Authentic Life in Lubok Sukon

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A girl named Fera (21) a resident of Gampong Lubok Sukon stared at the natural village scenery from the window frame of a traditional Aceh house built in 1938. Along with the modernization of urban life, people in the village of Lubok Sukon still preserve the culture of the Acehnese people in the past.

This photo has been published in the newspaper where I work.


Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: AF-S 24-70mm F/2.8E ED VR

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Great job! It is nice to see you again in Steemit:)


Thanks my friend :)

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heeey, my friend!
I miss you so much. Where are you ? I hope you're fine. again with a great photo!


Nice welcome my friend :)
Lately I have to rest my fingers. But now I'm fine. Thank you!

Wow..... it really looks natural, I can't imagine how their past lives were so fascinating....


you will really feel like a time traveler if you come to Lubok 😬

there you are!
Welcome my friend:)


Hehee nice to see you again my friend:) long time no see!!

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Congratulations! :) Having seen your own photo being printed in newspaper and shown in TV is an awesome feeling :) Everything the best for you.


Hehee thanks :)

Fantastic picture!


Thanks you!

Keren bang.. :)

No strata social here in Lubok Sukon. One thing that I know, although became one of the most visited place but the people not aware of a rich custoum that they have


Hehehe that’s right