Why Am I Still Here? Initiative

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This bear market for Steemians has been like hell week for Navy Seals.
Hell week is specifically to break a person and make them quit.

What they found out was, in most cases, when one person quits, the entire unit quit. That is because quitting is contagious and when you're not fighting for something bigger than yourself it makes quitting an option.

Steem incentivises communications & gives the tools to buidl immutable communities, however, money alone is obviously not what kept a lot of you here.

What gives you the motivation to keep posting, curating, interacting with and or helping grow the Steem community, despite this 2-year bear market?

Are you ride or die for Steem, if so, why?

What made you keep going here on Steem? Please write a whole post sharing your story.

10 posts (shared on Twitter or other social media) will be rewarded with 100% upvotes. The 10 winning posts will be picked by me, @mindtrap & @acidyo - Even if your post isn't in the top 10, upvotes will be given in lesser amounts to active participants.


  • Share your Steem post to Twitter. Comment below with both your Twitter link & Steem post link.
  • Use the tag #SteemImpact in your Steem post & use the hashtag #STEEM in your tweet.
  • The title of your Steem post should be "Why I Am Still Here" & the main Steem tag or one of the first 5 tags should be #steemimpact
  • Use #POSH tag on Steem to receive @ocdb upvotes as well! @threespeak will be giving out upvotes for #threespeak videos based on this initiative!

Steem Fest 4 - Why Communities Stick Together

Post Beneficiaries: 100% @steem.dao


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That's the question?
This my response

i dont have other social media lol - can i show you 10 forwarded emails? ;D

Why am I still here -- an Existential quandry:

On Steemit

On Twitter


Nice! I'll share this with my community and see if we can contribute to the initiative. This is a big question ...Why are we still here. Looking forward to adding my two cents as well to it :)

Thanks for doing that, @jongolson - I've been here for less than two months so it's a bit early for me to say why I'm "still" here, LOL! I'm here because I like the idea, the potential and the community, especially the CTPTalk crowd. CTPTalk is my main focus, but I like the options we have to create completely unrelated stuff directly on Steem and get rewarded for it too.

Steem incentivises communities, however, money alone is obviously not what kept a lot of you here.

Well, I suspect Steem not necessarily incentivises 'communities' as such. But rather 'communications' no matter if these are big or small.

However the very important thing here on Steem, apparently is the fact to mingle with alike people who have at least a minimum of gray matter left in their brains where hopefully is swimming a blink of logic, reasoning, eloquence, coherence, common sense and eventually wisdom to pull and put all those previous ingredients together for a healthy & rational consumption.

Yeah! by fortune, the Steem blockchain already counts with a good bunch of those remarkable chefs. :)

Oh! forgot to tell. Yeah, let's see if later I can come up with something half 'coherent' to post which could qualify with the rules of this new initiative.


Great point, will edit that in.

Greetings @theycallmedan, i share my Entry:


Thank You for the support 🤗

Hi @theycallmedan

I've never doubted this platform and the people here.
Great competition, Re-steemed

@theycallmedan Wow! It took me all of 4 hours to make this post. Hope that you like it, as it is a bit different.
Twitter; Source

Hi Dan, happy new month, thanks for the opportunity, here is my story
On steemit

Proof of Sharing on twitter


It will be a long list of participants :)

Well on this mornings news I think I'll delay this post. Shit!

Hey Dan
You're making Steem Community strong in bear market and even after Steem tron. This is nice initiative and I will submit my post shortly.
Thanks for working hard on Steem and twitter to promote steem and being a reason for many to stay active here.

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"Hey look at me, I'm here to kiss ass of centralized Steem under the rule of Steemit Inc."

My post Steemit
Thanks 🤗

@theycallmedan Steem is still very new for me and have lots to learn about it. What post I've read have been interesting and helpful with my online business. I just need to make it a daily habit to create post, read post, comment on post and upvote post. All right it's been added to my calendar now. Looking forward to learning more!

Thank you for these initiatives. You have come at an important time. There's a lot of news and things happening today. It's time to show that we continue to believe in steem.

My Post:

My tweet:


Given the events of the past few hours , this topic is so apt. Will be really interested to see what people say.

Twitter post https://twitter.com/ZaibKang/status/1234557587464605697?s=19
Steem post

I love steem its future of social media and decentralize rewards based to

I am aware of the current dramatic situation, but nevertheless, I finally decided to post my article (which I had already begun to write before):
STEEM post.

The initiative is good but the Twitter rule is not. I have no followers that I know of on Twitter so what is the use of tweeting a Steemit post? So I won't be participating in this one.

