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If You Touch Me

I Will Shatter Like A Drop Of Dew

If You Really Love Me

Please Just Let Me Be

Woodland Mouse, Watercolor, 2017 by Red Dust

Jamey Johnson - You Are My Sunshine


So beautiful piece of art dear @reddust i love the the drops of water on the leaves, i mean they looks so natural and real.

I share this words "If You Really Love Me Please Just Let Me Be" so true and important in any kind or relationship. Regards

I love this piece @dim753, thank you, you know I love painting dew drops after working with me for the last two years....lolol

Wouldn't it be cool if we could be ourselves without having to self sensor or worry about offending anyone and people could return this kind of behavior? I try and let people be and many competitive and aggressive people takes this as a weakness. Then I have to aggressively set my boundaries and these kind of personalities actually relax and act all nice and happy when I tell them to back off and stop acting like an asshole. Seriously, I have a hard time dealing with people like that.

hehehe yes i know what kind of art you enjoy to paint and aslways when you enjoy do something the result is always perfect, you looks like a light person but reading you i think at the same time you have a strong hand to reprimand the acts that are wrong with you. Regards

To be honest the lines

If You Touch Me
I Will Shatter Like A Drop Of Dew
If You Really Love Me
Please Just Let Me Be

Just really goes with the image in an awesome way :)

The painting and the words liked them both

I have a story behind this that I can't write about yet @rehan12, but I will be starting a project related to this subject this coming winter with art and stories...I get emotional just talking about this (hugs) thank you for supporting me and my projects.

It is perfectly all right :)

While will be there always :)

Very beautiful at work, but damn that is haunting music. Nicely done expressing a sentiment of leaving one alone if you love them. Thanks @reddust.

It's hard to let someone be, I know I've raised 4 kids, hahahaha

My husband's favorite saying is, "Be quiet when I am quiet!" because I love to be alone and very quiet and he needs to be social, we share the same office space...lololol

So we have learned how to adjust and get along, my husband has been the best teacher for me because I had a dysfunctional childhood. I only feel happy and safe when I am alone and I prefer doing things by myself. He has taught me how to be happy and comfortable working with someone else and feeling vulnerable.

The song is kind of sad at the end but so is life <3

thanks. BTW I appreciate how you open up about yourself. It helps when getting to know Steemians. I need to do more of that. Thanks for setting the example #reddust.

If you can get me talking, I will talk your ear off but getting me out of my house is a chore, ask my husband! I tend to overshare once I start sharing because I don't have a great skillset being social. I never learned the skills needed when I was a child. I feel comfortable now, but I still don't like to go out but have a blast once I get there.

You are like a due drop, I wanna touch you but i don't wanna touch you, I will just see you sitting away from you and Will enjoy the moment of peace and happiness ;) The Due Drop!

Don't touch @abdulmanan...hahaha

Seriously though, I've learned that just enjoying the company of a flower instead of picking it makes my enjoyment grew by the x10, I learned this from one of my Buddhist teachers.

Right now I am learning to just listen to people and not say anything, I'm almost 60 years old and have a bad habit of interrupting or not letting people finish talking. I'm practicing on my husband right now...hahaha <3

Poor man is a saint putting up with me <3

I can't remember this artwork! Probably you draw this before I joined STEEMIT! It's pretty amazing and I think this is the first time I have seen Mice in a beautiful form :D


I must say you are a wonderful artist, you know how to poetry feeling in the painting like this one you have done. I'm really amazed by your work.

You are my sunshine, my only shine shine, you make me happy, You never know how much i love you! Amazing lyrics.

I used to sing this song to my kids before they went to bed, all snuggled in their blankets, clean and shiny from their bath, such nice memories. Thank you for supporting my art work @faizan-ashraf.

So lovely poetry. It's the reflection of your meditation. I also appreciate your brilliant drawing. Keep up your great work.

I am not a poet but I am trying @msena, I have no clue what I am doing...hahaha

But meditation, yeah, we all meditate when we focus on something intently and forget about everything else including time. Right meditation is difficult and we need a good teacher to keep us from falling into fantasy land that we spend most of our time in...hehehe

Thank you <3

I love the little touch of Guitars, The song was slow but was comfortable, in the it got little bit rusty, but overall wonderful collection. massage is conveyed!

I like music that isn't perfect and has no voice synthesizers. I grew up in a family band, they played at our community grange hall and other little festivals, we had a baby grand piano, banjos, stringed instruments of all kinds, drums and even accordions. My sister and I were the only members of the family that had no rhythm or musical abilities. However, that was okay because I was the "artist" and my sister was the comedian... hahaha

This kind of music is what I grew up with and I didn't like country or folk that much until I went through difficult times as an adult and I finally got it...<3

At first I did not realize that this was an older work of yours, until I followed the link. I am so glad that you shared it again or a lot of the new guys like me would have missed it forever.

In the old post you share a close up of the mouse and the mushroom. The amount of detailing on the animal and the fungi are pretty amazing, particularly the mouse. Can't even imagine the number of strokes it would have taken for you to create it........ amazing work @reddust!

