30 Days Challenge - Photos of Valencia - Day 5 - Mercat de Colon

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In Romania, when you say "piață" which is the equivalent of the Spanish "mercat", you'd think of a place where you can buy fresh fruits, veggies, meat and other usual fresh produce and that's that. Maybe if it's a big one you can find there a few cheap places where they usually sell the typical Romanian fast food "mici" with mustard and bread.

The Spanish have taken the concept of "mercat" to a whole new level. So far I've seen the Mercat Central and Mercat de Colon and they both have beautiful architecture that makes them touristic attractions.

Mercat de Colon is actually more a complex of fine terraces, coffee shops and restaurants than an actual market place, which you'll find on the lower floor but it has a very, very small offer compared to what you can find in Mercat Central.

Anyways, it's nice to just stroll by, enjoy the vibe, watch the the people chatting over a glass of wine or the traditional "horchata", having a snack or rather a full meal at 21-22h, which is the norm here. I'll talk about these special Spanish culinary habits in another post.


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