Spreading Good Vibes One Video at a Time

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We have recently released our first official video which hopefully brought humor and entertainment to the Steemit Universe, and we continue to do this as a means to spread good vibes in the community -- one video at a time.

In this contest entry to @karenmckersie's Power of Positivity (POP), we are hoping to share with you happiness, a little bit of culture and friendship.


Good vibes through funny videos

All of us making up @trulaloo have their fair share of weirdness and uniqueness which why when we are together, a different synergy is always formed. We couldn't help but just crack up in laughter with all the jokes going on. It's like we found our happy pill with each other. The world can be though and dull but when we are in one place, everything seems to in technicolor.

Mika Cortez Trulaloo

Then one day, we just realized that the happiness we have in us is something we could share. That's when we came up with the idea of producing videos to share good vibes. Letting the world take a slice of our happy pill.

A piece of Filipino culture

As we share good vibes a video at a time, we also get to showcase Filipino culture even in subtle ways. The first one, of course, is the language.

In our videos, we stick with Filipino as the primary language, although we typically code-switch from time to time. It's something very innate due to American influences. (Trivia: Philippines used to be a colony of the United States). It just feels great to be ambassadors of your culture -- it makes us all proud as we focus on the good things about our own country.


Growing friendship

Another fantastic thing about Trulaloo is how it acts as an avenue for us to foster our friendship even more. We mentioned in our first post how the group was formed out of office friendship, and it's inevitable to eventually part ways when we shift or make decisions about our careers. When it happens, Trulaloo will do its part to bind us together once in a while, to keep the friendship strong. It will serve as our foothold in retaining the awesome bond we developed through time.

In a nutshell - do not be afraid to invest in friendship

Maybe that's really the power of positivism. It's like an invisible force that move people closer to each other.

Our takeaway with this post is to not be afraid to invest in people who are important and make you happy. Always find time and pour some efforts in growing the friendship. After all, relationship (be it among friends or more) is like a plant -- it needs TLC (Tender, Love and Care). Let's spread the good vibes!

Thank you very much for reading!

Follow our profile @trulaloo for more crazy videos in our channel. Watch out for the upcoming release of the Spicy Samyang Noodle Challenge, Guess the Nationality (Male Edition) and another Scary VR Challenge. We’re very excited to share our weirdness and craziness with you!


Great entry @trulaloo ! im currently sick with the flu so im responding late and im mostly off line now , upped and resteemed , good luck !👍💕😀

Get well the soonest @karenmckersie! May the power of positivity heal you fast. :)

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You won first place in the #popcontest ! you should check it out !!i sent 14.950 into your wallet two days ago !✌👍💕😊

Wow!!! We can't believe it!
Thank you very much! It's a bit sad though that the next will be the last. Hopefully, more and more people will support your projects. :)

Thats awesome , your very welcome ! I will see how it goes this week first . Congratulations !😀👍✌💕

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