven me mad yet but we do have fun! There are lots of laughs, and of course food!
IMG_1382 (2).jpg

What a great day! This is just one of many opportunities to continue learning! Socializing, exchanging ideas and learn from one another is so valuable! If you have older friends, neighbors and family members take a few moments to encourage them! Perhaps attend a function with them, help them become more comfortable! Then they’ll fly! (And thank you for it later!)

So glad you stopped by today...

And keep on Learning!

As always, blessings to you all!




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Ohh that must be so challenging for sure to change your community and have to start afresh, I will be doing the same next year but will be by my Wifes son his wife and the grandkids so easier for us

as for Mahjong I started playing it in Singapore, majot brain overload the first time I played it but i loved the game and used to play it a lot I haven't played for years though

Thanks for being an active member of SteemUSA !tip

I must say I love it all but I do miss my kids so much! We facetime just about every day but its not the same for sure. Glad you will be moving close to family and grandkids, you won't regret it :) So neat you started playing Mahjong while in Singapore. We're going to learn the Chinese version soon as we master this version lol! So fun!

Thanks we are really looking forward to spending ore quality time with them :)
and I remember the first thing I was told about Mahjong, dont ever think you will master the game


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Oh my! What are Chops? Love this! I am in the engagement league, but unfortunately not yet in the top %. Thank you @thedarkhorse, I truly appreciate your support!

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It's not easy making it to the top of the league. Even when I have enough free time to really engage with people I don't make it to the top of the list. But it's still a great way to see how you stack up against others and maybe where you need to invest a little more time.

Now you've made me curious about Mahjong @birdsinparadise! Board games can be such fun, our favourite is Rummicub and Uno ;);) We have such laughs with those! I'm gona find me some Mahjong ;)
As you know we've been looking at retirement options and what you're writing about is exactly the things that worry me - here everyone knows us, so to go to a new environment where everyone is a stranger is quite daunting! Glad you've made new friends and settled in nicely.
As for that cognitive stimulation, we have to keep that up!
PS Meditation also is a valuable tool to keep the brain healthy ;)
Enjoy retirement and new friends and places!

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I know you would love it @lizelle, we are having so much fun. As for the move, I wouldn't do anything different. It think being stretched is good for us at this age. You are so social you will find a niche really quickly, and if you dare to try all of those things you haven't gotten to try (cause you were too busy working and raising a family ;) you'll have a blast! Don't be afraid, nothing has to be permanent right? Who knows, we may live here for a while and move again, why not? We just have to keep our health in check! I know you do that! Be well my friend!

Very true, not like we'd be bound to the new place! I'm really looking forward to it and we can go visit the children in summer when their climate is much kinder. The village we're looking at has a ton of activities and most of the people there are still very active! I'm sure it will happen at the right time as well ;)

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This sounds so exciting @lizelle! I hope it's sooner than later ;) Just think about all of the will love it and thrive! Be well my friend! :)

Very interesting thoughts and suggestions. I've been learning Russian with the help of Duolingo... It's been a great experience so far, but I'm still like a 2 year old baby when it comes to speaking and understanding the Russian Language. Ahahahah!

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Yay for Duolingo! That's what I am using, it's so user friendly. I am also a 2 year old baby....I plan to learn another when I master this one, why not right? Thanks for stopping in @trincowski :)

Good friends are really important specially as we grow up and become more sensitive.

Mahjong - never heard of it but sounds interesting

They are so important @vibesforlife! It's so easy to find yourself alone and not in a good space. We do become more sensitive and fearful for so many reasons! Mahjong is a fun way to spend time with friends, all learning together :)

so right - being alone and fearful leads to all sorts of negative thoughts and impact in life. I am glad you could find a set of people to enjoy with. :)

I've always wanted to learn how to play majong! It looks so cool to me :) Sounds like you've got this whole aging thing figured out too! You're so right about staying social as well ... very important all the time I guess :)

Thank you to @vibesforlife for featuring your post in her Pay it Forward Curation Contest entry! Feel free to join us with an entry of your own any week @birdsofparadise :)

Wonderful ideas @birdsinparadise. I have seen what shutting yourself off can do to people. My mom has declined so much in the past 3 years. The things she never wanted are all now happening. However, she doesn't see it. She lives in such a small town to begin with, but so far out she doesn't want to go into town. I've tried to get her to do Words with Friends at least and she won't have any of that. So she sits in front of the TV and dozes off then at 9pm she heads to bed.

