Double exposed Berlin

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I tried double exposure the other day. Having to think about light and shadows and where the next exposure would have to be for the photo to work was a challenge.


I decided to spend most of my time at the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. I have returned there several times and the more I go, the more it makes an impression on me.

It´s an important memory of the horror that humansa can do to each other.


I am quite reluctant to post these photos, as I think it´s a place of remembrance and should be treated with the utmost respect.


But when I processes the photos, I was quite touched by the way they turned out.


The Memorial is a must visit in Berlin. If you go to Berlin, spend some time there.


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I don't think these are disrespectful. Ignoring them would be more so. These images have a spiritual quality to them. Experimenting and going beyond the single shot forces you to use all your photographic senses and allows one to express themselves in a more complex manner. Good post. I plan to be in Berlin in not so distant future. Will visit the site.

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