SteemitPortugal - March 17 to March 24

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Meet SteemitPortugal

@steemitportugal is a project from the portuguese community that aims to develop the platform, support the portuguese community and promote the creation of contents valuable to the progress of the blockchain's social and financial ecossystem.

To find out more about us please check all the information[here]!


@steemitportugal curatorship's work is not only about upvotes. We also want to divulge and promote the best posts from the community, and for that we've created a moderators team (@warnas, @helgapn, @pardinus e @myfreebtc), that will be keeping an eye on your posts and will be ready to promote them.


Here are the posts that called @steemitportugal's team attention:

Tag: #Fotografia

Pillow stuff... and a timely #featheredfriday by @pardinus

Tag: #Arte

Ratatui by @doze

Tag: #ConhecerPortugal

FINALLY on the Road in our Sprinter Van | Portugal Roadtrip Ep. 1 by @teamhumble

Old stone chapel in the mountain and a view of Penela by @zedikaredirect

Tag: #Apps / #Crypto / #Blockchain

New Brave Version for Android - Rewards Mobile by @portugalcoin

If you want to be next on the week highlights from @steemitportugal, please mind the tags! #portugal is the main one!

We kindly ask the authors from the selected posts to comment on this post, in order to receive an upvote from the community account.

Upvote % Table

Master DelegatorMore than 1000SP30%
Super DelegatorMore than 500SP20%
Delegator member 10SP up to 500SP10%
Member 0SP 5%

Updated members list

@bitcoincoimbra 100
@isaandrich 100
@bitcoinportugal 50
@pedromonteiro 44

It would be really meaningful if all members that haven't made a delegation yet, and have the possibility to do so, could delegate even a small amount of SP in order to help @steemitportugal account grow.


Important posts

SteemitPortugal - We are accepting delegations

Steemit Portugal WITNESS

SteemitPortugal - Steemit Portugal - Apoios e Parceiros da comunidade portuguesa

SteemitPortugal - Actualização tabela de % de peso de Upvote para Delegators

Apresentação do projecto Steemit Portugal - Comunidade Portuguesa

If you are interested in helping the community and participate in this project you can delegate by clicking in one of the links below:


Thank you to all the members that are contributing to a strong and united community!


@steemitportugal account is now a witness, and you can have a look at our presentation post here.
If you want to help with your vote, just click on the link below. THANK YOU!

VOTE HERE @steemitportugal WITNESS

United we are stronger!


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Hey I love to see local communities! Good job :)

Perhaps the in Barcelona could be interesting for your members! May 17-19th 2019 with 5$ entry fee! Hope to see some of you there (@prc and @sergiomendes are coming already ;) )


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Thanks brothers! :)

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Thank you, it's well deserved!

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Thank you @doze. Visit our website

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