Oh yes. The jig is up. We now know who James Alefantis is. Here it is folks.

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NOTE* I have declined payout for this as I did not write it. It is just a very interesting post that was just uploaded at /v/pizzagate and I wanted to share it, as well as make it permanent on the block chain. SOURCE

   Warning: you're going to need strong nerves for this. But those of us with the eyes to see, will see it. Here it is:  

  1. James Achilles Alefantis is regarded as the 49th most powerful person in DC  
  2. James Achilles Alefantis has several global holdings, most of which  involve "kid friendly" bastions where groups of children gather. He, his  registering agents, and administrative functionaries use several  different aliases, but they can be seen if you dig hard.  https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1474718 
  3. James Achilles Alefantis works in producing "films" and "music  videos" with Amanda Kleinman, the quality of which indicates deep  budgets. As someone with a decade of experience in cognitive science and  studies in perception, I can tell you the "films" and "music videos"  contain highly professional hypnotic inductions and neuro linguistic  programming techniques to induce trance states in the viewer and embed  suggestions and commands. What is called "mind control" in popular  parlance. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31rQiiqsv4AYouTube  (watch with volume off, and in short segments, do not watch  continuously as it is designed to embed suggestions and values in your  other-than-conscious mental states).  
  4. James Achilles Alefantis has not been arrested, despite overwhelming  empirical evidence that he is a central figure in an international child  trafficking and child prostitution ring. Far from it, there was a  questionable event involving a "gunman" who was found to be a paid  actor. That event was then used as a pretext to censor us.  
  5. James Achilles Alefantis is being protected by key figures in  mainstream media, social media, local law enforcement, and government. 
  6. James Achilles Alefantis has visited the White House five times and  is working intimately with and on behalf of the Clinton Foundation,  Podestas, Carlos Slim, Frank Giustra, Jeffrey Epstein, and Soros. 
  7. James Achilles Alefantis's inner circle collects imagery and artwork  depicting torture techniques and psychiatric conditioning employed on  children, including pulling teeth and putting children in coffins with  insects, the very same techniques that the CIA used at black sites on  Iraqi children.  

Folks, it's time to open your eyes. James Achilles Alefantis is a CIA operative and the CIA is involved in child trafficking for billionaires. We have been staring this in the face this whole time, but haven't drawn the proper inferences.  

I have never been one to promulgate talk of "CIA child trafficking  and torture" but, unfortunately, that is what we've been looking at  here.  

Think of the CIA as a rogue organization that works on behalf of a  select group of billionaires who are about to have a heart attack right  now. Yes, this goes directly to George Soros.  

I have many friends who are watching me and whatever comes my way, so  I have no fear in conveying this info, and nor should you.  

Yes, this intelligence agency and the billionaire ideologues for whom  it works is what is behind all of this. Comet Ping Pong is one small  glimpse into this, but one that is sufficient to pull back the curtains  and reveal Soros, Giustra, Slim, Clinton standing there naked.  

This is why you see everyone from Hillary to the Pope trying to stop  us. This is why you see unprecedented censorship. They are pulling out  all the stops, because you are all right, and these people are finally  exposed to the world. They have been exposed, and their international  spheres of influence are now being shredded as well. Their operations in  and with Saudi Arabia, South Korea, the Eurozone, Turkey, etc. They're  finished.  

They should hang themselves, because it's going to be hell for them otherwise.  Good work everyone, now's the time to increase the exposure and fight  with everything you've got. Those of you who have the eyes to see, and  the relevant background knowledge -- this will "click" if it hasn't  already.  

To the stragglers who say "this isn't proof," as if James Alefantis  needs to email you his CIA payroll records directly, I recommend  introspectively questioning and revising your presuppositions about what  constitutes adequate proof, and think carefully about the probability  assignments to the data points and patterns involved.  

Footnote: I'm going to offer some further thoughts on the roots of this "agency"  and some worldview considerations. But these are just my own, and  nothing that was shown above hinges on what follows. That we have been  outing the CIA as a child trafficking ring (and worse) is true  regardless of the veracity of what I'm going to say next. 

