SteemSTEM Winter 2017-2018 Project Update

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We (@steemstem) felt that an update as to the status of the project was long overdue!

This (somewhat lengthy) post will inform you on the progress that we have made in the last few months, our current philosophy regarding supporting STEM content on Steemit, our desire to grow and nurture a community of STEM content creators, and some plans/ideas we have for the future of the project.

What is SteemSTEM?

The steemSTEM project is a community-oriented initiative to increase both the quality as well as the visibility of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) posts on Steemit.

Discussion revolving around STEM disciplines are not just niche topics, but rather core subjects essential to the long term growth and development of Steemit. We believe that a thriving Steemit STEM community is crucial for providing support and encouraging further development of current skilful bloggers, as well as recruiting outside talent. Each is necessary for achieving our mission to provide Steemit with quality, interesting and cutting edge STEM content.

The project seeks in part to accomplish these goals through the direct promotion of quality content posted on Steemit. Quality assessment of content is achieved by a team of curators with expertise in various STEM disciplines working on behalf of the community. Curation by @steemstem is further aided by a collaboration with @curie through its Community Support program.

Curation Progress

Since the initiation of the collaboration with @curie 18 weeks ago, the SteemSTEM project curation team has supported over 3432 posts, of which 2480 posts received votes from both the @steemstem and @curie voting trails. This corresponds to 686 unique authors upvoted by @steemstem, and 544 unique authors upvoted both by @steemstem and @curie.

Our Weekly Curation Digest: SteemSTEM Distilled

Members of the curation team have also begun assembling a weekly curation digest (Issue: [#1], [#2], [#3], [#4], [#5], [#6], [#7], [#8], [#9],[#10],[#11],[#12],[#13],[#14],[#15],[#16],[#17]) highlighing one exceptional post from each day of the week as a means to provide further exposure for excellent content creators; as well as provide examples that other community members can learn from to improve their own blogging skills.

What Are The Criterion Used by the SteemSTEM Curation Team When Voting on Posts?

One question which community members frequently ask is “What do the curators look for when selecting content for votes?”

As explained in detail in this post, four requirements are in order. An authors' post must be original, well written (using clear English), well formatted (easy to read) and not plaggiarized (or translated from foreign sources).

Moreover, being recognized by @steemSTEM means more that just being rewarded for his/her blog. It means that the author is engaged with our vibrant community through posts, participation on the chat (on the steemit chat or discord) and through comments on the articles of other STEM authors.


The steemSTEM team members understand that our standards require a high level English proficiency that not all members of our growing community may possess. We recognize that this is both unfair, and also is closing the door on a chance to educate and inform more people. To enable users to be able to create content that is keeping with the SteemSTEM qualilty guidelines, but written in their own native languages we have begun establishing sub communities with curators/managers who have both scientific expertise as well as any needed language expertise. Each community has chosen a unique tag for users to use to better enable identification of local or non-english STEM content of high quality.

To date collaborations with the following communities have been established:

Community/Languagegroup tagmanagers/curators

We thank each of these sub-community managers for their efforts to expand the spread of quality STEM content on steemit. We look forward to assisting them in growing the size of these communities and bringing more great content creators to our platform.

Additional Projects Supported

In addition to the project’s curation function, we also encourage and support various community member initiatives through the donation of STEEM POWER as rewards for their participants. Since the previous update we have supported the following projects/contests:

Potential/Likely Future Projects

Disclaimer: All projects discussed below are tentative, and require future developments by either Steemit Inc. or other community developers as well as collaborations between the SteemSTEM team and other generous Steemit community members/developers.

Implementation of a STEM Community SMT

Steemit’s recent announcement of Smart Media Tokens and their intended use to aid in the development of internet communities provides us the opportunity to implement a secondary token revolving around the creation of STEM content. We have teamed up with @reggaemuffin who has offered to help us with the technical side of creating an SMT.

Currently the finer details of how these tokens will function have not yet been completely revealed. It is nevertheless our intention to utilize this new technology to continue to build the STEM community on Steemit as soon as possible.

