Tipuvote! Update - Profit x 2.5, Added 10 Minutes Delay

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Hi guys, I've updated the tipuvote! funcionality :)

First, the profit multiplayer is now x 2.5 (thanks STEEM price increase!). That means, that if you send 1 SBD (with link to your post in memo), you will receive 2.5 SBD upvote.

Second, the upvote will be made around 10 minutes after you send the SBD - because of the uration reward.

Remember that if @tipU has not enough voting power to make, for example, 3 SBD upvote - he will only charge you for the actual upvote value and you can withdraw the rest. To do this, just send 0.001 SBD to @tipU with memo: withdraw

To use tipuvote!

  • send at least 0.005 SBD to @tipU with link to the post in memo (like when using voting bots)
  • write a comment with word tipuvote! under a post that you want @tipU to upvote (it can be someone else's post too!)

Remember that you need to have deposit first to use the second option - to make a deposit just send any amount of SBD to @tipU (you can always withdraw it without any fee).




I tried this new feature on this post https://steemit.com/blog/@molometer/snow-storm-hits-uk but I think you need to check the percentage paid.
I sent 1SBD and based on tipu vote power it should have returned. $2.22 it returned approx $1.70?
Just thought you'd like to know before widespread use.
Self upvoted for visibility.

Steem price is changing all the time so sometimes there are differencee but not that much. I will check it.

You have received msg from @tipU:

@tipU made 1.25 SBD upvote to: >snow storm hits uk< paid from your deposit for 0.5 SBD

You made a tipuvote! comment here:

Which told @tipU to use default 0.5 SBD value :) if you're sending SBD with post link in the memo, you dont have to add comment :) of course the second 0.5 SBD was added to your deposit :)

This is really cool, man!

Great...I want to use it..

Please feel free to do so :)

very impressive


hallo @tipu, has met the requirements of 0.800sbd, but I do not get upvote from you. Thank you for the confirmation

I do not understand what you mean

Tipe can I set up a upvoting bot like tipu but on a small scale ? what you think like you ? help minnows

Please create whatever you want :)

Is there an technical writeup on how TipU operates?

Nope, it's written in python using steem-python libraries. You can check out tutorials posted on @tipU blog ("create your own steemit app") to get an idea. Cheers!


This upvoted the post, not the comment :D can't use tipuvote on comments currently.

this good jajaaff.jpg

No upvote? I sent 0.005

good to know, will try the vote soon ;-)

Hy tipu,
I'M beginner,
How I can upvote from you

it is good idea i want to use it..