Steemit Poetry Contest #15 + Winners of #14!

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DISCLAIMER - Yes, I know that the Steemit logo has changed, but I like the old one more and do not want to change it :)


My Greetings To You!

I apologize, but I forced to reduce the number of prizes... the circumstances...

The theme for Steemit Poetry Contest #15 - Night

About Prizes:

First Place - 6 SBD

Second Place - 5 SBD

Third Place - 4 SBD

Fourth Place - 3 SBD

Fifth Place - 2 SBD

Sixth Place - 1 SBD

Entries will be accepted within five days from the date of publication of an announcement!

Deadline - February 16 3:30 PM UTC

The winners of the Steemit Poetry Contest #14

1st Place - "Three to's, three too's, or three two's?" by @Lymmerik

Our words are conflicting, when spoken or written,

A study in depth you will find.

There’s to, and too, and two; this, of course, is your clue,

So be wise and keep this in mind.

When speaking this sentence, it just can’t be written,

So don’t even bother to try.

And with pencil to paper; you’ll use your eraser,

This is how words go awry.

It’s just how they sound, when not written down,

Which one do you actually use?

You can’t write this sentence, you’ll find it a menace,

Three to’s, three too’s, or three two’s?

2nd Place - "Pirate Words" by @isteemithard

All hands hoy, heave ho or shark bait for the sea,

swashbuckling seadogs, blow the man down, an eye for an eye.

Avast ye now batten down the hatches, there's land we see,

feed the fish of Davy Jones' locker, walk the plank, aye aye.

Hornswagglers get a hempen halter ye hear,

so we pillaged pieces of eight until the conch shell blew.

Blimey lad, cleave a buccaneer to the brisket with this cutlass here,

no privateers nor scallywag landlubbers, just old salt sailing the blue.

Up in the crow's nest, the lookout keeps sight for low tide,

strung high from the mizzen, a black flag of Jolly Roger held tight by knot.

Run a rig, run a shot across the bow, keelhaul ropes tied,

bring a spring upon'er, the shallows we go not.

3rd Place - "Where Words Go To Die" by @chrisroberts

Across the sea of doubt, beyond the hills of mystery,

There is a place where old words go to die.

"Misconstrued, misunderstood and mystified are we,"

Say words long past, "We cannot tell a lie."

The time has been when stroke of pen could lift a million souls,

But so much goes unwritten now by choice,

Their time is gone, and words move on; the parchments, papers, scrolls

Have vanished, and now silenced is their voice.

Longing for a renaissance, renewal of the word;

The ones who seek the truth will always try

To stop the censors' silly game, the madness they've inferred.

Let words live on in peace and never die.

4th Place - "The Strangest Thing" by @brokemancode

Words are utterly complicated

"Dip" and "deep" sounds the same but are not related

Why does "q" always needs the letter "u"?

Why "big" and "huge" are similar but different too?

There are words that are short like "I" or "a"

Or as long as the word "onomatopoeia"

Tired of hearing the word "love" being said?

You can try hundreds of other languages instead.

Words are such strange things

But are also powerful just as a supreme being

For without it there are no songs,story and poetry

These letters mean nothing and you cannot understand me.

5th Place - "The Signified and the Signifiers" by @ecoinstant

They say that pen is mightier than sword,

when used to resonate with brain wave chords.

And I hope you'll not think me too unt'ward

for considering each and every word.

Using words properly, our mental test,

Understanding symbols is of int'rest.

Our words signify reality's depth;

defining concepts is a mystic quest.

Light philosophy that floats on the breeze

or heavy leather tomes filled with treatise,

since the ancient times of wise Socrates

words have been used to bring men to their knees.

6th Place - "Word Cloud" by @danmaruschak

“How's it going?” you ask in greeting.

“How are you?” said with a smile.

You ask these questions without meaning

To dredge up what is deep inside.

Fine! Good! Doing great!

That's what I'm supposed to say.

You didn't send your words with weight

Just noises made in cheerful ways.

But asking questions makes me think

My real answer: scraping by.

But I'll suck it up and follow the script

While wishing you had just said “Hi.”

