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Like snapshots of time
We are boys in the hood
Spluttering and spluttering
Fin-like-fins of streamed rivulets
Ironed and steeled by exuberance
Of joyful laughter...

Like figments of imaginations
We are boys in the hood
Free from earthly turmoils
Spluttering and spluttering
Dancing under the sunlights
Reminisce about the moonlight


Like the light of the Moon
We are boys in the hood
With playful love for nature
Spluttering and spluttering
Drinking from heaven's divine source.


Like times and seasons
We are boys in the hood
In time we would evolve
And watch our memories like a movie.
Spluttering and spluttering
Glittering and glittering
Through times and season
We'll remain
Boys in the hood!



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