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Hello steemians!
A shout out to poetsunited
Today I just wanna enjoy going back the African root; Slave trade to be precise. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: I have no hate for colors or preference for one to the other.


Behind the scenes
The neon light were quick to fade
Revealing the abhor of pain
With iron shackles giggling at our feet
We became who were not
the white man tool

Behind the scenes
Mustered up like livestock
Our shackles throbs with sadness
As wooden box tilted us mercilessly
Stirring up guts to spill
As we roll the white man dreams

Behind the scenes
Beyond the shores of Mississippi
Our women were taken
Striped of our pride
Tattooed with fresh wounds
We harvested the white man crops

Behind the scenes
rejected by the creator
No wonder he never came to rescue
He scorches the sun on us
As his followers rain thin leather from behind
Still, we were the white man hope

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This is super creative


Thank you
For the comment and also visiting my blog

You are gifted in the act of creativity, love your contents

A raw poem, deeply filled with pain and history. Some of the images here are so profound. "iron shackles giggling at our feet" is masterful.


Smiles.. Thanks for visiting
I actually thought of not posting it... It might sound pretty offensive.. But am glad you found it "masterful".

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Thanks.. I accept

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Thank you for the nice words, the pain, the suffering, and the thoughts,.


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