Introducing our group called “Trulaloo” – ride all our weirdness!

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Good day Steemit community!

We are extremely excited to be part of this huge community, and hopefully we can bring entertainment and a dash of humor here in Steemit. Since this is our first post, we would like to give ourselves an introduction and a taste of what you’ll find in our posts. 

Trulaloo – bringing quality entertainment for the international community 

Trulaloo is forged by office friendship mixed with our weirdness and wackiness. We are basically a group of people who met in a local auditing firm here in the Philippines. Gradually, we learned more about each other, and our friendship deepened. Then, eventually it turned into a family-like bond. 

Honestly, Trulaloo was supposed to be just an inside joke, but one of us (Jare to be more specific) blurted out “Why don’t we try it?”. Then, everybody got into serious thinking, and we realized it’s something we really love to do. Hence, we decided to take the plunge! 

What’s with the word “Trulaloo”?

Trulaloo is derived from a colloquial gay linggo which points to the word “True” but made more fabulous. It’s usually said when you agree with someone’s statement. Example:

Person 1 – She looks so pretty and blooming today, I bet she now has a lovelife! Right?
Person 2 – Ay, trulaloo! I think she does. 

Since we love how fun the word sounds, we decided to adopt it as our group’s name.

Meet the Crew + activities we do

For now, we’ll introduce you to a few of our crew, but there are still a couple of us whom you’ll meet along the way as we post more content. We are composed of like-minded individual, but each has weirdness of his/her own. 

The gal and guy shown in this first photo are Justine and Jare, dancing to some funky Russian song by Vitas (which we will be posting more about soon). Both of them are K-pop fans, and they really love to goof around. Jare is also an avid gamer who loves to play multiplayer games, RPG and LoL. Justine is the scaredy-cat of the group, she easily falls for simple pranks such as just throwing a piece of crumpled paper, which she’ll mistaken as a bug.

This is Jieza, and we were supposed to call her “Cheese” for Trulaloo, but it always feels weird, and she often doesn’t respond. She is very expressive, and her laughter often makes you laugh as well.

Now, before we introduce you to others, let us take a look at the random things you can expect soon from Trulaloo.

Since almost everyone in Trulaloo is a foodie, we all love exploring food. That’s why from time to time, we do some #FoodChallenge where we try snacks from different countries. Just recently, we filmed about Thai and Malaysian snacks! The reaction was diverse.

And now that we’re at it, the next member is Renz (@anotsopopularkid) which happens to be the one who introduced Steemit to the group. He often appears to have lazy eyes, and always appear awkward in shoots, but he adds a different layer of adventure for Trulaloo, especially with his knowledge on food and weirdness.

Trulaloo also loves playing different kinds of games – the weirder and harder, the better! We always try to innovate, but sometimes we just check out famous games from other countries and we try to adopt them. 

This is a no-thumbs game, which is part of our #TrulalooChallenge. This involves doing specific tasks without thumbs. 

Hmmm, what can those tasks be? Well, there were three challenges, and one of them was trying to button up a polo. Sounds though, right?

Oh, on the right side of Jare is Anna, who also happens to love K-pop groups and K-drama. She often appears shy, but her reactions are priceless! 

Last but not the least, we have Mika doing one of the #TrulalooReacts segments. She is our group’s makeup artist! She really loves makeup which explains her wide collection of brushes, kits, lipsticks and more! Oh, and she’s a K-pop fan as well, which makes us think that majority of us loves k-pop. 

Okay, that’s about it for now. I do hope you’ll support @trulaloo by following our page. We have a lot of crazy ideas in store for you, and we are so excited to share them with you. Thank you everyone for reading! 


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Can't wait to see more stuff from you all sounds like an awesome group of people!! Hey Jare, lets game sometime bro!

Thank you very much for the warm welcome! Do you play LoL?

Welcome to the steeemit Trulaloo! Its great to see your community here! You guys so funny by listening russian songs! Vitas is one of a kind guy :)))) I will follow your work! Follow mine as well! We can do good things on steemit together!
alt text Follow Back:)

Thanks @bloggerslife for dropping by! What do you blog about? Yeah, it will be nice to share some ideas.

My life is a rollercoaster. At the moment I own 2 businesses. One business is stable, I do marble and granite restoration - basically repairing existing benchtops and working on my second business (I started a brewery and we brew organic fermented drink called Kvass. I will blog about everything, starting from what I do and to all my hobbies as well).

We wish you good luck on your businesses! I'm sure we can all learn from your experiences, and in case you'll feel all beat up, hopefully our future videos will be able to cheer you up!

Thank you for your kind words! I

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Welcome to steemit @trulaloo! Enjoy your new home and I'm looking forward to your coming posts. Cheers!

Thanks for the warm welcome @dearjoyce!

@anotsopopularkid says that you've always been so nice, and you were one of his first friends in the community. :)

We just published a new photo preview of our Samyang Challenge! Medyo nahuli na kami pero carry lang. Haha!

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