Pineapple Tales - Post 2 - Day 20

Pineapple Update – Day 20 - Post 2 ..

Here we are at day 20 and the little guy is really shooting up. The stalk is growing pretty rapidly at this point. I would say it is roughly 2.5 to 3 inches tall. The Pineapple bud is approximately the size of a large grape. The actual pineapple is not a fruit yet, but more like a flower bud. It will eventually bloom and then the fleshy portions will begin to develop.


Post 1 of ‘Pineapple Tales’ was 19 Days ago ..

This is where we were 19 days ago.


So as you can see, there is some progress, but nothing extraordinary. This is a slow process, but that's okay since it only happens about every three years.

Some Additional Photo's ..




My Lemon Tree ..

I thought I would include something else in my plant corner that is currently producing fruit.. My Lemon Tree! It is a sad little tree and very temperamental when it comes to dry soil or temperature. Despite these conditions in which I subject it to (not purposefully) it still produces lemons. We only bought the tree this past Thanks Giving, but it has grown quite a bit since that time. It produced 3 lemons so far.. one edible. lol. Below you can see that it dropped several of its leaves (ugggg, it hates me! :-/) but soon bloomed and now there are 3 Lemons forming...



Also My Christmas Cactus Cuttings ..

Are blooming in an unseasonable way. It is past their bloom period, but these are cuttings I am rooting for a new plant, so I am probably confusing the poor thing >-<


That's It For Now..

I will update everyone again as soon as I see some decent changes.



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The pineapple is so cute! I have an affinity for baby fruits. It's about as close to a maternal instinct as I get, haha. I have been wanting to try growing lemons, too! Hhhmm, perhaps I can finally give it a try. My sister had a plant a while ago, but hers never produced any lemons.


I found that it flowered once and did not produce any lemons. I thought to myself that there is limited air flow and no pollinators in the house, so I manually pollinated it the next go round. I shook the plant and even took a cue-tip to each flower.. It produced a few lemons that time.

I like baby things too! I hope it never grows up!! hehe.


Oh, good call on the pollination! Makes total sense. :)

Cute little lemons

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Wow great shots. I hope they will be able to grow and produce some fruits. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great day!

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We'll see.. I hope so! You too!!

Every plant I have brought indoors has died . I can only deal with an outdoor garden .. lol

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