New Path For Steemit's Social Media!

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Introducing : The New Steemit communities! Explosive growth solves new user retention and participation.

Steemit's new communities are an uncensorable version of Reddit forums. They coexist with the current Steemit blog, but are a separate category. The main Steemit blog isn't changed at all.

Any user can create a topic and attract "subscribers" to it, like Reddit. Every post can be submitted to the main blog site as well. These post function similar to Reddit's discussions, powered by up/down votes, but are Steem power monetized as well.
Every post within a community has the ability to go viral to the main Steemit blog site. Depending on different factors like number of subscribers in the community, number of comments / upvotes, and participation.

The beauty of it all: Capitalize on the Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, censorship. Steemit gains new social media growth from those disenfranchised users.

Reddit shut down its community discussing "Pizzagate" to me that is horrific censorship.
In fact the Steemit communities launch campaign should be targeted at these users.

Main Site bloggers vs The New Community:

The communities are Steemit's new user base. Increasing current user's satisfaction as well. What do I mean by that ? Main blog users get frustrated when their post doesn't get the anticipated​ attention. This dissatisfaction means lower participation, retention, and growth. The new communities give these users a home as well. This means users stick and come back to discuss their hobby or favorite widget. No pressure to produce immaculate content. This also gives the main blog built in readers, voting "eyeballs".

Overall I feel this is a win/win. User satisfaction is increased, all types of users have a home. The circle of life and social media growth. Each side feeds the other!

The Steemit Communities are a very doable hypothetical idea. I'm trying to raise the awareness to the level of a community and devs debate , to see what possibilities can come out of it.

Thanks! Upvote to give this subject the debate that's needed.


worth a repeat

The beauty of it all: Capitalize on the Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, censorship. Steemit gains new social media growth from those disenfranchised users.

  1. No censorship.
  2. Earn Money for your credit.

this could be YUGE! and the right thing to do!

Check out my @beyond_bitcoin twitter account and please consider retweetinfmy posts there. This is exactly what im telling everyone.

Please follow @beyond_bitcoin on twitter and retweet some of my tweets :)

I've been going crazy trying to bring people in the past 2 days from pizzagate.

Is this a proposal or a done deal?

Hi, Everittdmickey
It's just a proposal right now. I'm just trying to raise it to the level of having a community discussion/debate or hear Dan, Ned thoughts on it. Btw cool pic!

sounds interesting...I'd like to hear more.
The devil is in the details

True, everything is open for debate/discussion. Nothing has been decided or written in stone. I'm wanting what's best for all/Steemit. I'm looking for total success, a win for everyone.

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This actually sounds similar to what we are currently doing with content creation/curation guilds. But maybe you are interested in joining up and helping us?

I am anticipating the arrival of the first guilds. Jump on SteemSpeak and let´s talk about it @officialfuzzy and you too @piranhax - great ideas worth our time.

Lets do that sometime :)
Beyondbitcoin is the first guild in all of DPOS and that is what I am largely doing with the Open Source tools we are building. Make it possible for all guilds :)

Yes, I'm interested ​in helping out. I would like to hear more on your ideas.

I like this idea! Coming from a Reddit user i have experienced this censorship.

Where do we find the communities section?

They would be listed : Under the blog site topic / category/ community
The Steemit communities are a hypothetical idea. I'm trying to raise the idea to the level of a community and dev debate and see what possibilities come out of it.

Am I understanding correctly when I'm thinking that even though you might seperate off into a community, it doesn't mean your posts are only in that community? That they can still be shared through multiple communities? Or on the main blog site?

Correct! Every post can be dually submitted, or not. I'm thinking community post if not to both, automatically get submitted to the blog site if they achieve a certain amount of activity/upvotes.​

Pirahax i think fyrst is right. We need to talk.

Yeah sure we can talk. I'll try and catch up with you guys later on.

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That's why I've been participating in the SteemTrail efforts. I curate for the @gardening-trail and the @foraging-trail. The goal is to build community around those topics. So people that come to Steemit can more quickly feel like they are connecting with people and have a focus for their posting.

This growth of Steemit is just awesome! Thanks for sharing this great post, @piranhax. I enjoyed reading it.
I have just started following you. You are more than welcomed to check out mine as well ;)

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