Massage For Children? The 'Liddle Kidz Foundation' And House Representative 'Liddle' Adam Schiff Of California

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The Liddle Kidz Foundation, Trump and Adam Schiff...

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On February 18, President Trump mocked Adam Schiff in a tweet but could there be some deeper meaning hinted here? Note the spelling "Liddle"... Why not "Little"?... Is this a coincidence?...

The 'Liddle Kidz Foundation' has had several training workshops within Adam Schiff's 28th district of California, I've also seen the two share an address, though I can't verify, I'll still leave those pictures down below...

Again, note the spelling! Tina Allen the founder of 'Liddle Kidz' has a long history of working in the Hollywood area, as does Adam Schiff. The organization is a global non-profit offering 'internationally accredited' pediatric and infant massage certifications. Check it out, yourself, you can't make this up. I don't know about you guys but this whole idea seems a bit fishy and crazy to me... It sounds like a cover for an organization to go touch vulnerable kids around the world, I mean... That's what it actually is... WTF... Am I crazy?...




Known symbol for pedophilia



[ Always good to start with a satanic hand gesture! (Taken form]

So after two days of training, you're officially certified to go around the world to touch kids who're in need or sick. Not provide shelter, food or clean water... but to touch... sorry for the language, but I must again say, WTF!!?

* Images and video taken directly from website*


Here are some affiliated and supporting groups...



Some side info on Tina: "Tina Allen began her service to The Heart Touch Project as a volunteer massage therapist and was the youngest member of the Board of Directors. As Director of the Children’s Program for The Heart Touch Project, she provided specialized education and inspiration for massage therapists, medical personnel and parents committed to addressing the needs of medically challenged infants and children who are hospitalized or in hospice care."

Interestingly similar symbols...


Was anyone else noticing the similarity between 'Liddle kids' and 'Diddle kids'?

images (2).jpg

You can purchase Tina's book on infant massage on Amazon.

Here are images taken from her book... Notice the pizza references...




Looks like Liddle Kidz has visited Haiti...

Adam Schiff's instagram...


A picture of Adam Schiff in Haiti as well!


In his mid-20s, fresh out of law school, he volunteered to become a “big brother” through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles. He was paired with David McMillan, a child of a single mother who needed a male role model for her son.





At the end of this circumstantial evidence, it's hard for me to accept that the Liddle Kidz Foundation is a completely innocent and clean organization... Well, I'm not the only who thinks this stinks to high heavens... This is Zuma Dogg going before the LA police commission and calling out the pedophilia cover-up by Adam Schiff. Completely destroys them! I really enjoyed his tirade.

Visit his YouTube channel here

Thanks for reading, let me know what you guys think and God bless!

Thanks to @aggroed for pointing out the Adam Schiff and Liddle Kidz connection to myself. Check out his post here <== extensive resource! Highly recommended...

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