 At the root of this is a relatively small organization of individuals  with a worldview according to which they have been freed from the  constraints of morality which bind ordinary folk. These are not  religionists per se, but they create cults and cult symbology as  heuristic devices for the initiated to have a sense of power. Perception  is intertwined with reality.  

Another researcher has uncovered the connection between all of these  cults, their involvement in child trafficking and torture and  programming: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1475307.  

In my view, this is an international operation. They start these  "cults" everywhere to gain influence at the highest powers and  "initiate" people. The blackmail keeps everyone silent. The South Korean  cult is an example, the Moloch/Crowley cult in the US is another  example.  

These are individuals who created the CIA and other organizations and  used their wealth to maintain a stranglehold on society and culture,  not vice versa.  

Whether you are an atheist or a Muslim or a Christian theist, it does  not matter. You do not have to believe that the entities they talk  about actually exist, the point is that they believe "Lucifer"  and "Moloch" are real, and that by participating in blood letting and  debauchery without limit they are thereby privy to hidden knowledge,  technologies, and strength.  When they cut open children and drink the blood, they get a  biochemical rush, and it only serves to strengthen their belief in  "Luciferianism" or the other silly gods they serve. They are, of course,  deceived and delusional. A bit of superficial reasoning leads them to  their ideology; but depth in reasoning would show them that they are  delusional. They are tortured by the realization of their mortality --  they're going to die, yes, and it's their biggest fear. They're going to  lose everything, and they're going to burn.   


The poster of this on voat - LeigionWill - has been suspected/proven<?> to be a shill. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1474104
Take what this post (to which I am now responding) states with a grain or two of NaCl. One thing mentioned, that I have already looked into, is the videos of the band Heavy Breathing...very creepy stuff, and I previously came to a tentative conclusion that there is CP embedded/encoded in these. A particularly creepy vid is the indiegogo pitch for a "new" album

I didn't have the stomach to view all of thier vids.

This being said, I think we all need to keep in mind that quality disinfo/misinfo will mix truth with bs/lies --- muddying the waters if you will.

Edit: for clarity

I take just about everything with a grain of salt these days. I just found this rather interesting, especially the theory on the Moloch/Lucifer worship as it is something I have thought a lot about, and even mentioned on here myself.

Everyone is being accused of being a shill on v/pizzagate, so it wouldn't surprise me if the accusers are the shills who are attempting to discredit anyone who is on the correct track.

The image on the right at 2:02. WTF. How do these sick fucks get away with this shit?

I watched that bloody video awhile ago... There's deffo mind control, NLP, MKU related techniques being used in my opinion. It was suggested in a comment on one of the many videos posted on YouTube to click on the Heavy Breathing link on the Friends of Comet Ping Pong page which takes you to 'its' website: http://heavybreathing.net/ From there click on page 6 where the images in my opinion are pretty damn blatant. These creatures are sick, vile, putrid, evil... From what I've seen I would be very surprised if they aren't Luciferian or whatever label you would like to apply to black magicians practising extremely dark 'arts'.

Wow...just, wow! I haven't been to the website before...fucked up stuff! Dark arts indeed!

Good post, I actually believe their videos are psy ops in order to brainwash children.... most of their videos flash subliminal images in a very persuasive way that link the small frames to the larger video message.

The fact that they didn't close down their youtube channels is very telling - perhaps the MK Ultra type actually believe this shit will influence and brainwash people... no telling how many countless children have already had to listen to this creepy shit in a closed room before pizzagate broke out. Absolute horror.

Please don't think this is solely for the children. Take a good look at TV, I stopped watching back in 2001, even before I decided to get my masters in forensic psychology. subliminals are in all forms of media. Just think how many people are ignoring this, "minding their own business" don't you find that odd?

do you think they actually believe in Lucifer and Moloch? I always thought it was just a front for the psychological power dynamic that gives them the dopamine hit fulfillment for their addiction, at the same time maintaining their control over their victims with a personified fear.

Yes, if one understands Lucifer and Moloch from the correct perspective (think of the teaching story of blind men in a room with an elephant)

Yes, I absolutely do. There is a firm mindset of if you think it , it becomes real. You know in simple terms "The secret" Scientology, mk ultra. Yes they believe in it.