7th Place - "Words" by @diebitch

Lost in thought when I can’t speak

Strung in lines to make me strong

They lose their way if I don’t weigh

and fail me if I am wrong.

The music, to which my heart beats

Paints a picturesque swan song

My love forever, binds on sheets

Remembering me, when I’m gone

Lovingly Crafted

Rhythmically stirred

What’s the magic?


8th Place - "Inaccurate" by @bennettitalia

Slippery fish in an ocean of sound

Little ones, big ones, floating around

Some scream, some whisper, one sings like a lark

Here's a drab one, a fancy one, a glow-in-the-dark

Here's one: you have to experience to get it

Another's ineffable (don't try to eff it)

One says different things to different people

Another sounds good but is actually evil...

I did find the right one, but it slipped away

Leaving me grasping at straws all day

So here's a replacement that doesn't quite fit

The meaning I needed: "inaccurate"

Rules of The Contest!

  • Only one entry is allowed.

  • Your entry-post must be tagged both #poetry and #poetrycontest

  • The Title must be "SteemitPoetryContest #(with the number of the actual episode)" + the name of your poem.

  • You can use any types of rhyme - End rhyme, Cross rhyme, Internal etc.

  • The size of the poem - three quatrains (one quatrain = four lines).

  • Do not steal! The contest is only original works!

I wish everyone good luck and creativity!

Let's make STEEMIT more interesting and varied together!

Sincerely, Terry Craft.

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Here's my entry for this week. It may be a little confusing if you try to read it aloud ;)

A Knight at Night

I met a knight one night as I was walking through the park,
Perched atop a shining, stately steed.
The knight he said, "The path ahead is swallowed by the dark,
So stick with me and follow where I lead."

The night said "Fear me, tremble boy, you should be home in bed."
The knight said "Stay behind my flaming lance,"
The night said "Turn back now, you fool,
My darkness soon shall spread,"
The knight just said "Take courage and a chance."

We pressed on through the dark, and though
I didn't know the way,
The knight protected me with light and song.
Fight the night, or else it might your resolution sway;
To give up and go home is more than wrong.
Thanks Terry! As always, this was a pleasure to write. I can't wait to read all the other entries! :)

Here is my entry. Thanks for the great contests!

Night in Daylight’s Cloak
By: @Lymmerik

As night is always somewhere upon our spinning globe,
It’s shadows somehow darken our planet’s spinning strobe.
When stars appear up in the sky away from daylight’s robe,
Then dreams will fill our sleep tonight within our frontal lobe.

Awake we are in daylight to seek our fame and hope,
It’s sad to say that sometimes we fail in fear and scope.
When day is done we rest our head with twilight to elope,
It’s just some simple shuteye so tomorrow we may cope.

The night is here upon us and we are barely woke,
We spend our nights in slumber to carry daylight’s yoke.
Near half our life is sleeping for which the night has spoke,
The rest of life is reaching for night in daylight’s cloak.

Click Here to check out Night in Daylight's Cloak on my blog.

Hi Everyone! Here's my entry for this week:

The Visitor

We should be sleeping
But we're not
Morning will hurt
But you're too hot

To refuse
When you're standing at
The door in the dark
Looking at me like that

The night becomes
A kind of day
And I am dreaming
Wide awake


lol @terrycraft I keep editing this! Don't know if I'm making it better or worse, but there it is.

Upvoted and resteemed got an entry this week! Thanks for continuing to host this fun contest!

Here is my entry for Night
Long Night
The light was bright but has since passed,
now stars above twinkle, some shoot by fast.
Large and white, the moon sits high,
black and blue hues fill the sky,

Out come fireflies, badgers, and bats, even a bandicoot,
mice, rats, and rabbits run an owl gives a hoot.
Nocturnal is the name,
survival is the game.

Whats here today maybe gone tomorrow,
except for the wind that blows through Chicago.
They say when darkness comes just wait, soon light will follow,
well lets just say those 'they' have never been to Barrow.

This is my first entry in Spanish greetings from venezuela

Paso a paso, por la noche en la tiniebla. Recorriendo por la senda, voy a casa de mi amada. Luna en cuarto y con la niebla. Su luz tenue, se nota casi apagada.

