Official Video Release of Scary VR Challenge – an exclusive Dtube Debut

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We are proud to announce the official release of our first full-video here in the community (via @dtube)! Ready your adrenaline as this can really be scary (yet fun at the same time)! This is a first for @trulaloo, so we are open for your feedback.

Hit on the play button above to watch the clip, but before you do that, you can browse through the details of the Scary VR challenge below.

Exclusive Steemit and Dtube Debut

Scary VR

This is our first official release, so we are very nervous and excited at the same time on how the Steemit community will respond. Hopefully, we can get your support on this launching through upvote (fingers crossed), comment and resteem. Do share with us if you have ideas in mind. We'll be happy to hear 'em out!

The VR Challenge

Trulaloo Scary VR Challenge

The instruction for the members was simple. All Justine (@justinezee), Jare (@polymerfive), Jieza (@jievarela) and Mika (@mikacortez) needed to do was to watch the following 3-minute VR clip without removing the gear. #vrchallenge

The title of the video is "Most scary VR video Dare to watch google cardboard

WARNING: The video can really be scary, so watch with caution. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

We are looking forward to hear your initial comments regarding this challenge. How was the video? Were you thrilled? Did this scare you too? Any suggestions?

Follow our profile @trulaloo for more crazy videos in our channel. Watch out for the upcoming release of the Spicy Samyang Noodle Challenge, Guess the Nationality (Male Edition) and another Scary VR Challenge. We’re very excited to share our weirdness and craziness with you!

▶️ DTube

I tried to watch with my eyes closed 😂 I can't do this challenge. I can't even sleep in the dark hahaha..

Thank you so much for the support @dearjyoce! This means a lot for me and the rest of the gang. :)
I also needed to bear the horror, since I was doing the video editing. Imagine watching it over 30 times.

Hi, trulaloo! The video editing and flow is very good. I had a great time watching this! I can really feel their emotions doing the VR challenge so I know it's not fake. You guys have a bright future ahead. Although, there's still always a room for improvement. Congrats, team!

Thank you very much for dropping by @ednamatopoeia! We appreciate the feedback. :)

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