One point I tried to make in one of my Pizzagate posts was that you don't have to run around in hooded robes burning black candles and making esoteric incantations to serve evil. There is no moral neutrality. If you don't serve good by doing good, then you serve the other...whether consciously, or otherwise.

I so agree with your comment. I have lost track of the number of friends, people who tell me that they don't want to hear about anything relating to child abuse let alone child trafficking, pornography, rape, torture, ritual abuse and murder. What they don't realise is that by not talking about it, bringing it to light they are complicit in the conspiracy of silence which enables these heinous acts, crimes against humanity committed by myriad people, on all levels of involvement, to continue.

And the powers that be count on it! Without the complicity of silence, Hitler would have just been a footnote in the annals of history.

Exactly, especially when there's that very handy meme that has been so successfully inserted into the matrix such that folk like us are immediately labelled 'conspiracy theorists'. Ugh.

This is why they are SO obsessed with singularity, the day that human consciousness can be uploaded to a computer microchip and your brain can forever be stored in digital or robotic form... thereby reaching immortality.

You're right that they fear the day they die b/c then they are forever lost and they know this, so they actually believe that drinking blood of minors and other satanic rituals actually increases their longevity to reach the final stage.... singularity.

As I posted before I think they have other plans and reasons for the blood. I wish I were not so tired I would run it down but it has to do with a pet project of Soros, he is funding let me see if I can get a quick link.https://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/05/science/young-blood-may-hold-key-to-reversing-aging.html
I did a whole write up on it.over @ voat.

VP of Kidzworld Media at 475 Howe Sr. Vancouver. site has 2 million monthly visitors.

LLC's include:

Big Cheese LLC 5037 Connecticut Ave. NW Washington DC. Trading Name = Comet Pizza. He is governor and CEO. Incorporated 9/6/05 -

Christopher Achilles LLC 5037 Connecticuit Ave. NW Washinton DC. Incorporated 5/26/05.

Big Bucks DC Incorporated on 8/1/03.

Cheese LLC in DC (sepapate from "Big" cheese Llc above. Inc. date 6/05 -

Achilles LLC in DC incorporated on 8/6/14

Castellum Achilles incorporated on 6/16/14

He is the agent for HereComesYourMan. Incorporated on5/27/14

Thank you so very much for that information to add to the seemingly bottomless cesspool of the very dark dank rabbit hole.

Does anyone remember GLP anon, who appeared on godlikeproductions.com and started dropping all kinds of names before the thread was deleted?


"But GLP = Tavistock" you say? I wouldn't shoot the messenger because they chose the wrong platform to get their message out.

Here are some of the details, from what I recall:

  • The CPP basement is for "shows". The hetero CPP employees are largely kept in the dark regarding after hours activities.
  • The GLP Anon observed some after hours coming and going, they knew he saw them, and they went on a character assassination program to get the anon to quit.
  • GLP Anon said CPP and Embarcadero in San Francisco are related somehow.
  • GLP anon tried to bring some things to the authorities, but it went nowhere. - GLP anon was fired or let go because he would not be photographed getting his dick sucked at an after party.
  • GLP anon said there was a special birthday beverage called the "Palace of Power". When you look up Palace of Power, you'll find a Salman Rushdie book.
  • GLP Anon dropped names of Avi Adler, Margaret Chardiet, Alice Mottola and SoHo Playhouse - He said to remember SoHo Playhouse.
  • GLP Anon said upper levels of law enforcement are involved or complicit

That's all I remember. Maybe GLP anon was larping, but it's interesting how the forum deleted his thread.

Check out that picture frame with the bound and gagged kids in the Heavy Breathing video... also they say the blonde chick in the ski mask is Alefantis.

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Well written with so much thought, and well laid out in an easy to understand format thank you for all the effort. It makes seems to make sense. I would never trust CIA or NSA for that matter.

That's very nice of you, but I didn't write this piece. I stated at the start that I declined payout for this post because I didn't write and wouldn't feel comfortable profiting from it. I found this on voat and felt it ought to be shared on here as it was a very interesting piece.

You're right. Though, which of these government bodies can you trust nowadays?