The Daily spotlights – 3 February 2018

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Right now I do resteem the posts of 78 accounts… and this takes a lot of time, some of you are very productive 😊 So please, don’t be offended if I don’t reply to all comments you make. I really do appreciate them and I read them all but considering the time I have AND the limited bandwidth… I can’t respond to everybody. And for those who know my real identity… I don’t reply a lot there neither… but also read everything. So keep on commenting!
Oh, BTW, tomorrow is Sunday and I take a day off so… no Daily Spotlights and limited resteems…
Enjoy your weekend!



@vimma euh, boats in the mist 😉


@lighteye makes it very difficult for me… I love the picture but, brrrrr, I hate spiders… Look at all those eyes, they’re so cold 😉


Thanks to @benfenson you will shoot like a star 😊


@raphaelhuber is on steemit for 66 days already and is offering us a beautiful rose to celebrate it!


@walter-v-ac made a portrait of a beautiful… wooden lady…


Hahahahaha, @dumar022 did it again : Take this seriously to confirm that you are an idiot! 😊


What can I say… very inspirational @mammasitta !


There are Several Important Changes in the photo contests hosted by @juliank Check them out!


Well, smoking can’t be that bad when I see this picture from @aurumv 😉



Great features! I like them all!
It deserves a Tip!

Merci Helena ;-)

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Smoking is always bad! 🚭😝 I don't know how you do it, that is, check so many accounts! But I get to see many talented folks I otherwise would not know of. Thanks!

You're very welcome!
just press resteem & reply, it's really easy :-)

Great features, as always! No worries about the comments!

wow...awsome photography..& beautiful post i love your post...thank for sharing...dear

I would like to post photo with hastag spotlight
Thank for idea

I like them a lot as always

Thanks for them!

The amount of time you spend promoting all of us is impressive! I can't thank you enough!

Pleasure mine Melinda!

WHaaaT ? You take a day off ?!

Well...have then a cheerfulday.png dear... (oh my, I almost wrote your name ^_^)

I even took 2 days of ;-)
Thanks my dear!

I have no idea who you are @pixresteemer but I am so very grateful for all the times you have shared my work. I also love seeing the work of all the wonderful creatives featured in The Daily Spotlights.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your two full days away. Blessings. 🙏