I have not played a real game of Mahjong in a long time. I was so confused at the beginning. It would be wonderful to try it again.

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@tryskele, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. You know, I remember watching my grandmother do the same thing. She became so fearful and didn't want to even venture to the market. I know it has to be so hard for you seeing her this way. Technology can be quite intimidating to older people, have you tried playing words with friends with her, in the same room? That might help, she just doesn't want to "look silly". Is there some hobby you know she used to enjoy? Perhaps something you're doing she may find interesting? It's tough, and depression in seniors is so common. I am so surprised and thankful for the @pifc curation! What a pleasant surprise. I'll be checking out what they do, I definitely think it's a great concept, we need to support each other :) Thank you for your kind words my friend!

I've played mahjong - quite enjoy it, though it's been awhile now.
I'm glad you are actively engaging your brain to stay healthy.

I found you thanks to @vibesforlife - who featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation contest. Keep up the great work!

I am indeed enjoying the game, there is quite a learning curve! Strategy! Glad to hear you are playing it as well :) Thank you for your kind words!

I know exactly how challenging it can be living in a new community and even a totally different country with different beliefs and culture.

It does get better. We actually have been experiencing this in the last 7 years where we moved to another country and then came back but moved to a different province and now we just moved to a different city.

All of those moves were very frightening, challenging and at the same time exciting and I would not change anything, because it only made us better people and we grew and learned so much, which is the best life lesson, I believe and now I want to keep on learning and experiencing even more.

You are so right, we do grow and learn so much. It's been fun, a bit lonely at times but overall a great decision. Life offers so many opportunities to keep on learning, I'm with you, bring it on! :) Thanks @joalvarez!

I honestly have taken functional for granted but working in a unit that specializes in it made me realize this: It can really be a scary thing especially when it would reach a point that you can't even remember your own family!

Never crossed my mind when I was younger. (I was too busy, lol) When my Father in law developed memory loss and often got lost when he went out....I totally understood. Later having him in a memory care unit with Altzheimers...the worst ever! So sad to see, the confusion, fears, not something to look forward to @nurseanne84.

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Now that I have reached the age of 60+ I do realize the need to keeping the brain active and I LOVE to learn so no problem in that department! A fun group I joined up with was the Red Hat Ladies for fun after 50! It was wonderful to get out and socialize! My mom use to always have the ladies over to play Mahjong but I could never really get into it. I guess each to their own! Thanks for sharing!

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I have heard about the Red Hat club but haven't seen it around here...I'll have to watch out for a group. This is my first exposure to Mahjong, it is really challenging...especially the strategy part :) Thank you for visiting and I'll have to check out the Natural Medicine challenge!

I'm in my 30s and I struggle with memory. I always have. I can barely remember my childhood.

I find that doing different activities that force the brain to look back and even research helps. Plus the other stimulating activities. I love mahjong. I've been playing the game for years!!!! Although it's only been through computer games or on tablets or phones. Never had anyone to play with. I bet it's even better with a friend!

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Yes, yes! You're doing the right thing, pushing ourselves into new areas keeps those brain cells moving and talking to each other! My father-inlaw once told me "you won't wear out, but you will rust out!" I've always considered that with everything I do! Mahjong is fun, we all laugh ALOT and give each other a lot of grace :) Keep learning @foxyspirit!

I like that " won't wear out but you will rust out." That's a perfect saying right there.

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Good points there birds, mental stimulation is crucial to keeping the brain fit and healthy. Mahjong looks like a good way to do it. Card games used to be a classic way in the past. I wonder if video games count? Some are social online too apparently, as well as stimulating for the brain.

I know1 We grew up playing cards with friends on the weekends, fun timems :) Video games? Not sue on that ones, but blogging on Steemit will definitely help keep the brain moving, lol

Lol, good point, steem as therapy.

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