Poets United Curation - The Daily Dose of Poetry #117

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Contribution-driven curation - You are the Community

Submit poetry, lend us a hand in deciding which poems get featured, or write parts of the next dose. Our publications are posted to Facebook, Wordpress, Twitter and other poetry-related sites.

Here are the three most highly-rated new poems from our community.

3rd Spot Regrets of the Past by @vegaron
A past decision over which someone remains conflicted, leaves him in confusion and immobilized. Though we know at a rational level that something ought to be re-framed in order for our progress, it remains our emotional side which can leave someone unable to move on.
A past decision,
He can't leave behind.
2nd Spot A Better World by @riovanes
This poem takes a very positive stance, the speaker urging us to go on an make those much-needed changes to the world. The first two verses are a rhyming pair, followed by two stanzas of three verses each and two more comprising four verses tightly conforming to a rhyme scheme.
So harvest to our heart's content
As long as we have the right intent
Sinners, now's the time to repent
Devoid the heart with contempt
1st Spot Samaria by @kamiikazer
This poem presents similar sad situations, in different places in the world. These scenarios play out differently from the manner we may predict they will. Those familiar with the history of the capital city of the northern kingdom of ancient Israel, will quickly identify the Biblical allusions here to the ancient ethnic bias against the Samaritans. The poem strikingly has us considering questions about the world, the way ethnic bias and preconceived notions play less of a role in actual human actions, than human character does.
children mocking and laughing.
For on him no decent clothing
All rags that account to nothing,

Thanks to everyone else for sharing such interesting poetry in our server. Don't neglect reading these other poems from our friends.

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Poetry in this dose was reviewed by @madevi, @quillfire, @sgt-dan, & @trumanity


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Good god, i must say am really grateful to @poetsunited . The community its nice and stuff likes this keeps one going to always aim at BETTER. Thanks to the awesome poets who also make the community .... we just keep doing our best and see where it gets us. Jah bless , keep it skianking (am in the wind)


Thanks to all of you supporting with votes and doing your best to contribute fine poetry.
You are the community. We are now working on a dose for Sunday.


Another Awesome Edition of our Curation. I think this way the Dose is much more fun for everyone to contribute to and everyone is able to give his grades... I think this puts the level of judgment on another level. Thanks to @trumanity and his nice idea. We actively are searching for more peole who are willing to put efforts and dedication in order to build stronger community for poets and poetry on Steemit. Everyone is welcome !!!


Hey - thank you for your kindness but the reality is we've all added different ingredients to make this contribution format come together. The rating system was @madevi's idea and so was the use of the pad.dyne which is working out so well. And of course, everyone who helped write a dose, the poets themselves and all the background exchanges in DM's and live shows.

Anyone can chip in at any time over a 24 hour period - no special skills needed except the love of poetry and a bit of love and time on their hands, is all.