Muy alegre voy pensando. Falta poco, ya muy poco, para estar con mi adorada. A cada paso el corazón, su latido va aumentando. ¡besos tiernos! ¡oh su cálida mirada!.

La penumbra de esta malvada noche. No quisiera, hoy recordarla. Ver en brazos de otro hombre. A esa mujer que tanto amaba

Epic winning entries. Hope you collect these and publish it later as a book. congrats to the winners and thanks for your vote on mine.

WOW! Thank you for choosing my modest attempt at poetry for 1st place! I really love this contest, no matter the payout, so do not be discouraged, it is all good! Congrats to all the other winners as well. Looking forward to # 15!


Thats a nice poem you had there, really deserved it.
This line "Three to’s, three too’s, or three two’s?" and infact all of the poem is really great.
Am new here and would be trying my hands on #15 too.


thanks for the kind words. Good luck with # 15!


Thank you. I love your poems, just followed you for more of them.


Thanks so much, that is very kind of you to say! Thanks for the follow.


Nice play on 'words' I was blown away when I found out I even placed let alone 2nd place so I had to see who wom first and I must say very clever and great job. If that was a modest attempt then by all means keep holding back so we all still have a chance haha.


Thanks you, I really like twisting the meaning of words and how they interact with the worda around them. Glad you took 2nd with your poem.


Trust me your poem was beautiful and the rhyme pattern was perfect....,

Funny you said modest, cos trust me , its more than that

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (05.02-11.02): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.

Thank you @terrycraft for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.

Congrats to all of last weeks winners. Y'all did an amazing job. I have posted my steemitpoetryconest poem. I hope y'all do enjoy and of course keep making beautiful work with beautiful words.

Happy Steeming


nice but what part incorporates night?


Is night suppose to be the theme?


Read the post above

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #16. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest list I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Congratulations to all the winners. I particularly enjoyed "Pirate Words" by @isteemithard. Pirates do have the best words.


Thanks when I decided to write the poem in words used by pirates and end the rhymes with homonyms I didn't realize how challenging it would end up being but glad I was able to get it figured out. Nice profile picture by the way very pirate like.


Thank you. I only thought about the pirate in my picture after I posted my comment. I'm a pirates over ninjas gal any day. Keep challenging yourself like that. You'll become quite the master with words that way.

Thank you so much @terrycraft!

Congratulations to the winners!! Really good job

Here's my entry for Poetry Contest #15:

Nice job winners. I entered too late, but it was a poor attempt on my part anyways!

Here's my new poem, a lighthearted ode to love and Valentine's Day (night):

Ill make one. I am excited of what I can come up with.

This is my entry:

Night Kiss

I would love to join this contest. I'm posting my entry tomorrow.

This is so exciting I can't believe I'm one of the winners and I am just starting out with poetry. Not to mention my grammar is very Ebonics and I am just learning to write more properly. I mean I did grown up in South Florida so it's kinda of Third world at times. Any way I'm super thrilled and will be putting even more effort into this weeks #poetrycontest because I know it will be tough to get first place but now I have encouragement that I have a good shot at it.


You say you just starting out with poetry??, you'd end really great then. Thats a really nice poem you had there. Its no different from that of a professional. Thats great, keep it up!! The sky is your starting point.


Great words of encouragement thank you, until steemit I never actually tried to write a poem. I have always enjoyed famous quotes and words of wisdom but never thought of myself as being able to come up with them myself. Then I saw a steemit contest for one and thought I would give it a try. I had fun and felt challenged so it was pretty cool. Then on only my second poem I ever wrote I won one of the contest so that pushed me to know I could do good and to keep it up.


Wow...i'll give you one of the words of wisdom you've always enjoyed then.
"Till we challenge ourselves, we'll never realise our true potential"... @blessedben 2017©
Lol...just joking but thats really it.
Going to follow you and expecting more poems.

Thanks for the prompts, and taking the pains to run this contest!


