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Pirates of Inglaterra and the lower countries know thou joint history. Back in 1568-1648 we were at war for a long period with a common enemy, i.e. the Spanish Empire under reign of Philips II. The year 1588 was a decisive year as it changed the outcome. If not for this event we would maybe all be catolics now!

What went on.

Elizabeth I of England had dared to assist the uproar against Spain by the Netherlands provincies - as they were called - albeit not wholehartedly. Spain sent a large fleet to first take Elizabeth of the crown and then punish the low countries once and for all. The fleet was so big it was called the armada invincible or Armada. How different things went.

On their way to England - the 130 ships with 30.000 men of which 20.000 soldiers - got a first beating when they tried to ship men from Calais to the south of England. English better manouvreable ships and 30 Dutch ships gave the Armada the first beating. As the wind turned the Armada had to flee ..North .. and tried to get around Scotland and Ireland. Storms and more sea battles with both pirates - aarghhh - and English ships (Drake) did the rest minimalising the fleet and capturing most of the treasure - aarghh - meant for paying mercenaries and buying food etc.

After some years of peace the protestant netherlands provincies prospered and started the first listed multinational the V.O.C. A period of global trade and great wealth arrived for the new calvinistic country. In 1620 the war started again till 1648. Gold ducats and lion dollars were the global trade currnency at the time.

The Institute where I study Spanish sponsors an expo on this 80 year War. I bet they tell the story a little different!



You Pirate You........Thank You for laying Out the History of some of the Clashes.................Arrrrrrrrrrr

A very interesting article. I love to read History and what you told was fascinating. Thanks.

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hi, thank you for writing this post, i loved reading it, very interesting! I am a big fan of learning history, i hope you have a fab day, respect

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