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This is the Result of a Steemit Open Source Investigation into "Pizza Gate" - Documentary of Findings

Please watch my documentary film. If you would like to review the links and the evidence we compiled in order to make this film, please see the following blog post Pizza Gate the Open Source Investigation. The big players involved are listed below:

Pizza Gate list of Elitists & Likely Conspirators at the Highest Levels Of Governance to Investigate:

  1. Anthony Wiener
  2. John Podesta
  3. Tony Podesta
  4. James Alefantis
  5. Hillary Clinton
  6. Bill Clinton
  7. Barack Obama
  8. David Brock
  9. George Soros
  10. Rachel Chandler
  11. Susan Sandler
  12. Andrew Kline - DOJ
  13. Arun Rao - DOJ

Plus many more elites and everyday people investigated within the documentary. Please Watch:

The Open Source Investigation Continues, Please Continue to Research!

The fight will never be over against these shadowy elite that abuse children. The media is not yet covering this, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence. We need to continue accumulating links and information below. If anyone has a new lead to investigate, or more information that they feel should be linked to this investigation, please post below in the response field. If some new major information comes in, I will upload a new film to cover it. Now the job is to spread awareness and demand an investigation to find out what is true and what is just speculation, the FBI or some law enforcement agency must investigate this. As I said in my film, I likely got some stuff wrong, I am a one man operation trying to make sense of all this. The way to really break this open is for everyone to research and contribute in an open source investigation in order to use the power of the people to find the truth. So the search never ends, and I will continue to investigate until these people are behind bars or preferably are hung for treason.

Massive Thanks to these Steemit Users for their Contribution and Research

  • The biggest thanks goes to @AusbitBank for the tremendous research and data compilation.
  • Big thanks to @GlobeMixer for the massive data dump.
  • Thanks to @RememberRemember for the contribution and links!
  • Thanks to @lifeworship for your contribution and links!
  • Last but not least, thanks to @Gabferlin for your research and contribution as well!

Also a big thanks goes out to all my twitter followers, my Facebook friends, and also to the FB research group "Games Exposed".

I will add more links as I come across them in the comments.

Peace Everyone!

Don't forget to follow me @TitusFrost for more of my work coming in the near future...

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Great video, thanks for commenting.

Video got removed?

oh shit.
Says by the user but storm clouds gathering wouldnt remove it.
madness. if I can find another copy ill edit the comment and put the new link.

Thought I had already followed you on here, well just re followed you. Please do, maybe they are updating it?

thanks and will do.
Im not sure what happened to it they have a full video that came out after that's an hour long but the original video I added in the comments is gone. im sure at some point theywill reupload or atleast say what happened to it.

USSS stands for United States Secret Service. I had to join to just point that out to you TitusFrost. This whole thing is disturbing on so many levels. Thanks for your research, and I hope that someone in law enforcement, or State or Federal Attorney Generals office gets involved and soon. Kids are being harmed.

Yeah I 100% agree, thanks so much for joining! I will give you a follow!

Hey Frost, take a look at this one, YT:
Joe Biden Fondles Little Girl's Breast! Pizzagate Pedophile

Seems to me the pic at 0:23 is photoshopped! According to me this pic was used

Unnecessary as the other real footage is shocking enough.

Gross. Great find, just may end up in my new video on this whole thing.

Could I give you some words of advice?

Please be careful using footage that contains fake imagery. This could damage your wonderful research.

What footage are you referencing?

Oprah winfrey takshow Go to the 40:30 mark... Maybe this can be used to understand the "problem" comes from.

Regarding resources, may I suggest you contact: Gerry & Kate's
Take care brother...

I know we've had our own disagreements here on Steemit Titus, but this is good to see. I've only watched the first 5 minutes because I don't have the time to watch all of it right now but I will be watching all of it regardless. I follow the Op Death Eater movement and it's a noble cause. I've looked into the Podesta leaks myself and there's definitely something going on in there, the cryptic literature is purposeful and malevolent. There's been leaks of this kind before, but never of this magnitude. In saying that, these leaks always get swept under the rug, such as the child sex ring that the United Kingdom's parliamentary house & their social services department is involved in. Thank you for doing what you do, despite whether or not I agree with everything you say in your videos, I believe you're doing what you're doing for good.

Peace brother. Be safe.

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate that despite our previous argument when it comes to something this important we can get past our little tiff. Yes I have been helping #OpDeathEaters for a long time now. I absolutely made mistakes in the film, I am more than willing to admit that. I did my best to filter truth from fiction but unless I am given the key to Comet Ping Pong, and can go in and bust down some secret panels I may never find the hard evidence. I am basically asking for everyone to investigate this themselves and where I make mistakes please correct me. If you find anything, please leave a comment or link in the field below. If I made any super huge mistakes I will correct them in a future video. Thanks again, and peace Bro.

P.S. I am working with some people to form an investigatory group, we are throwing some ideas around in email. If anything comes of it, I will post it on my blog.

I would like to add a piece to the puzzle.

I read a book about business failures. In the chapter about growing to fast, they have a corporation that didn't go bankrupt from buying up ALL of its competition.

This corporation is truly a monopoly, owning something like 75% of all mortuaries and crematoriums. (and after they bought them all, the raised the prices 4x-10x, and started having the salesman really push expensive caskets.)

Now, there is one great big corporation that disposes of bodies.
Pizzagate is only one little clique in the worlds most corrupt city. They are all over America, and the world.

Interesting, thanks for adding the comment, I just gave you a follow!

Another Person connected to all this, notice the location of this photos is at comet ping pong. This came via a twitter follower of mine: thanks for the catch!

Instagram of this person connected to Comet shows she is connected to very young children for modeling and the like...

Related videos by James Corbett:



Sibel Edmonds at has put out many videos and articles about the blackmailing of pedophiles in government.
The latest video on this subject was posted 11 Nov 2016 in response to her viewers questions about pizzagate.

I'm posting this here since I didn't see the word blackmail in any of the replies in this thread. also has done a lot of open source investigation regarding child abuse and the use of blackmail to control government officials.

I posted a few months ago about a story published by the UK Column about a couple in Scotland who, after reporting a suspected pedophile, were harassed, terrorized, and ultimately had their children taken from them by government social services.

Another post today confirms the pattern of authorities taking away children from parents who report suspected abuse and pedophilia:

Officials are clearly desperate to keep a lid on these cases.

Theres a photo on James Alefantis' facebook him wearing a occult like mask where behind him is creepy statues and a lit candle. Looks like stuff from the movie "eyes-wide shut"
Elitists are known to throw ritualistic sex parties where they wear masks and pass eachother around and sometime bring in kids (depending on what kind of rituals really)
Heres more on the ritualistic sex parties i posted on my facebook with links to more info about these parties.

heres the photo linking to James Alefantis with the occultic mask on.

Crazy, just saved the photo, great find m8!

There is a hammer on the table behind him with the red candle. And is he wearing the yellow string of beads?

Titus Frost and others - we have found a smoking gun. The father of two children who disclosed that they had been part of a child sexual abuse and child trafficking network in the UK in 2014 has now been directly connected to Pizzagate via LuvForHaiti:

Great article. Great find going through it and bookmarked it.

Crazy timing as I was just going through your video on YT. I've been on the Internet since 1994 and I've never seen anything of this magnitude. We cannot allow this to get swept under the rug as it has in the UK and Australia!!

Yeah, my sentiments exactly. We need to push this investigation forward. Even If I am not 100% right about the whole thing, there is enough evidence to demand an investigation in my opinion.

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