April Snow in Minnesota: More Photos!

The Minnesota Twins are playing baseball with a foot of snow outside the stadium.

Cherry Blossoms trees are absolutely frozen.

The BBQ grill is covered in snow.

The lakes are still frozen (just not the creek in the photo below).

That is Spring of 2018 in Minnesota.

The good news: It's going to be cold for another week so our snow will stick around a little longer. This gives me an opportunity to post more April snow photos certainly.

What's interesting is snow and open water like shown in this photo. Also, when does it ever get dark out at 8pm and we still have snow on the ground? It's an interesting year for sure.


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Nice Post! I have family out in Minnesota but I haven’t gone in years! Hope you have a great day!


Thank you. I lived in Arizona but I like the seasons here, even if they are extreme!


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