30 Days Challenge - Photos of Valencia - Day 1 - Goodbye and hello

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On the 15th of October me and @dragosroua took a plain to Valencia, Spain carrying only two big suitcases and a small trolley.

It was an intense time for both of us, the weeks before departing. We had to go through all our stuff, (realise that we are hoarders just like the majority of people in spite of our efforts to purge and clean the house several times a year...sigh) and let go of as many objects as possible.

Dragos already wrote about it in his latest #challenge30days, check it out on his blog if you haven't already.

Anyways...we've finally moved in our new rented apartment and we're figuring out how to make it feel like home. So I thought this might be the perfect time to start a 30 Days Challenge of my own.

Because I love taking pics and this city has so, so much to offer I will post a photo a day from my daily walks and interactions with the city's streets, parks, people, food or whatever else inspires me. This way I will be more mindful and you'll get to discover it through my eyes.

So Photos of Valencia 30 Days Challenge starts today, November 1st.

Goodbye sea, hello city

This is how the beach of Patacona looked like in the afternoon that we moved from our friends apartment who generously hosted us while we were waiting for our apartment to be free.

I felt a mix of excitement, joy and a bit of sadness while saying goodbye to the sea and to our friends. Of course we'll be back to visit but still...

I have never lived so close to the sea and the beach while not on vacation as I have been while staying in our friends home. It was so pleasant and soothing to be there every day even though the weather got colder and it was not possible to sun bathe or swim it's still something magical for me to walk on the sand and hear the waves every single day.

Having stayed with our friends close to the sea made us think that maybe our next apartment would be there, even if for just a couple of months...who knows, we'll see.

In the meantime, we're back in the city center, enjoying its lively streets, small restaurants, shops and events of which I'll be taking pics.

If you want to join this challenge you can make one about your current city. It would be lovely to discover different cities like this. You can use the tag #dailyphoto + the name of your city. For example I will use #dailyphotovalencia.


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@raluca I know what you are talking about this was my View Everyday Growing up in California years ago..................

so beautiful! it's kind of addictive to live by the sea I guess :)

Just sublime :-)

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