Pizzagate Subreddit Banned? Complete the 100 $BD Bounty Inside + Bonus STEEMPOWER Quest -- Let's Bring them to Steem!

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Pizzagate Banned

As you will see in the picture and accompanying link below, it looks like one of the most interesting groups on Reddit at the moment has been shut down. Yep. Completely taken off the face of Reddit. So as promised...

Here is the Proof: (following this link will take you to the following screen)

Why does all this matter?

For those who do not know about Pizzagate, doing a little research just here on Steemit will give you some sickening information that will make you question quite a bit about the things that are going on in highest echelons of power...

And this subreddit was a huge group of people working day and night in Wikileaks fashion to piece together the puzzle and document it...but Reddits Users made a mistake:

They didn't use Steem's Blockchain. Now their work is inaccessible...taken down by Reddit Leaders they trusted.

So what is the bounty about?

When you look at the screenshot from going to the pizzagate reddit, I want a page that looks just like that...but with a URL like, say, I want it to look exactly like the "This Community is Banned" page above...but I want it to have another link-- a "Join Steem: Blockchains Do not Censor" Button...

The following mockup will show you what I mean:

As you can see I recommend the following 3 changes to the reddit site:

  1. A catchy name that makes pizzagate users feel like they have their own gateway to joining steem...."welcome to the blockchain" --or a theme like that.
  2. A button that enables people to easily share this site to everyone on social media as easily as possible.
  3. A button that welcomes them, and takes them to steemit, where we will have a pizzagate tag awaiting their arrival...and likely many upvotes (payment) for things they otherwise did free on reddit.


I am putting a bounty of 100 $BD for whoever will make this site within the next 48 hours!


Share this on social media and provide screenshots here for a donation of steem after the payouts from this post! Just provide a link below and I will not only upvote your shares of this post on social media sites, but I will also split ALL Steem earned from this post to pay you your cut in Steempower!


Please also retweet the following tweet I posted to and follow the beyondbitcoin twitter to help promote this site when someone builds it!

Beyond_Bitcoin ben keyhotee tweeted @ 23 Nov 2016 - 11:22 UTC

#Reddit censors #Pizzagate #subreddit. $100 Bounty to Bring pizzagate users to #steemit & the #steem #blockchain!……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Ecellent idea. I feel very soon people are going to get sick of censorship, demonetizing "sensitive" videos, and outright banning of truths.
Steem on

Majesalum Majes tweeted @ 23 Nov 2016 - 11:18 UTC

Pizzagate Subreddit Banned? Join Steemit… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Re-read your article and yeah it is a great idea, I just re-steemed this.

Also, in my three films covering PizzaGate, including a 1 hour and 48 minute documentary on this, that have received combined over 160K views on youtube I told people to come to steemit to the blockchain multiple times, where I already uploaded all the evidence and these films....

Would you cosider joining us fo the afterparty of the next hangout? Id like to hear more about this.

What "afterparty" what hangout? I have been discussing this with the guys in #OpPizza on IRC in AnonOps, we are attmepting to break into the protected section of

I need your help then connecting up with some of these people working on it. I think ot only can we protect this from being censored, but we can also pay them for helping...

Yeah, I am in contact with a lot of major YouTube channels, we are working on making some round tables, some interviews etc. Also the research is still heavy under way, I am working with OpPizza to find more information.

lol didn't surprise me one bit when I heard the subreddit was taken down.

Bummer, bet it was about to become subreddit of the day even. Oh well, more readers for us. :D

Thank you @officialfuzzy for posting and emphasizing the very best thing about Steemit. This is the future.....the new frontier if you long as man seeks freedom...Steemit will thrive. Steemits lack of government influence, censure and privacy is the core of its success and should be its major selling/marketing point.

@bleujay are you one of the developers? we posted about steemit today to our clients. It is definitely the future.

We have to keep Pizzagate info going they are shutting it down! Upvoted..

I just posted a blog about Pizzagate and creating a home at Steemit for users being censored. Check it out let me know your thoughts thanks.

Dang. Nvm take it off i like the way you did it first time. The pills only work when both buttons are evenly sized

LOL, alright. Removed buttons. I could make the blue/grey Reddit button larger... but tomake it equal would be a bit too wide overall I think.