Thank you for the power of words! :)

Cool! Here is my entry for SteemitPoetryContest #15 (Nightmare)

Sorry to hear about the need to reduce the prizes but hey - don't tilt your head down - we're growing a lot and together we're capable of almost anything! Thank you once again for making this contest! More imagineers in our world and we'll shine bright!



It's really inspiring! Thanks for the support!

All the best!


P.S. Every word as a spell :)


I saw a pun there...

Hello...first time commenter.
First of all, this contest is the most enjoyable parts of staying on Steemit. It's encouraging you're encouraging poets to write.

So, in the spirit of poetry, here's an entry for this contest titled "NIGHT-IN-GALE" (and yes, it's meant to be pun😁).
Hope you enjoy.

Hello! This is my entry for this episode:

You're doing a really great job in stimulating potential writers. Thank you for these contests. :)

Here's my entry. This is my first time joining a poetry contest though hehe, but trying my best.


Hello @terrycraft ! Here's my entry for the Steemit Poetry Contest #15 , I hope you like it.

I'm gonna try this out

I fear.

With my very eyes, I see them call her
Turn around, turn around, they just won’t let her
Oh! Would she go? Or say no,
I fear

With my very ears, i hear them call her
Come around, come around, let me show you I care
Oh! Would she go? Or just say
I don’t care

I am very afraid, I fear to love her
More on grounds is the sound of my fear to lose her
Oh! If she knew
How I fear

Nice posts

Here's my entry for #15 Poetry Contest! Thanks for letting me share!

This is my first entry in Spanish greetings @terrycraft

Después del ocaso, llega la noche.
Muchas estrellas alumbran, al son de las doce.
Soplando va el viento, se escuchan voces.
Luciérnagas dan, su brillo en la noche.

Cae el roció, que humedece las flores.
En el cerrado horizonte, algunas personas.
Ven brillar las estrellas.
Buscan la osa, y otras menores.

Anhelada la noche y la madrugada.
La luna se alejaba enojada.
El brillo del sol es ya reluciente.
Esperemos la noche, después del poniente.

I'm so glad I saw your tape. I've never seen poetry contests here before! A great opportunity for me to share my work. I hope that I will have time to participate. Thanks for the idea! And the question is: are accepted only in English?

Congrats to all.

Congratulations to all the winners.
This weeks theme is very inspiring @terrycraft ;)
Here is my entry:
When you're up late in the night


Great! Looking forward to making a peom for this contest :)

Thanks for this contest.

Here is my entry for #15

Night Fall: by @reservedsingle

Your arrival ushers in so much tranquillity
On my dreams you sprinkle unfettered serenity
Your whispers pursing so much ambiguity.
In your art, there lies unmatched creativity.

Your own sun is the luminous moon
Why then do they call you darkness?
With traces of your silence, I reflect
Voices of my mind resonating at the background of your peace

The hectic days, you relieve with utmost civility
In you, some find solace in promiscuity,
For some, you’re a step closer to divinity.
Homage to the night, your majesty.

So here is my entry for steemit poetry contest #15.

Cold moonless nights.


This is lovely.

Hi, happy day. here my entry for this week's contest. Good luck to all of you regards

Hello @terrycraft

Thanks for the fun creative contest
I hope you enjoy my entry

Break Free

How many times have you felt pinned against the wall?
Where you felt suffocated, undertaken, breaking away and sprawled?
Seems like you're all alone, isolated as you bawl
Pushed down, devastated, and hated as you try to crawl.

I've been there many times, been backed up into a corner
Felt I had nobody in darkness it was a horror
The pain and suffering daily does truly feel like it's torture
I just want to bear it all like fruit on trees within an orchard

I must be strong and I have to persevere
But I'm truly only human and my sadness severe
If I can be a hope of light to my loved ones and peers
Then I can break free of these binding chains and pave a way clear

Wonderful poems enjoyed them all!

yay! got another contest to join. hopefully i could. <3


Here's my very first entry sir @terrycraft ,thanks for the oppurtunity 🙏👍😊❤️❤️❤️

Thanks to @terrycraft for this contest, i hope you all like my poetry, this is my entry...

