#FoodChallenge - Samyang Spicy Korean Noodles x1 and x2 {Photo Preview}

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Trulaloo is in for some fiery challenge with this global food phenomenon called Samyang Spicy Korean Noodles. It’s more commonly known as the “Samgyang Challenge”. 

There were four of us who went for this challenge, namely Jare, Jieza, Anna and Renz (@anotsopopularkid), and for this photo preview we’ll be sharing with you some snippets for Anna and Renz. 

We can’t wait to share the video of this challenge with you, but the editing is still currently in progress. Hence, while we are working on it, please do enjoy this photo preview.

Level 1 – Samyang Cheese (Yellow)

This #FoodChallenge involved two levels, and each challenger was supposed to complete both levels by finishing off the bowl without drinking milk (which apparently doesn't help that much as well). 

The first level is an easy one since it’s the milder version of Samyang – the Cheese flavor (set at x1 of the spiciness), but apparently it wasn’t “easy” enough for some of our challengers. Now, let’s take a look how Anna and Renz fared. 

The first few bites were fine for both Anna and Renz, and you can see this with how they seemed to be enjoying it. 

They were mentioning how great the flavor was – the noodles were soft and the flavor was rich. However, after 2 more bites, they were starting to feel the sting

This kind of heat was totally bearable for both at this point, as they appeared to be laughing about it. They started to sweat, but the two were doing a great job! 

Renz was even able to finish victoriously, with some teasing on his end, claiming that it was "too easy".

Level 2 – Samyang x2 (Red)

This level would be wiping up the grin on the challengers’ faces. Anna readies with slight reluctance. After all, this is x2 already.

At this point, the challengers are REALLY feeling the heat. 

There is no doubt that Renz was having a hard time, but he seemed very determined. Now, the question is, was he able to succeed Level 2 of this challenge? How about Jare and Jieza? How did they do with this challenge?

Stay tuned, dear Steemians! 

As a final, teaser preview, this is how Renz ended up after the challenge.

He seemed to all teared up. :’| Now, we really can't wait to share the video with the Steemit community! 

Follow our profile @trulaloo for updates regarding the #FoodChallenge. There are also other challenges and activities to look forward to, so we hope for the continuous support! 


For anyone who will be reading this! I want to thank you for your support to our group.

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Hahaha! What a strong man. I think I can't survive to any samyang noodles. Good work guys 👌

Thank you for dropping by @qyugmo! It took us a lot of tolerance to get through!

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