Rat k khaney main mazeedar pizza

in #pizza3 years ago

Pizza poori dunya main bohat ziada khaney k liye pasand ki jata hai aur log bohat shoq se pizza khana pasand karte hain poori dunya ki tarah Pakistan main bhi log bohat shoq se pizza khana pasand karte hain Pizza bohat c kisam ka poori dunya main khana pasand kia jata hai jaise k Murgh Pizza Beef Pizza Cheese pizza Bar b Que pizza aur vegetable pizza pizza ko ketchup k saath khana ziada pasand kia jata hai aur bache bhi bohat shoq se pizza khana pasand karte hain pizza bohat hi mazeedar aur laziz hota hai aur ye khaney main bhi bohat acha lagta hai mujhe murgh pizza bohat ziada pasand hai aur main shoq se murgh pizza khat hon aj rat bhi hum ne pizza khaney ka plan banaya aur hum ne pizza ka order dia aur khoob maze se pizza khaya


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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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