DTube #5: You Can’t Touch Anything!

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The sense of touch can prove to be essential in day to day life. Whether it be kissing your loved one, or preparing a meal; without it, aspects of life, such as intimacy and danger cannot be experienced. On an atomic level, what exactly is happening to give us this sense of touch?

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Conclusion of the Video

Since the nucleus is found in the middle of the atom, electrons surround it. The surrounding electrons effectively coat the outside layer of your finger and the object you are about to touch. Due to all electrons having the same charge; just like a magnet, they repel. When you go to touch an object, what you experience as your sense of touch is electrostatic repulsion. Why do things feel different? This can be due to many physical factors, such as surface roughness and density, as explained, in depth, in the video.

Resources used in the Video

Magnetic Repulsion video:

Magnetic Attraction video:

Virtual Photon demonstration:

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Sangat menarik sekali @mystifact

The human sense of touch is just amazing. Feeling the difference in height between two surfaces that are different by less than .004 inches/0.10mm. A mother can sense a temperature difference of only half a degree on her child's forehead.

It really is, the delicacy of the human body and its receptors are down to unimaginable precision! Thank you for your comment :)