France to Ban Unapproved Protests in Effort to Stop Yellow Vests, Netherlands Cops Arrest Yellow Vest Wearing Mother with Baby in Carriage

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The yellow vests have become such a pain to the French government that they are going to probably enact a new "law" that bans protests unless authorization is given by the government. Some are shocked at this move, comparing it to a dictatorship law. Maybe so, but it's already a "law" in Canada. This is the "free world" now.

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French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented this new goal for the government in order to stem the violence that protesters bring forth. The expectation is that the law, by making unsanctioned protest illegal, will end the unrest that has spread through France in recent months. The new law will also ban the use of wearing masks, putting an end to anonymity for the protesters who attend legal protests. He said the government would support a

" law punishing those who do not respect the requirement to declare [protests], those who take part in unauthorized demonstrations and those who arrive at demonstrations wearing face masks."

if protests would turn violent and cause property damage, the taxpayers wouldn't foot the bill for repairs anymore. Instead, the "troublemakers" would have to pay themselves. That seems to surely act as a determent for many to think twice before doing damage to property. Who wants to end up owing thousands of dollars?

But will this squash protests if their deemed unlawful? The Yellow Vests aren't liking the recent police crackdown. People who simply wear a yellow vest, but not doing any protesting, are being arrested now. If protests are banned, this could fuel a greater revolt and rebellion, and more violence, rather than less.

Yellow vest protests have spread across Europe, and some don't protest but simply wear a yellow vest in solidarity with the movement. This is enough to get them arrested, in France of Europe abroad. One recent incident is of a woman in the Netherlands pushing her baby in a carriage wearing a yellow vest being arrested.


Journalists photographed police in Netherlands arresting the innocent mother, forcing her to abandon her baby when she did absolutely nothing wrong but wear something.


Are these measures to ban protests without prior government authorization draconian? I think in the U.S., the constitution may agree with the new "laws". One has the freedom and right to peacefully protest. When protesters begin to damage the property of others, that violates the non-aggression principle. These acts of violence then force the government to impose laws that further punish the wrong behavior in order to protect the rights of others (property rights).

In the case of banning protests without approval from government, everyone is paying the price to freely assemble and protest because some people can't control themselves. This is why government will remain in our lives for a very long time. Until people learn to control themselves and do wrongs, there will be others who will beg for external control from a centralized authority, rather than handle things as a community of united people.

The history of humanity seems to be a tale of a lack of self-control, self-mastery, sovereignty and enlightenment to know how to behave. The behavior of some lead to greater control being imposed on the many, like a few rotten apples spoiling the whole bunch.

To be truly free, we must raise the consciousness of our fellow humans to live morally. Otherwise centralized authority that abuses it's power and legally steals form us will continue to be the norm for a long time. Maybe one day we can have true moral anarchy where we have no rulers or masters above us contronlling our lives. It's up to us.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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As usual, plenty of grey area here. When the mob begins destroying shops and cars and such, they are most likely hurting normal hard working people, as well as neighborhood people who depend on some of those shops. At least that is what I see many times when you see protests (riots) happen here in the U.S. Many times the shops owners are not the elite of the world, just hard working people who had some money to back their efforts to have their own business and in many cases bright enough to employ others with their vision.

I often wonder how often law enforcement is infiltrating the protestors and stirring up the mob as they perhaps begin pushing the violence. This is not unheard of for law enforcement to do in undercover assignments.

At the end of the day, one has to ask what the next step for them will be if those who are willing to protest a dying wage choose not to ask permission from those they are angry at for the privelage saying please stop starving me and mine. It's like passing another gun law thinking that someone whose plan is to use one illegally will decide not to because they might get into trouble for having a gun.

I read earlier today that the vests in France are calling for a run on the banks to cause a collapse of the Euro. Watching with curiosity at the establishments next move to protect the bankers and elite criminals of the world who squeeze for a little more each year.


Yes, it's wrong to destroy the property of others. It's pathetic what people do just to try to make themselves feel "cool", I dunno. When sports teams lose, riot, destroy. When sports teams win, riot, destroy. People act lower than non-human animal consciousness. It's devolving.

Law enforcement surely infiltrates many of them, instigating violence to give negative reputations nd bring the clamps of government down. COINTELPRO ;)

Yeah, government is flawed in it's measures to attempt to bring order. It ends up being just about control and domination of the populace. Gun control for legal guns will make people who get illegal guns... magically stop... LOL.

A run on the banks would collapse the monetary system. Anywhere. 100%. We live in a fantasy unreality of preposterous manipulation.


It has become apparent over the years that a favored tactic of the powers that be to deal with peaceful protest is to seed the crowd with "agents provacateur" who begin the smashing of things in order to incite violence. These chaos agents are often undercover police.

99.9% of the protestors are completely peaceful. There are clear examples of agitators that are inserted to cause violence. I watched how the Toronto police were planting their officers in protests in recent history that specifically caused violence and were caught red handed. If there’s one way to stop a protest it’s to give the government a green light when there is violence. The yellow vest movement won’t get stopped by these ridiculous measures.
I do believe that the US already does the same, lots of people were arrested in DC for protesting in 2015-2016 and lots of other cities.

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Yes, that's always the case. They run COINTELPRO style ops to sabotage efforts and make them look bad. Authorities know how to discredit organizations.

Needing permits to protest is one of the most ridiculous things humans could come up with..


Yup, but it's a growing trend to control what can be protested in society. Plus, you have to pay for your permit lol. Not just get approved. Government bureaucratic racket to make money.

You are quite right in what he says, a few can harm the whole group, it has always been that way. The objectives of the movement are perfectly valid, as long as they do not harm the rights of others.


Yeah, peaceful protests go a longer way than violence. The cops surely instigate a portion of it.

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I just noticed the loving care given the baby by the police. The hood is down in the last shot. Bastards.

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Yes. I agree. 1001% support! :P

It's getting ugly

I wonder if there now will be companies who will 'hire a yellowvest' to get the same level product placement as SUMO. (is that Pizza?)
It's time to invest in yellow vests.


I don't understand how that would work... ?


have someone with a camera ready, make some kind of the person with the yellow vest to get in front of the shop once the police shows up.

Pay something up front, and if succesful come back once they let you go to get an extra reward and a decent pizza.

something like that... feel free to remix. and please share your upgrades and succes stories. :-D

That SUMO shop had good advertising.

Discipline belongs in the heart of every person and not in the hands of government.

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As an American construction worker I tend to view a yellow vest as mindless compliance with OSHA dipshits. I think it’s cool that they are now representing liberty from mindless dipshits.

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