30 Days Challenge - Photos of Valencia - Day 2 - The "Harry Potter Trees"

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Whenever we find something that is a bit odd or peculiar - like these weirdly shaped trees in the Turia park - we tend to find something familiar to match it with. We need some kind of category or tag to put that weird thing into a mental drawer.

When we first saw these trees in the park me and @dragosroua were pretty fascinated by their shape. And because we didn't know their official name - we still don't know it - we named them the Harry Potter trees. Their weirdness seemed like something from a Harry Potter movie to us.

Naming a particular area of a park or a city in a certain way that only you and your partner or close friends are familiar with helps a lot in giving each other relevant information when trying to explain where one is or where to meet for example.

Like yesterday I was in the park, talking with Dragos on the phone. We were supposed to meet and go grab something to eat. In order to figure out how far I was from the coffee shop he was working in, he asked me where exactly I was in the Turia park. Because I didn't learn yet the name of the bridges, it was very easy for me to say "close to the Harry Potter trees" and he immediately understood and knew where I was.

That's the beauty of creating a "language" of your own with your significant other or close friends. You can use references that have meaning only for yourselves and you spare a lot of unnecessary extra words.

Do you give unique names to streets, park alleys or other places in your town? If so, please share in the comments below.


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not only references but sometimes it only takes 2 or 3 words, theyll utter an incomplete and incoherent sentence, but you can fully understand them😂

haven't seen any oddly shaped trees such as this before, very interesting.. thanks for sharing:)

true that 😂
thanks for stopping by :)

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