The steemSTEM community is not just those of us in the SteemSTEM management and curation teams, but actually all of you as well. Implementing a SMT needs to be done in the right way: one which will help the community grow! This means that we will need your help in deciding what to do with these tokens. Please drop by our channels on the steemit chat and/or on discord, or leave a comment below if you have any suggestions about the way in which one should implement the token to encourage excellence in STEM content. This is a community project, and a SteemSTEM SMT would be a COMMUNITY token, one that we are all proud to distribute and use to promote STEM the world over.

Also, if you have not checked out the SMT White Paper, you can also do that Here. Perhaps you will find some inspiration by reading through it!

An Official SteemSTEM/STEM Community

The steemSTEM team, much like everyone on the platform, is extremely excited at the prospects of official communities being implemented on steemit. We have been trying our best to organically grow the group of posters who possess a likeminded vision that high quality, interesting, well cited and well formatted blog posts will illustrate to the masses that steemit THE place to go to read about Science and Tech. In recent months the community size has increased to almost 2100 followers of the @steemstem project account and over 600 members on The current (and growing) size of the community will to enable us to rapidly transition to official community status as soon as the Steemit Inc developers deploy the platform update.

The SteemSTEM Meetup At The Large Hadron Colider

As many of you are aware we (well mostly @lemouth) have been planning and organizing the first ever SteemSTEM meetup. Not to be outdone by other communities @lemouth wanted to help us bring our A-Game and meet somewhere that many scientists only dream to go. The worlds largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, in located Geneva Switzerland at CERN. As the corner stone of this meetup the group of attendees will be going down into the LHC to see the Compact Muon Solenoid detector, where researchers use a massive solenoid magnet to generate a magnetic field 100,000 times the strength of our planet's, to bend the beam of subatomic particles generated by the collisions. Pretty cool destination, and an amazing opportunity to promote both STEEM/Steemit and the SteemSTEM project! Don't ya think? To date 18 people have been confirmed to participate, however for those unable to make the trip, worry not! We plan to take plenty of pictures and also do some video recording to bring the experience home for you all to share as well. This looks to be an amazing community building event!

The Future Is Bright, Our Community Is Vibrant

Finally, we would like to take a moment in this closing section to thank our community members for the great discussions that we have in the group chat on ( and more recently on discord too, as well as for their enthusiasm for what we are trying to do; enthusiasm which can be seen in our winning the award for best public chat on, a testament to the supportive atmosphere that the community keeps and the enthusiasm they share for each others’ content and STEM as a whole.

We strive to keep our and discord channels positive places where users who are creating STEM content can discuss whatever they want. It’s not just about chatting science, it’s our place to get to know one another, and to help build the relationships that will allow for a network that can support one another! Our community is about helping each other grow on steemit.

Thank You All for your support of this project, for creating the wonderful content that you do, for your passion for the fascinating mysteries of the world, and for allowing us the privilege of building this community.


The SteemSTEM Team:


Management Team



It's great to see steemstem progress!! The constant support I received from the STEM curators on my science contents was astonishing, and it's only because of steemstem that my hard researched posts made some decent gains!!

Would love to be a part of the team in the future If I can find some steemians from Bangladesh willing to write quality science content in Bengali!!

STEM on guys!!

We thank you for all your efforts as well. Note that you can already bring your friends to the platform. There is no reason to wait :)

Already on it :)

We thank you for all the work you put in to constructing the great content that you do!

Aye aye captain!! xD xD

Will do my best to keep the quality contents coming!!

How do u fucking join the membership thing and have yourself registered i mean seriously how do y know you are registered and pls let no person come with one cliche answer like join the discord or chat group because those two place are as alive as a desert even minnowsupport is more alive than those places
Pls someone should give me a really helpful well thought out answer

We will all work together to make the STEM community grow, although it is already a great community thanks to its founders, directors and curators.

I congratulate you for the great work you have done for more than a year, you have made STEM the number one community in this platform, and I am very sure that it will soon be the largest in the world of the internet.

I am very happy for all the projects that are approaching and thank you for making me belong to your work group, for me it is an honor.

