"My entry for the 7 DAYS 🖼 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! 🖼 by @flamingirl"

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I met this praying women in on one of Angkor Wat's temple sites in Cambodia. To me it was the one of the most intense moments of my trip. We only exchanged moments of kind starring, followed by me trying to ask her to take a picture of her.
Using my camera and hands to communicate, she kindly responded by nodding and giving me her permission to take a few portraits. She also gave me a hand made bracelet. It is hard to put it in words but her whole character was mesmerizing.


Proof... I hope that's okay. Steemcleaners approved me and my website the other day, so I hope that's cool.

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Bro, amazing photo 🍀 But I think, @flamingirl is looking for fresh photos... to go and shot now + you can also buy org photos ( yes, people are doing that) and say, that they made it. 🍀 maybe I m worg, lets see what @flamingirl will say 🔥


"Bro",.... Think what you like. Thanks for the comment. This is what I do. Fresh... well, I took it some time ago yes.
NIKON D5300 ISO 1000 1/320 sec F1.8 75.0 mm 50.0-100.0 mm f/1.8

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Thanks for the resteem!!!

the original file: DSC_1420.JPG

Super nice Portrait @davedavis91 , - May i ask which lens and Settings on your camera you used?


NIKON D5300 ISO 1000 1/320 sec F1.8 75.0 mm 50.0-100.0 mm f/1.8
Sigma Art


Thanks for the comment. It's a heavy lens but worth it. The quality of the shots is unbelievable

nice click man

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