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Heart Growing Cold, With Burning Desire

Heart of gold
Yet it must fold
Growing colder
As I grow older

Wear me down
Yet I still turn around
In my youth
I must find truth

Focusing now on how to survive
Just staying alive, but wanting to thrive
Yet the "game" is created, to live day by day
Growing tired of this, so easily swayed

So now here I am, this power I crave
Wanting to escape, thinking I'll be saved
Knowing in my heart that this is a lie
The truth comes from movements, that will never die

Struggling now, between two ideas
Shall I choose power or shall I choose strength
Truth comes from self, that's deep withinside
Power come from territory, that's conquered now hide

I can have both, created my way
Sharing with others, needing no prey
Abundance is here, create value for others
Then I will be blessed, by my sisters and brothers

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.-Matthew 5:7

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Thanks for reading ^_^

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This is truly beautiful

Thank you, I appreciate you feeling the true meaning of this poem.

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