I fully agree with what @justtryme90 said, and I won't repeat but my thoughts are basically there! :D

Thank you very much for this opportunity, we will continue to do a good job for the entire STEM team to feel proud :)

We very much appreciate the time and effort you are putting in to helping the people of the Spanish speaking community who want to talk about STEM topics, get more exposure.

Great to see all the awesome steps SteemSTEM is taking to build up the community and do STEM outreach. I'm happy to be a part of this awesome community!

And we are lucky to have someone with your qualifications, sharing your knowledge and expertise with us all.

This is very exciting! Thanks for sharing with us :)

The meetup in CERN is truly unique! And I'm also looking forward to the SMT.

This is awesome guys! Congratulations, thanks for all you do for the community and all the best luck guys!

Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words and vote of confidence in the project :D

Thanks for passing by :)

A meet up at the LHC? That's so cool! This has grown to be quite a community indeed - thanks for all the work you guys have been doing for so many months now. Looking forward to seeing STEM smt too!

Yep, some of us have special relations with CERN ;)

Btw name the community/SMT "STEM".. its perfect.

This was the plan from the start :D

Steemstem has been a life changing force in my life. I started on steemit with no clear idea of what I would write about, picked pop science, and was noticed by @lemouth, who was generous with his time and knowledge.

I'd always enjoyed mycology, but never had the drive to really dive into the hobby. But writing with steemstem's standards in mind, I have learned more in the last five months about the study of fungi and related organisms than I did in the five years prior. It's pushed me to get involved with the local mycological society and even inspired me to join, and helped pay for, a 2 week mycological foray to Chile this Spring with globally renowned professional mycologists.

This may sound a bit trite - I know I've mentioned it a few times to a few people - but this blog, and steemstem support, have turned my worst compulsive habits into something more productive. Steemstem has stimulated an intellectual curiousity in me I never knew existed.

I'm so excited to be able to meet the steemstem gang - and at the LHC and CMS no less?! If steemit were to disappear immediately after that visit - (no whammies) - I would have nothing to complain about. Steemstem is responsible for crossing something off my bucket list!

I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store. Looking forward to the creation of an official community, as well as several other awesome possibilities in this post. And the move to include non-english speakers is a great step.

There's a great team working behind the scenes on the steemstem project and I have no doubt they will continue to push the project to new heights. Thank for a great 2017!

This is a double success then, one for you and one for our project.

If steemSTEM can drive people to build their own (STEM-related) project, use the support we offer (in one way or the other) to achieve their goals, then, I will feel we really made a difference somewhere! :)

Am looking forward to meet you at CERN :)

I am too excited to meet everyone at the Meetup, it will be a pleasure to finally chat in person with the mushroom man. I am so glad that you have found such personal growth from what you are doing here on steemit. That is truly a testament to what having the support to dive into our own curiosities can bring about. You are one of the great SteemSTEM success stories I think!

Beautifully written and inspires excitement about what's to come, it feels as though I've just watched a great movie trailer!

I've upvoted @dber's comment fully, cos I feel his comment best describes what this community can do for you, and I'm hopefully headed down a similar path.

That is a movie where you also play a part. Thanks for your nice contribution to our community :)

Hello steemstem! Thank you very much for all the support, the italian community is growing and we have a lot of things to say about STEM topics! A very big "Thanks" to @aboutcoolscience too, the curator of "itastem" tag; without him we would never have known of this great group :)

Thanks for passing by and your nice message :)

Hi Steemstem! Thank you to all by me and by italian community :) and thank you to @aboutcoolscience, our itastem curator. I hope you enjoy our scientific post and I wish you good work!

Those posts are very nice according to what I get from google translate (since I don't speak Italian) :p

Thanks for passing by!

Hi SteemStem, thank you for all support you are giving to Italian Community! You are doing a Great job.

Thanks a lot for passing by! :)

Thank you for your support steemstem! You are building something great :)
I will visit CERN on 1-2-3 of March. Someone there?

I appreciate this the community decide to support quality content to grow #steemit and this is awesome 😊😊😊

but do they appreciate us in return... no, not even a thank you

Did you even read the post?