Good? Looking to add reddit favicon, and I think that's about it.


EDIT: favicon added

Maybe also have the "join Steemit" linked to a pizzagate tag?

Link to the tag instead of the root site? I'll let fuzzy decide, doesn't matter to me.

I thinkthe link should take them to the page that says "welcome to the blockchain".

We want them walking away remembering the word blockchain imho.

Yeah, if its visible for users who haven't signed up yet, it might be the first thing they wanna stumble upon considering it was about the pizzagate subreddit shutdown.

Well... I put the tag instead. Done. Thanks.

Alright, the OG link to is back.

All good @officialfuzzy?

Cool. Is this for the site itself? Or do we need to have the domain and host as well, with everything hosted ourselves? Or do you just want the files and you take care of the rest?

for the hosting too. It only needs up for one month and you can put ads on there if you want to make more money.
If it becomes big though...keep it up forever! :D

Hm... might be cool to have the red pill blue pill theme to it too:


Is there a particular TLD you want after pizza-it? .com is taken...

Just make it something you like. :)

Yeah I don't check all the time, but when I do, I don't see you in general. I lave rocketchat open when my computer is one, so I only leave the chat when I turn of my computer. Hmm, I just checked and I see there is a Show More option for offline people. I guess I could have scrolled through that to eventually get a convo open hehe.

sent to you btw. feel free to add an advertistement or something.

Oh 3 small last requests. Can you change the link for the button to be

also maybe make the button flash between a couple colors to draw people attention to it and just a little box at the top that says something like "This is a screen capture of the Now-Banned Pizzagate SubReddit"

thnx btw man.

Yup, missed this by the time I had chosen .org hehe

Let me know if there is anything else you want added. Thanks.

Well could u kindly pst me on Im fuzzy on there.

I don't see you in general. Rocketchat sucks. You can msg me "krnel", I'm there.

Hey, haven't seen you in General rocket chat room to msg you. Haven't gotten a msg from you. Is there an issue?

No ill be sending u the funds. I am in rocketchat under fuzzy. Either way ill get the sbd to you tonight :)

That's a can of worms that should be left off this site.

There's potential for some really inappropriate content to be linked here. That's illegal in many places. Even viewing it could land you in prison.

So. No. Not a good idea.

Oh you mean the evidence? I suspected it would be illegal to help incarcerate people at the highest echelons of power.

And as for telling people what you think should or shouldnt be on steem...unfortunately that is not how the blockchain works.

Do what you want.

Just be careful what evidence you download. If what they are saying is true. There's gonna be some illegal stuff in that evidence.

BTW @officialfuzzy this was a most excellent marketing idea with good execution. I don't know how much good and how much bad will come out of it... but it's going to be interesting. I am of two minds on this... I expect someone like @BrittPettibone to show up here soon.

Yeah think a lot of people coming to steam are going to be surprised with the content here. This aint reddit ! People here understand the deep state.

Reddit has some badasses man. The trick is bringing them to a better toolfor their efforts...then we win.

maybe the reddit-owners and their friends are on the list and is desperate (along with all the rest of fakestream mass-media) to dumb it down and throw the whole subject under the rug.

Guilty people when stressed acts very irrational.

Even though #pizzagate might - MIGHT - have some truth to it there is a lot of people being implicated who have probably done nothing wrong. It's a witch hunt with a lot of circumstantial observations. As stuff gets posted here it will likely get down voted and thus censored. But yes, I understand that it will still be on the Steem blockchain. Is this good for Steemit? Well... #pizzagate will certainly get us some attention... maybe men with guns lol. We live in interesting times.

Great idea fuzzy... got my support! I'll spread this far and wide!
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What an excellent idea!

How is this information preserved on the blockchain? I'm sorry that I'm so ignorant of how it works... isn't the blockchain itself, yes? it's a site front to access the blockchain, so what if that gets taken down? What then? That's what I'm asking.

If the site is taken down another person or group of persons can put another up. The steembblockchai is not like a centralized database that can be easily altered or shut down.

That's what I thought. Thank you so much for clarifying!

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