Hi everyone, this is my entry:

The night radiates audacity with satisfaction
being the dark accomplice of the imagination
the wind with his song eclipses the words
until the twilight with illusion.

With illusion, the silhouettes hide their profiles
of the blinking light of the rays
that on dark nights
the moon helps them with its shadow.

Its shadow is the blanket of poetry
where the night nourishes the brush
which illustrates the images of pleasure
in the parchment of yesterday.

HELLO HELLO here I leave my entry to the contest ..


It is an ebony sky dotted with gold,
It is the duel of Osiris over immensity:
the infinity pours its tears into stars
and it hangs its crepes of silent darkness ...

Yes, to deny the stars their bright treasure,
they hide their lamps of clear clarity,
it's black as a soul where decorum fled
and where only hate and evil remain ...

In it is a golden tear every star
that rolls to the unknown chasms ... and in it
Selene's face, like a sun with splendor,

when standing in the brunos sidereal spaces,
maybe I'll get down to the bottom of psyche criminles
as the divine eye that looked for Cain ...

This is my entry... Its titled turbulence

The night was quiet...
Doors were locked,
Curtains were drawn,
Even the birds slept, and the wind was calm...

Under sheets,
Two bodies lay side by side...
One hand stretched,
And a few seconds after, the other stirred...

From under the sheets,
Came one tiny groan,
Then a little more movement...
And the night lost its quiet...

My Entry for poetry #15

The night delusion

I sat at the corner of my room
Drown in the thought of my darkness
I loom on in search of the bright light
*Wondering among the stretch thongs

I walk on the street of loneliness
Wallowing in my dark thought
I wonder on my bed looking deep into the night
But my sense of reasoning was beclouded

Lo and behold I saw the brightness of the night star
The sound of the howl singing out in the dark
I got awake by the crow of the morning cock
Drawing me out and away from my night delusion

Thanks @terrycraft for this, my first in your contest
My link

Fly Fast

I always thought I could fly
I just needed to try
'Cause for the longest time
I was barely getting by

I had so many troubles
Life was full of struggle
I worked overtime, double
A hard life, like rock rubble

But one day at cliff's edge
I was leaning off the ledge
And took the leap of faith
And my wings had took my weight...

I hope you all enjoy my three quatrain poetry entry for @terrycraft's Poetry Contest. I have learned that in life, no matter how much you feel weighed down by the weight of the world, you can still fly because the strength that is in you is stronger than the pain you endure that tries to break you down into nothingness.

Hello @terrycraft,
Here is my entry :)


All children are a blessing, that's without a doubt
Whenever I feel stressed, they provide a quick way out
So much love and laughter, yes, happiness exists
And when they smile back at me, I simply can't resist

I love them so and protect them true
That's what mothers all should do
Raise them up with unconditional love
And put them first, with no one above

Who would I be, without mu daughter and son?
Life would be empty and void of all fun
They light up the dark and fill up my heart
They are my Valentines, and from them I cannot part

Thank you for viewing

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone


The night is dark and full of terrors
Shadowed demons, prancing, preening, invisible claws,
What’s on the Blockchain has no errors,
’Cause it’s immutable, irreversible, free of flaws.

The moon is spooning with the clouds,
Glowing crescent, waxing, waning, an amorphous sliver,
Cries of “it’s mooning” ring aloud,
Little do they know, Bitcoin Gold is now Bitcoin Silver.

Be careful when you hop on the crypto-cruise,
For it’s full of smart contracts and dumb investors,
Only invest what you can afford to lose,
For the night is dark and full of terrors.

This poem was specifically written by me for Steemit Poetry Contest #15 by @terrycraft

Heres my Entry for SteemitPoetryContest#15 + Dark and Dreary Night :

It was a dark and dreary night
The roaring wind reminded me why I was left teary eyed
It was the night I was left to be shattered in the rain
It was the night my love left me for the calm in the storm

He told me I was as dark as the night could get
He couldn’t handle the intensity of my love for him
He did not want to be followed by a hurricane
I was just too much for him

As I lay in the middle of the street where I got my heart broken
I felt the calmness of the night in my soul
I felt the tiny droplets of rain mending my broken heart
And for the last time, I whispered his name and the wind carried a broken covenant into the melancholy of night...