Thank You All for your support of this project, for creating the wonderful content that you do, for your passion for the fascinating mysteries of the world, and for allowing us the privilege of building this community.

I suspect that you did not.

People can be really ungrateful sometimes :(

We don't expect people to be grateful, but we certainly are for the community that has formed around the project. :)

We should appreciate good aim of others at first and they will do good for sure, we should trust not should expect a lot. 😊😊😊

Yes I completely agree @shohana1

I don't really know what to say's us who should be saying a VERY VERY BIG THANK YOU to steemstem. Without this amazing team, we are nothing!! Just look into most of the other tags where quality content goes completely unnoticed, earning pennies!! Steemstem has made sure quality content gets decent earnings!!

For which good reason should we thank you (you seem not to care about STEM)? However, we have thanked those who care about STEM :)

I was talking to @curie about your group the other day. I think it is great to recognize those putting in efforts in these related fields. I hope to get a little bit more involved in the coming months. Looking forward to the progress you make

Thanks for advertising us to curie (although they definitely know about us :p). We are also looking forward to see what the project will be in 3 months, 6 months, a year :)

yeah, when I was talking to the curie team they were well aware of who you guys were haha. We were more discussing the importance of different groups on the steem platform, but we were also discussing how groups can have a negative effect on the platform. Say a user joins one or two groups and then they limit their voting/posting/comments to only those group members or topics, I think it can have a negative effect.

By no means were we saying StemSteem was a bad idea or group, just that group mentality can sometimes be a dangerous thing for growth

The group is by far not closed. People within the steemSTEM community can also do things elsewhere. I am not sure to follow, to be honest :)

Just a bit of a misunderstanding. What I mean is that when people join groups they can become a little closed off, only interacting with those in their group. For example in the Steem community there are some groups where members usually comment/upvote/resteem and interact with people in their group. Just the tribe mentality can have a negative impact.

I'm not insinuating that all groups do this, just pointing out some of the negative aspects of tribal mentality. A good example would be American politics. You have the Democrats and the Republicans, and the members of both parties keep blind allegiances to their own party and this can have a detrimental overall effect to the nation at large.

Ah ok. Then I indeed totally misunderstood your comment. I agree with what you said. But this is also up to people to decide whether they want (or not ) check elsewhere. I am sure that you can find both in each group.

Totally agree, at the end of the day it is up to the individual how they act.

Dear @steemstem team, I really appreciate your support for my article:
It was a great surprise to wake up this morning and see your upvotes! Thanks a lot really. I started to follow your project. My question is, can I add the tag #steemstem to my future posts or how can I join your initiation?

It was our pleasure! Sure you can the steemstem tag to your posts. Everyone is allowed to do so :)

Thanks a lot! It's really great that you found me! :-)
I love this initiation, I was missing something like this here on Steemit!

Excellent initiative to promote quality scientific publications. I believe that this project offers the opportunity to the users of the scientific community of seemit to present their points of view, analysis + discussion, personal treatment of topics that dominates and that can contribute to the general knowledge of the community #steemSTEM and of

And special thanks to you for your contribution to the Spanish STEM community! :)

A lot of news and many things to catch up with. Thankfully I've heard of some of them in the chats. As always I am kind of late to leave a "thank you" and a comment. I would like to give some suggestions for the token, if I could only wrap my brain around what they actually are. I will read the further comments an/or visit the chat to check that out. ...Wait, I'll visit it anyway! :-)

I am also looking forward to the video- and photo-material the CERN meetup will bring. I am excited for the so far 18 participants! I wish you a fine journey and a fun gathering (in case I miss the next article:)

To all STEMers - curators, management, authors & all - have a great weekend!

Also thank you for being there, for your engagement, and so on, but also for your nice comment :)

Yes the chat s the place to be for fresh news, and we will definitely make our best of the meetup to share some nice stuff from there ^^

Steemstem really is one of the coolest communities on Steemit, and has really done more to promote valuable content than just about anyone else.

Thanks a lot for the cool message :)

Thanks for doing everything you do!

steemSTEM, the one place where the steemit slogan "come for the rewards, stay for the community" has really been true for me at least.

