30 Days Challenge - Photos of Valencia - Day 7 - It's about enjoying the simple things

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For a long time while living in Romania, and especially in the last four years, I lived in apartments without a view of the sky. I also didn't have much sun coming in, actually very little. So one of the "must haves" of our new place in Valencia had to be view of the sky and plenty of sunlight.

We have both here, plus a big terrace where we can hang out and enjoy the view. And we have space to dry our clothes. (That's another unexpected plus, after so many years of drying clothes on a balcony or inside the house, it's so nice to have them dry in just a few hours because the sun and the wind are doing the best job ever, and it's free ;)

So I thought of sharing the view from the terrace in two different moments: when the sun was shining and just before sunset.



It's so nice to wake up in the morning and get out on the terrace and simply enjoy the sun and the view. More and more I realise that appreciating the simple things like these it's what makes our lives richer day by day.


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Interesting take on promoting your city.

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