This poem was written by me @churchgaldiaries for Steemit Poetry Contest #15 by @terrycraft


Hi all, here's my poem for this week's contest. Hope you enjoy it!

What Happens at Night
Poem :The sadness of the Night

When the sky goes to sleep
Around the walls, streets it's darkly rays peep
It's gloomy fingers spreads evenly darkness
Thereby providing haven for hearts of blackness

The men in black takes pleasure of this
The few in white shuts the windows sills
Every kid is dragged home with a tear
All joy is cut off because of fear

Oh night, why shall you signify an end
Pain, sadness, evil you will send
Making the heart heavy to bear
When a heavy knock sounds in the ear

But still you exist at your own time
First, allowing us happily dine
Before you come claiming everything the day brought
Leaving each man to his own peculiar thought

Shared with

Congratulations to the winners, all poems are fantastic good reads. Also sorry to hear about the prizes cut-down, no worries I hope this doesn't keep you from gathering a pool of awesome poetry. Thank you very much for encouraging our poetic side.

Hey there, thank you for hosting this great comp, here is my entry -
hope you like it!


For this is where we birth secrets, when we
answer to the freedom of nights call

I really love that line,,, great work of art


Hey there, thank you so much for the feedback and show of appreciation!

Wishing you an awe inspiring day!

Hi all Steemians here is my entry for this week :

Fingerprints of the past

i drunk
all last night
a bit wine of loneliness
And then sat in front of a huge
how the life was leaving my veins


I love this contest, it's so much fun! Great entries everyone :)

Hi @terrycraft,
First time joining poetry contest by you and from what I see #poetrycontest by @terrycraft rocks...
Here's my entry for poetrycontest#15

Hope you like it


Just read your poem, it is really beautiful


Thanks @Sigmund...
Glad you took out the time to read it...

This is amazing, was going to wait until my #introduceyourself to make my first post but after finding out about this I couldn't wait. Here's my entry

Future Angels

Arrival on Earth, mans glorious birth
filled with dreams, aspirations, desires
They searched, learned through trail and error
to turn towards the higher

Hordes of future Angels, Descending into matter
Dawning robes of flesh
Submitting themselves to a painful test
yet giving it their absolute best

Day after day, night after night
as well as in our dreams
We work towards the one true purpose
the only worth anything.

Thank you again for all you do! I look forward to participating in more of these.


Thank You for this contest..., here is my entry

For Writers and lovers, for friends and for foes,
For the wise and crazy and for those that knows,
To give us a smile, to show we are great,
its's for this reason steemit was made.

For whales and for fishes and those inbetween,
for people like me that just want to be seen.
For this moment and many other to come,
I know my dear steemit would always be fun.

With steems and resteems, upvotes and pats,
Steemit is bound with blockchains and hearts.
So as you go through the day doing your chores,
Don't you dare forget steemit was made for us.

Here is my entry
Starry Night

I feel sad I'm a little late to the game, but here is my entry! Thanks for hosting, @terrycraft! This is my first one, so hoping I did everything right! >.<

Writing whilst you dream

While I am writing, you are somewhere lost in a state of REM
Hiding behind adventuring eyelids whilst laying still beside me
The moment when latent ideas awaken, breathing life into inklings
That is the time of night when words come to me.

First slowly, softly, thoughtfully, then growing into their own confident being
Often eloquently and irrationally pouring onto not yet put-together pages
Lucidly imposing ideas of imaginary worlds on paper fibers or plastic keys
Capturing beauty, excitement, adversary, theatrics and tragedy.

And while I am writing, we drift into deeper spaces of dream-thought
Profoundly postulating between bedsheets and blankets
Constructing a chaotic catalogue of subconscious thinkings
I, purposefully, and you, waywardly - all of this writing whilst you dream.

Unfortunately I couldn't post my poem in time for the competition...
But i posted the poem anyway, here is my entry:
My entry for this week.. I've posted it i think 3 days ago :) hope you like it.

what was wrong with word vomit? lol