Can't wait to see how accumulating even more great talent in the STEM subjects can enable us to not only share great content, but perhaps do even more to educate and inspire globally and raise the scientific literacy and appreciation of the art around the world.

leave a comment below if you have any suggestions about the way in which one should implement the token to encourage excellence in STEM content.

While the short to mid-term focus is of course to use the steemit platform to share great content, I believe we can do far more down the line when a STEM SMT is in place. Could a STEEM plugin on websites providing online courses allow STEM experts to get paid in STEM tokens for helping students learn by answering questions, providing some guided lessons and generally add value to online learning?

Just an example ;)

But seriously, I don't know how to best describe my gratitude for the work that you are putting into this project, nor my excitement to see where we can go with it!

See you at CERN! :)

come for the rewards, stay for the community

I haven't seen that for some time... :)

Yeah, we are indeed a community of people sharing common interests, and this go beyond the rewards by far! I still don't know how the future will be with STEM SMTs, but the future will be interesting for sure :)

See you very soon at CERN!

This is one of the most noble efforts on Steemit and you guys really deserve our thanks for everything you've been through & accomplished so far.

Also thanks to you and all the curie team for your help and suggestions during all this time :)

This project would have gotten nowhere if not for your guidance. I have learned an incredible amount from you over the past year and change, from how to run a project to how to handle the pressures that inevitably come along with one.

I look forward to all that is in store for the future both for steemSTEM and Steemit. Thank you for your support and for all that you do.

Thanks for the great work once again, @steemstem and everyone involved! I am really excited to see how this community will evolve once official Steemit communities and SMTs are released. I don't have any good suggestions for the SMT myself, but hopefully someone smarter than me will be able to figure out how to do this in order to be of most benefit to the community as a whole :)

You are welcome. The SMT will be put in place in due time. Even for most of us, this is still unclear. :)

The amount of effort that all of you put into not only your own projects but the SteemSTEM community is admirable (also terrific and probably exhausting)!
Thank you for providing the link to the SMT info (along with the contests- I'd seen Suesa's but, am ashamed to admit that I've been pigeonholing my interests again).
Congratulations as well on your award for best chat! I've only had the pleasure of interacting with a few individuals on there and each one was kind and attentive (and funny 😃)!

You cannot even imagine how long it takes. Soooo long. But in exchange, we have the certainty to participate and be involved in something bigger! :)

Thanks for your nice message! :)

It just keeps getting better and better; with SMT in place it would give the community more visibility to the world outside of steemit and on steemit.

Looking forward to the implementation of this and, of course, to the pictures from the steemSTEM meet up in LHC at CERN.

Special thanks to the founders, curators, management team, members of steemstem, and steemit community. The future is indeed bright.

Thanks a lot for your nice message. SMTs is one of the big next steps, but the milestones on this way are not too defined at the moment. This is where work has to be put. at some point :)

The idea is a great one. Let us dream till its a reality :)

Thanks for sharing this information @steemstem, Good work I, Regards.

Thanks to you for passing by! :)

Hi steemstem, thank you for your great multy Community work, the Science hat not a Country, the Science is of the People. Special thanks @aboutcoolscience for its big work for italian comunity!

You are indeed all doing great guys! Thanks for all your contributions :)

You are making a great article I wish I could become as successful as you and get a voice for me

Great,, I believe that this will give a huge push for platform indeed.
The community is doing a lot of work.
I think I personally didn't do anything to push the platform forward but I wish you all the best in this and thanks for the good work to the whole team behind this project

Thanks for your very nice message! We are just a bunch of people trying to help and build something cool here :)

wow... am happy to have found this steemstem.
will be following your articles because i love mathematics at least it makes one smart

You can also read the articles of the people we are featuring in our distilled posts. They are very good and touch varied topics.

thank for your shearing

SMTs, an official community,... can't wait to see it happen!

Thanks a lot to the whole team for your support (and upvotes xD), without which I (and many others) would never be so quick to take a foothold at steemit!

