10 Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

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10 Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance

It’s a challenge to find a cheap car insurance quote, even if you manage it one year, you might have a shock on renewal if your premium has risen.

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Some of the reasons why this happens is that maybe you have claimed a motoring offence in the last year, or perhaps you have added a motorist with a poor driving record onto your policy.

Price hiking has and still is one of the biggest drains on consumers who are associated with auto-renewal of insurance.
Everyone likes little extra money in our pockets.

Try these tips and will help you lower your car premium.

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#1. Limit Your Driving Distance

When looking for an insurance quote, you should be able to give them the exact distance. This is after you have worked out the number of kilometers you do annually thus will help you save.

#2. Pay Your Insurance Upfront.

Paying yearly is far much better than monthly. The monthly payment can be convenient but is also expensive while in comparison with annual payments.

Another advantage of paying yearly, is that if you cannot afford to spend it at a go you have an allowance of spending it before the year ends just as a credit card is used.

#3. Upgrade on Security

Improving your car security might reward you if you check whether your insurer will acknowledge the extra protection and consider whether the investment oversees the saving.
Some of the items you should consider for security are wheel locking nuts, car alarms, and immobilisers.

#4. Willingly Increase Your Excess

When you increase your excess willingly, it positively affects your insurance policy because an increase in excess merely means a decrease in paying your insurance policy. Therefore if you make a claim, you will have to pay that excess before your car is taken out of the garage.

#5. Create Your Own No Claims Bonus Discount.

When you are a claim-free motorist, insurers always reward you by reducing their premium. These will help you to get a cheaper policy.

#6. Fixed Insurance Products.

When buying your car insurance, you have to think carefully before paying for any add-ons.

#7. Always Be Careful With Policy Add-Ons

Before purchasing any policy, you need to check all the added extras and if they are suitable for your needs so that you don’t have some of the things in the system being covered by another source.

Car insurance add-ons include; personal accident cover, courtesy car covers, windscreen cover and legal assistance. You need to find out more in these areas because you might end up with something you may not need.

A common confusing area is when breakdown cover is paired with the car insurance. Make the right choice and end up saving a significant amount of money.

#8. Add More Drivers on Your Insurance Policy.

Having more than one driver can mainly create an impact on your policy, having one driver will not make much difference and will often lower your quote but having more than one driver as well can increase the cost

It is important not to include anyone under 25 on your insurance as a younger driver because these will make the policy to be more expensive.

#9. Size Of Your Car

Cars with small engines are likely to be in a low insurance group, making them have low premiums. Every insurer has a way of looking at a different type of car if you find the right combination who see how much you love your vehicles he or she may end up giving you a discount through an owners club.

#10. Enrol in a Driving Course

Some of the insurers use some driving course which one is required to pay the fee upfront .but they use these methods to cut long-term premiums especially to the young and inexperienced drivers. However not all insurers use this method and that savings can oversee the course fee.

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There you have it. 10 tips to help you lower your car insurance premiums.


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These are nice ways

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