30 Days Challenge - Photos of Valencia - Day 3 - Relax & Enjoy the Sun

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Walking back home from the Turia park we just realised this was our first chill Saturday since we got here.

I took this photo while laying down on a bench, enjoying the sun, the chirping birds, the surrounding green trees.

This pic expresses one of the main traits of Valencia, at least from my perspective: city and nature are harmoniously blending in and its inhabitants are mainly laid back, relaxed people who take their time to simply soak in the sun.

Relax & enjoy the sun

When people were asking me why we chose Valencia as our new city, one of the main points, besides the gorgeous weather, the green parks and the beautiful architecture, was that "people are relaxed, laid back here".

Maybe for people coming from other cities, that are more laid back than Bucharest, this trait would not be so striking, as they would consider it normal. But for me and @dragosroua this was one big plus in choosing Valencia.

I've been born and raised in Bucharest, but I've had the occasion to travel to many countries between 2007 and 2011. Almost every time I came back from other capital cities from Europe, USA or Asia something struck me and it made me wonder why am I not moving for good?

I don't know how to define it but one of the main traits of Bucharest and its inhabitants, at least in the last years, feels like a mixed energy cocktail made of emotional pain or some kind of heaviness, aggression, nervousness, impatience and general suffering. Not everyone is like that of course, but there is something like a cloud that surrounds and permeates everything and it reflects in the daily interactions and in the way the city looks like.

At first I thought maybe I'm being too sensitive (which I know I am ;) or it's just in my head. But then I've been talking with some of my friends and more and more of them felt the same way. It's like the story with boiling a frog: if you throw the frog in hot water it will jump out of it and save its life. But if you put it in warm water and slowly turn on the heat the frog will die because she will not realise the danger until too late.

I guess that's how it feels living in a place that slowly deteriorates or simply doesn't resonate with your way of life anymore. If you never get out of it you think it's normal. But it isn't.

So I'm very grateful to be now in a different place that feels more in sync with the way I want to live. We'll see how this story goes.

In the meantime, wherever you are, remember to take a few moments for yourself, to relax and soak in the sun. After all, it's Saturday. :)


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