One minor issue I want to adress nevertheless:
During the last weeks, I sometimes had the feeling that the curation team couldn't keep up with the increasing amount of steemstem-tagged posts, and quite a few high-quality posts (and I am not talking about anything written by myself) have gone unrewarded.
Of course this is completely natural, everyone has a life. No accusation, just pointing it out that should maybe consider to recruit more curators to adapt to the new post numbers.

Nope we're keeping up, at least right now. Perhaps we found an issue with what you identified as a high quality post?

That is a possibilty, but an unlikely one.
one example I spontaneously remember (older than 7 days old, so no post promo):

but there were several ones.

We are humans after all. Due to the flow, it is hard to guarantee that all deserving posts will be found. If this happens again, feel free to come to me (in due time) so that we could fix it (no flood, no self promotion, etc... but I guess you already know that) :)

of course, this was not intended to be critizism, you all do great work!
And ty.

You can take some comfort In knowing that we have supported many of that users posts, and will likely continue doing so for long into the future as he is assembling some great stuff.

of I said, this was just a suggestion, was not meaning to critizise your work.

was not meaning to critizise your work.

Criticism is welcome, so long as it comes from a constructive place :)

It's how we grow and it forces reflection.

thank for your shearing

It's amazing I love the initiative.

Thanks for the update, and exciting times. I have a few post and will let you know when I have time to polish my ideas. I have found the time to interact with others by reading their blogs, and adding comments. --3D

Engagement, this is the key, as you said (and as we said here) :)

It's great to see the gestation and evolution of this community, I like so much, in fact I've stopped using other social networks so much, mainly because it didn't give me anything! It was a success to have discovered Steeemit! 😅

I don't know about the existence of such a STEM community elsewhere. But I am no good in social networks :D

That's all awesome really! Keep it up guys!

Sure we will! :)

I did not actually doubt it at all :)

The idea of the STEM Community SMT really struck me. This, no doubt, would be a milestone achievement for the enter STEM community. I really pray it works out perfectly well.
Also I want to appreciate the entire management of STEM, even for the establishment of stemng.
SteemSTEM rocks. Go SteemSTEM! Go SteemSTEM!!

Thanks for your message @samminator :)

I'm pretty pumped for the future of steemstem, and speaking as someone who's only been actively posting for about a month the support has been so increadibly helpful!

great work. appreciated by heart

Thanks a lot!

thanks for the comprehensive update, love the project!

Thanks for passing by and your nice message!

and i just knew about this

Never too late to learn about it :)

yay! for the community. :P
and also there's a typo "Switzerland" :P

I am eagerly waiting to see @suesa 's face. :P
seriously though, Take lots & lots of pictures. ok.

and also there's a typo "Switzerland" :P

Ah poop. I can't type. or proofread.

considers to turn up in a batman mask

with the protection helmet of course, and from the back :p

I am learning a lot from this great community and indebted at the same time to them especially for the unbiased support they give to posts based on content. The project is a great one and I strongly believe it will keep on getting better with time.

We are doing our best to foster STEM on steemit. We are all believing in it strongly. We had bad days and good days, but now, I can only tell the future looks bright :)

Very nice way to reward hard-work and intelligence. Science is advancing and the brains behind it should be encouraged. Kudos to steem stem.

Thank you! We will not let the community down!

Being a member of the SteemSTEM community has been a rewarding experience. Things are improving fast. I am especially grateful for the extension of SteemSTEM to stemng. It helps with dealing with the curation of STEM contents from our end and we feel the impact.

Thanks to everyone working in the background, growing this great community. SMT is great news for all of us. Hopefully the visibility it affords would be beneficial to the community and everyone involved.

Thank you for the update. It is amazing how you find time to do it.

Thanks to you for your contributions. Note that the SMTs are something in a close (hopefully enough) future, but we have no definite plan at the moment.

Thank you for your response. Whatever is decided, we are in for the long haul.

So glad to be a part of this community! I really enjoy reading trending posts and the digests to polish my writing. It has helped my writing style a lot, with the benefit of learning new things!

I am sure you are not the only one in this situation. It is always cool to read such a thing! Thanks for passing by.

Cheers to a fantastic future for steemstem!

