Todays collection of pizzagate mind maps, leads and videos [+Offering to pay for accounts for prominent anonymous content creators]

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I see lots of people getting put off or self-censoring because of the threats and hate surrounding this topic right now.

I won't be deleting any posts no matter what abuse I get, in fact I can't delete this post now even if I wanted to - it's been locked and archived.

I think it still represents an important early checkpoint in just a tiny aspect of a worldwide citizen investigation - before the sudden rise in misinformation and "fake news" accusations. Even if its eventually discovered to be completely false I want to live in a society where we're able to ask questions about these things without getting death threats.

Today I've been reaching out to a few of the best journalists and researchers I've found in the pizzagate community, and offered to buy them steemit accounts using some of the earnings from my recent posts. A lot of people are put off by the phone verification step, and won't purchase an account via anonsteem when there are "free" alternatives.

Like I've said all along this investigation has been a massive worldwide joint effort between mostly anonymous researchers on reddit/voat/4,8,endchan and chat rooms all over the net. I want to use some of the funds I've made recently helping get more good content creators on here.

The amount of information (and disinformation) is now pretty overwhelming , and lately I'm just trying to archive as much as I can.

Here's a small selection of relevant finds from the last few days.

Mind Map - Follow the money
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Mind map of international adoption scandals from 1994 to 2004 adapted from wikipedia :

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Mind map of companies and people involved in the Julian Assange pedophile smear attempt via

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Fact checking the PizzaGate code-words. They really are just the tip of the iceberg.

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I wonder why the BBC and New York Times keep trying to make pedophilia acceptable ?

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Researchers are getting more death threats :
Follow this researcher on twitter, youtube, gab

The New York Times has removed its article about Norway pedophile ring bust

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, View voat thread

Wikileaks has the CIA's manual for international assassinations

Read it on wikileaks

A plea to journalists to do the right thing.

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Interesting posts and leads

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Steem_Land Steem_Land tweeted @ 10 Dec 2016 - 16:59 UTC

Todays collection of pizzagate mind maps, leads and videos [+Offering to pay for prominent content]… /


Steem_Land Steem_Land tweeted @ 10 Dec 2016 - 17:00 UTC

Todays collection of pizzagate mind maps, leads and videos [+Offering to pay for prominent content]… /


Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Excellent post... The infographic on the donor connections is particularly useful and revealing.

The satanic circle is using SL to organize. Hillary is there.. the Rothschilds are there , bloodlines... that content



A reason for using a private server

Another great piece! I fully intend to continue investigating Pizzagate as soon as I finish my series on the Clinton Corruption. Anyone that wants to dissuade or silence me had better be ready for a rude awakening! I tell them this (from the great Australian philosopher, Steve Hughes) "Fuck off you cunt!" As Steve says, "What it lacks in sophistication and depth, it makes up for in clarity." I have absolutely no intention of stopping until the guilty are brought to justice!

HI ausbitbank. Is there a way to communicate securely with you? I wish to pass on my research to get some feedback. I have followed a thread of evidence leading to what I believe is a producer of CP, or a procurer of children, or...

I have a feeling that a link in that chain of evidence wants out and is scared. I don't want to post anything publicly about this individual in the event my suspicion is true. Do you have a secure email? Yandex, etc?

Edit: damn auto correct

I have [email protected] as well as pgp encryption , my key is here

Thanks! Looks like I have some learnin' to do, so it may be a little while before I send you something. :)

Great article with some very insightful information.I hope you don't mind that I put a link back to this post from one which I just wrote, as it coincides with the message I was attempting to get across very well.

I feel that it does a great job of displaying the level of attention to detail that researchers are exhibiting, countering the mainstream media's claims that pizzagate researchers are all crazy people who are grasping at straws.

Your post is pretty good too, im on mobile atm but will add this link to the main list later

Thank you so much for compiling this most excellent post which I would share on Twitter if I wasn't still locked out of my account pending my 'appeal'. I have shared it in the thread of the Corbett Report's open source investigation regarding #Pizzagate.

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