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Abiku refers to the spirits of children who die before reaching puberty; a child who dies before twelve years of age being called an Abiku, and the spirit, or spirits, who caused the death being also called Abiku.

Not only is an abiku a spirit of a child who dies young, the belief is that the spirit returns to the same mother multiple times to be reborn multiple times. It is the belief that the spirit does not ever plan to "stay put in life" so it is "indifferent to the plight of its mother and her grief."

The spirits themselves are believed to live in trees, especially the iroko, baobab and silk-cotton species.



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I, Abiku writes...

To a world unknown,

I heard you hail from great confusion
Thy foundations were soaked with celestial bloods
I heard you came as a mighty expression
Birthing forth creatures who thought themselves wise

To a womb unknown,

I heard you reside amongst strange organs
You fought and took spoils that i may survive
Fed me with the finest of wine and bread
Yet you pushed me out like an unknown being

To a mother unknown,

I heard you own and paid off my most trusted
Sold out, naked with wine spilled over
Thy corruption oh wise one couldn't elude me
Still in joyful pain and sweaty hands you held me

To myself,

The womb that sheltered me was quick to betray
It delivered me in hands of the unknown
As tears drained the bowels of my trust
I will absorb the laughter on her face

To death,

Although the aura of her love encompass me
And her sight brought comfort
Am not meant for a strange world
Take me by thy sting; lay to rest my struggle
Lest my limbs walks amongst men

To the weeping ones

Dry your tears in the sun
I will come again with sweet fragrance of hope
My entrance will be thy delight and strength
It will be thy weakness and your shame

till am back again Dear Mother

Yours indebted, Abiku

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Wow. Very poignant and extremely creative. The idea, the execution, the neutered emotion of an observer, a child-spirit, who witnesses his own demise. Very stirring.

Very nice job indeed.


Am really happy you could come check it out. I do well to follow great poets and examples like you in appraisals of historical myths and legend through poetry

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I really liked that poem, It was a very well written, and left a feeling inside of renewal, hard to explain. And I like how you prefaced the poem with a little bit of you historical lore.


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Cool bro. Been meeting a lot of people from Africa. Like the teaching of culture.

Great poem! Congrats!

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Oluwa masewani abiku agba. Nice article @akin I use to have a friend who suffer from this abiku stuff but now the issue has become an history.


Amen to that... Thank God for your friend... I find it important to write about it especially seeing it from the perspective of the spirit child. I hope i did justice to it.


Yes man

This is so deep and profound. Poets are gitfed with powers not all beings have. Thank you for the abiku lesson :)

Cool poem

This is a really unusual poem structure but I think it works well for the delivery of the theme. Good stuff.

Thank you very much. I was unaware of the concept of the Abiku. Your poem is very powerful and the art you chose to accompany it works very well.