The future is bright, the future is bright :)

Soy nuevo en Steemit, sería de mucha ayuda si me sigues y votas en mi blog. @Fyahconde Revisa mi contenido.. poco a poco lo iré cargando más y más.

Éxito y Mil Bendiciones para todos.

The update is well detailed, Your guys are doing your best to promote science and technology. Encouraging authors through upvote is really going to make the community stronger.

This is the positive encouragement. Instead of trying to (uselessly) kill the bad stuff, we promote the good one :)

Wow, it's a great news :) i personally like it because i've done my graduation in mathematics will share my experience :) and i also study chemistry in the past and have some minor knowledge of it too.

Please feel free to share your knowledge :)

sure my friend :)

The sub tags can be used even if the post is in English?

You can in principle, if your post falls into those categories.

All right, I ask this because I have seen posts written in English and using subtags so I am confused about it

Nigerian posts are in English :)

You are solely building up great Gems in these community. Great readers brings up great quality contents, and they are great Leaders. I am looking forward to seeing you on the meetup. Thumbs up.

Thanks for passing by. It is more than about reading and voting, believe me :)

Good work I appreciate this thanks for sharing this post

I'm excited to have stumble on this community via a post I read on antibiotic resistance, the post made my day . I am willing and interested in joining this community, I am a Pharmaceutical Microbiologist from Nigeria, I am interested in Antimicrobial agents and Chemotherapy , antibiotic resistant bacteria. I am currently working on drug resistant bacteria from zoonotic sources. It will give me great pleasure to join this community and contribute positively to its development. I'm just 12 days on Steemit and I am already loving it

Please do so! We are looking forward to read from you :)

I wish you continued success.
The project is planned and seems fair to everyone.
My involvement can only be by following these projects.

Thanks to you for following our work!

So many interesting things going on in this community! I'm so glad that I've found you. You put meaning in the phrase "Hard work pays off."

Thanks a lot for your contributions too! :)

Are there any special steps taken to support newbies?

We support based upon content quality only, regardless if a user has been here for a long time or is brand new. If they are making well cited, solid content, we will find it and they will be rewarded just as anyone else should be. So no we aren't making it a point to specifically support new users (IE we aren't biased in their favor) but we are supporting newbies, content from new accounts is constantly coming up in the curation queue!

The contests above are months old. It would be better if they were regular, maybe weekly. The contests would be a platform for newbies to compete with experienced users and show their potential. If the team have time to curate all the posts then it isn't necessary. I see you guys are doing great for the community. Thank you for that.

It doesn't end up working as well as you might think.

Contests are a tiny component. Please check here for more information about what we are exactly :)

Another #rewardpoolrape from @fredrikaa here is why:

Real science exists, but @fredrikaa is posting pictures from a fake space agency like what they provide is science.

Thank you for the information
It's amazing your post, after I read makes me understand more with steemit.
I'm still new in steemit is looking forward to your vote dati
Regards Steemit

I am a beginner in steemit, I want to ask. in indonesia who is the manager who choose the content of the content interesting?

The information is given in the post.

your post is steady..

Just heard of the project through @lesshorrible, and I loved it!
being a maths bachelor myself, I think STEM content is really something that needs to be created and shared around everyone!

Thanks for the great inciative, cheers from Brazil! :)

Thanks for passing by! :)

Congrats on the great project! :)

Grateful for all your efforts and really excited to have this community on steemit. To be honest, I was totally surprised and impressed as I learnt about @steemstem, and indeed, I am inspired and working on some original materials for here.

Thanks a lot for your nice message. I am always happy to read this kind of message, even after a year :)

Thanks for educating us about the steemSTEM project. I am from Nigeria and I will reach out to the moderator for Nigeria.

Don't hesitate. They are very nice and helpful people :)

A project that is very close to my heart is STEM Education for girls, Do you have any such ongoing project?

This is part of steemSTEM and we don't need anything special. We have nothing targeting any gender because we are on the Internet (there is no way to determine genders here).

Makes sense

worth sharing. Thanks

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i love steemstem, it helps us to continue learning our field relevant material and sometimes pays us as well. :)

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Your posts are very good and I like that