From the ship deck

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Scenes from the ship deck on August 17, 2018, when I visited Weh island, departing from the Ulee Lheue port, Banda Aceh, the destination of Balohan port, Sabang. I use the KMP BRR ferry service, speeding 10 knots takes 1:40 minutes for 16 nautical miles, from there I can freely shot few photos.

In addition, Ulee Lheue-Balohan's shipping route is also available for a sleek ship service, which can shorten the mileage, takes 40 minutes at a speed of 34 knots, ships that only serve passengers.

The ships are leaning on the of Ulee Lheue port, Banda Aceh.

Ships on the Ulee Lheuh-Balohan's shipping routes

The atmosphere on the KMP BRR ship

The ship soon docked at the Balohan port, Sabang

Welcome to Weh Island

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I just found out that weh island is as beautiful as this. Previously I also visited your post. I see your post pictures are amazing. Are you a photography?


I'm not a photographer, I'm just someone who wants to record everything with a camera, maybe one day those images can be useful for scientific research such as anthropology, sociology and culture or other.

To produce an image with the help of a camera is very dependent on the point of view and level of insight.


noted it brother @vannour


@vannour when I see all the pictures in your post, I think this person is really great at shooting. I think you are photography. But my guess is wrong. Apparently you are not a photographer. But the picture you take, has high quality. I like to follow all your posts.

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Saya orang indonesia , tapi saya belum pernah ke aceh 😂. Mudah mudahan suatu hari bsa berkunjung ke aceh yg dikenal juga dengan serambi mekah @vannour

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love it, :P

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