@hascash I am going back through some of my earlier work from 2014/15 and fixing shit I don't like, I will make a post after I finish comments here about what I am working on. I've been painting since I was a kid but never got serious because I had a family to care for since I was 10 years old. Being the oldest kid, I was always taking care of kids and or working, and that transferred to my adult life. Now I have time to get back into my first love ....sigh...

Details make my brain happy, I wish I felt the same way about math and formulas, lots of details too...sigh

Family really takes the most out of us and yet at the same time gives us back the most. Being the youngest, I have been lucky in the family hierarchy. Somehow the youngest one gets to enjoy the best upbringing and the perks of being........... well, the youngest :-)

Coming back to topic - Happy to hear that you now have the time to engage in you passion for art. That being said, I was really hoping that we might get a glimpse of it too and now it looks like that we will :-)

Hey without family we wouldn't be here @hashcash, now it seems the governments around the world are trying to dismantle the family in a variety of ways. I will be writing about this later on this winter, and I'm researching and taking notes on the evolution of corporations and the state and the traditional family. It's going to be a tough subject to write about because I'm biased. I posted my new project fixing some paintings that didn't turn out the way I wanted...hahaha
Thank you <3

Oh! wonderful art, that dew of the leaves gives a fantastic touch, also very good musical choice to accompany 😉

I love working on dew drops, they are one of my favorites @rosargelisperez, thank you <3

You are a wonderful artist. Your art has life in it. It looks so realistic. Look at those drops, they look amazing. Regarding the sunshine, it gives us new hope as it comes with a new day. We get another day to complete our remaining tasks and to cherish our life.

I try and improve my skills with each project @aamirijaz; hopefully I can keep growing and learning new skills, that's what I love about creating the most, I am always challenged and learning something new about myself.

I love waking up in the morning too <3

Haha, that song was from the 80's right. The voice and the background suggest. Thought it was a video.
But I really enjoyed the song, it made me quite emotional.
I guess this made my evening here
@reddust thanks

@cyprianj, I don't know exactly when the song was published, but the video made me cry, damn I have been emotional lately, decompressing from a very pressurized summer of work and other stuff. Thank goodness we can cry and laugh at life or we would blow up...hehe

Oh yeah and create, creating things is even better than crying and laughing <3 thank you <3

Wao impressive art.such a wonderful art.Great colours of this art.very amazing colours of this leaves.this mouse looks so innocent.Great drops of are a very nice artist,i will watch your whole song.Great sunhine interesting Evening..very impressive music,slow music is so lovely.I really like slow music.Great lyrics of this song.Very wonderful song. Gitar music are attractive instruments by nature. I really like your post.thanks for sharing.

Animals are innocent in a way, they do not experience life the way we do regarding abuse and neglect. Most of the time they just worry about getting along with their kind, protecting their territory, avoiding predators, finding a safe place to eat, sleep, procreate and have babies.

Humans are a little bit more complicated, like we all as a species been long term traumatization program and exhibiting PTSD.

Your painting makes me think about the need to find relief (like a woodland mouse from the hot sun), find protection from predators, and find sustenance for the energy to live life.

Thanks for sharing a throwback painting.

That's a simple life isn't it @samatranate? It would be nice not to worry about filling our house with a bunch of shit and just worry about the basics. I try and keep my shoes down to 3 pairs, but my daughter collects shoes and keeps giving me shoes that don't fit her, and now I have a closet full of shoes, and it's stressing me out....hahaha

I will be posting throwback paintings for September, I joined Steemit two years ago!

This is one of the most detailed paintings I've seen @reddust
Beautifully made and the subjects gives a message to the viewer.

I am happy you enjoyed my work @cryptopie, I like art that lifts up the heart <3

This is an awesome art photography. Its really amazing photo and also creative art. I really impressed your art photography.

I'm getting back into the groove, I find it difficult to transition from writing back to painting. I started a new painting project today @morniristi, thanks for stopping by...

Great piece of art with great music @reddust

his voice was very nice touching the heart and brought us to the realm of life. I hope that life will come true

Jamey has a real voice, that's what I like when I listen to someone's voice, I don't want auto-tuned voices. We can make our own sunshine @takin, this is a little secret I'm sharing with you <3

thank you, keep on teaching and giving support so that I get excited in steemit, because so many of my friends have stopped playing steemit at this time, it's hard to get support

Yeah it is hard to get support, that is why you must post what you love and grow in your skill set so no matter what you do on steemit you will learn something. So much to learn here on this platform, forget about making big money, grow yourself and learn how to network. I hate networking...hehehe, that's why my account isn't bigger...blah

I will continue to try even if I never want to get up but the business is permanent, I also ask you to visit my posts that may be very weak, so you can teach me. thank you

Your art is very beautiful. I love your art

Wellcome steem friend

You are great artist man. I like your art

It looks like if the mouse makes the wrong move, all the dew drops will fall on it. The picture is beautiful

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