Love it that you do this so regularly @theycallmedan and more importantly, your confidence in Steem. I do hope that folk who don't usually, participate. I fear, that should I, I will be repeating myself: I came for the (potential) money and stayed for the community.

I watch #steemimpact and.look forward to reading folk's contributions.

All the best for your family - trust all will soon be well.

Dear friends! Let's get to work! We must contribute! #STEEMFOREVER

@fmbs25, @roadstories, @luislopezpk, @marlenyaragua, @lisfabian, @cayenacolorrosa, @minddive, @willpk, @mariaramos, @jordangerder, @crisangel, I know that many of you are here out of passion, so let's tell our story!

@theycallmedan Reading about your scarce operations here in the comments, I can commiserate, as I also had one, but it did not keep me away from steemit. We are born fighters. On another note I want to thank you sincerely for the upvote on our post yesterday.
Just a question here, do you perhaps have an argument or know if someone does with someone called likwid, as I saw this morning that he downvoted the post with $10?
Blessings to your work!

Sorry, forgot the link to the post I am talking about!
The downvoters obviously don't understand that we are a charity.

Good initiative man! I'll get a post done here to enter this in the next little while. :)

Hi, I'm Nohelia Buenaño @nohegrace, I don't speak English, I used a translator. I have very little time on steemit. I love it because it allows me to express myself. thanks, kisses.

Good idea my friends... regards from steemians spanish community.

I have stayed because the potential of Steem being the one world currency is absolutely there. Also the lives that this platform has reached throughout the years is another reason I support Steem. The drama that has ensued within Steem has been entertaining, but not now!!!

Justin is not able to force me and this community to change our mind about him the lair.

We have seen hard time and this is harder than ever but we are not going anywhere.

why I am still here

Twitter link:-https://twitter.com/sumit_10698/status/1234685406689382400?s=21

Steemit link:-https://steemit.com/believe-steem/@sumit1998/why-i-am-still-here-steem-community-vs-justin-s-thoughts

Hello my friend @theycallmedan

Thanks a lot for this great initiative and let us think a little bit more and why we should never give up...!! I will try tomorrow to create a new publication... and keep in order my thoughts tonight...!!

Looks as if your post found new means 😅 now I’ll participate since we got our cards on the table.

Fight for what you believe in!!!

I was going to participate and then saw the twitter share requirement again. Your obsession with twitter is amazing. :)

I have been here for Steem not Tweets. One of these days I may have to start tweeting. Not today.

Fair enough. Steem does not have a centralized marketing team. So it is up to us to promote Steem to outsiders. I think Twitter is a good place because of "Crypto Twitter" and how easy it is to market Steem there vs. other places. TBH, Twitter may be the only place you can actually get some good marketing done without being banned/removed like Reddit or FB.

I understand that. One if these days your posts and contests will turn me into an active twitter user. When that happens, I can’t guarantee I will continue using steem. :)

You won't have to worry about that, Twitter won't be relevant in 5 years. ;)

Your bullishness is inspirational

I am actually teary eyed looking back on my journey here writing this post.


I love the initiative... Especially in these times of change. Of course I will join my friend @theycallmedan!

Good video. I am here for the community.

Having fun on this platform.

I'm not, the wonders of a non decentralized system even though Steemit has claimed to be for a long time now. Nothing good has come from steem/steemit for the last 2 years now. It's just constant BS and broken promises.

I think it's safe to say people that hang around here is the definition of insanity. When you continue to support something over and over again and expect a different outcome.

Thanks for this amazing initiative..!

Link to post...

Link to post in twitter

Firma Fermionico-11 post.png

@theycallmedan you inspired many of us to be fighters here, nice initiative to remind ourselves why we are still holding steem and striving here. Will do a video shortly 🙌😊

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Hey there @theycallmedab this is a great initiative for the long term users to share their respective experiences on the platform. I've been here for more than two year and here is mine.



i m new here and i not know why i still here



It's not hell if doing it for the passion. People whom suffered with training, they quite. People whom embrace the growing pain succeed. Done my part and hope it helps to strengthen others as well.

Hi, great @theycallmedan and all the good Steemians, here my entry for your nice contest....

My Post on Steemit....


My Tweet....


Thank you for your continued commitment to the community, and for fighting tooth and nail for control where it belongs. They are definitely people like you for whom I continue to be here and I continue to believe that we have a future here.

My Steemit link: https://steemit.com/hive-174578/@fmbs25/why-am-i-still-here-theycallmedan-initiative
My Twitter link: https://twitter.com/fmbs25/status/1234951416709599232?s=20

I am still here because we are a great community.

I am here for the bull that is now showing his face on all my steemian friends and to show that we have balls

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