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in photography •  2 months ago

I picked a song title as the heading of this post to describe this guy's panic!

Sure many of you remember the rhythm, blues and rock band, "Eric Burdon and the Animals" their fame was created by a transatlantic hit song in 1964 called "House of the Rising Sun". One of the songs on the album is called "We gotta get outa here" and it continues "if it's the last thing we ever do, girl there's a better life for me and you" sheer desperation!
How better to describe this Spaniel's thoughts!

Yay! Clouds and light rain means that we were here on the beach!

Calmly and placidly she led him into the pond! Must be his first time and she said it would be nice!

But now wait a minute, this water is alive!

No,no,no,no,no,no, which part of no don't you understand!

C'mon girl, this is madness, we gotta get outta here as it's a matter of life or death!

Right, you can stay, but I am going to do some low flying to save my life!

Oh yeah, he took off like a rocket and shame the poor lady ran after him. For a moment the tease in me said that I should take of shot of a woman rushing after her dog, but I decided against it. Besides, soon they disappeared in the distance and we only hope that she found him. There was nothing we could do to help, as I cannot run and the dog was way too fast!

Which brings me to a bit of seriousness here Lol. How many times were you told that it would be nice and you found it to be dreadful? Remember when you were small and your mom shoved a spoon of stuff into your mouth promising that it would be nice? In the meantime the stuff tasted like some turd from outer space?
All that I want to tell you here is to be careful when somebody tells you that it would be nice, as there are hundreds of us that found to the contrary.

We hope you have liked the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity


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Haha, reminds me of me on the holiday I went on in September last year. We went to the beach in St Ives, Cornwall, UK and it was pretty hot, especially as we had been chasing a frisbee around. So we decided to have a little dip in the sea.... yea well, that sea is still freezing no matter how warm it gets so we quickly ran back up the beach :D

Nice shot of the dog in mid flight :)


Thank you and it's amazing what the cold water can do. We live here on Cape Town next to the Atlantic ocean and can you believe that every day we see surfers in the water.
They wear those black rubberized surfing suits, but I just don't know how they can stay in the freezing water for so long!
Glad the fleeing dog brought some memories back you!


Yea I think those suits provide some insulation to keep the body warm in the Atlantic! I wouldn't last 5 minutes without one I don't think :)

Lol. Nice story and very good shots. It's funny how different animals react. Friends of us have a German Sheppard, he loves the sea.


Thank you and oh yes! We see many dogs cavorting in the sea, but I think that it was a first time at the sea for this guy!
A guy with one of these new ball slingers flung a tennis ball at a vast distance into the breakers and 3 dogs went after it. Amazing!

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Hahaha that little friend reminded me the first time I went to the dentist when I was a kid. My mother said that it would be ok... guess what it wasn't. I couldn't make such a fast scape tho lol.

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Thank you Joel and the dentist was certainly another story on its own Lol

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Aweeee he looked pretty scared :( The pictures are amazing, you must have had a great time. Cheers.


Yeah, thank you, we had a good time and some exciting new discoveries. Blessings!

Hahahahah this is like my doggo .... At first they were super excited to see the beach, but later they were like NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH THIS IS TERRIBLE OH NO

Thankfully a nice gentleman managed to capture my doggo so I didn't have to go chasing XD

Great photos, @papilloncharity !

And yep, I recently got into something and then I found out it was terrible and soon I will extricate myself away from it :D


Our little Troy also refuses flatly to go anywhere near the water. But he is an old doggie and will most probably have a heart attack Lol.

I was in the same terrible situation a while ago and simply cut my losses and walked away. Best thing I ever did!

Glad you liked the photos my friend.

Thank you and blessings to you!

So funny. I must admit that I've been guilty for years, trying to get our dog to swim. She did get in, but only when I was, and only to 'save' me. I told her it was nice for years, but apparently she didn't agree.
This brought back some beautiful memories...


I gave up with our little Troy, as when he was small I was out on the river in a canoe and he ran towards me. He nearly drowned and since then he has a healthy respect (dislike) for water.
You sound like a very kind person and I am glad that the post has stirred some fond memories!

Your spaniël looks like our setters, setters love the water and swim in every pond or see they come across


Ah! I think setters were originally used as bird hunting dogs in water areas. Spaniels on the other hand I have no idea about.


Yes and we got two gordon setters and we got alot off ducks in the fields in our hometown so the natural instinct comes to them, but we are used to that and wouldnt want to miss them for anything not even a smelt pond hahaha, the were at the dog place for the holiday saturday i Will blog over that coming saturday when we go and get them again.
Gr. Britt



In case you dont know our two furry Sons ,
Meet Charlie andJoey


Looked and they are certainly champions! Didn't vote, as the post is too old, but commented! Blessings!

Hello @papilloncharity
in last photograph it looks like dog is flying... haha
Awesome photographs nice post my friend..


Scared of the sea my friend and I think whilst he was running, he was praying for wings...haha

Bravo! I have already become a fan of your photos and stories!
I hope the woman caught up with her frightened dog.
Although so strange. I was sure that spaniels love water by the properties of their breed.


Thank you for the kind words my friend, much appreciated. We will keep a lookout for her in future.
I think he was an "inland" dog that has never seen the sea before!

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Last one and the first one are best 😁

Looks like dogoo is having fun.


Great perception my friend. Thank you!

This is a cool series, and that top "action" shot is splendid! Excellent capture! 😃


Thank you, we were on the beach again today, but didn't see the lady or the dog. Poor thing!

Oh man, must've been an intense day for both of them...I thought dogs are okay swimmers? At least that's what my grandparents told me, they had a dog that would happily join the kids in rivers. Although the sea should be a different story after all, as you had in there, the water is alive... haha.


Your grandparents were correct, but as far as the sea goes, many dogs have extra sensitive hearing and the breaking waves must sound like thunder to them Lol

I like the story. I can't tell you how many times I have thought something to be amazing and nice, but others have found it to be nothing of the sort. I guess nice is an opinion.


Thank you and "nice" is a dangerous opinion in my case at least my friend! Blessings!


Thanks for the warning!

Good shots turned out. It is beautiful there!


Thank you and oh yeah, it's really a beautiful place! Blessings!

He is so cute though
Great pics, it captures his excitement :D


Thank you my friend and luckily I was quick on the camera to catch the action! Blessings!

I love the action shot and I did have a giggle reading and seeing clearly not a dog that likes waves LOL


Shame, poor thing JJ, he was really petrified! Blessings!


And that did come across in your photos

LOL! Thanks for the awesome action shots (and for the ear worm), @papilloncharity! 😊


Thank you and I am a bit dense as usual. "ear worm"? I presume it means a reminder about a similar incidence regarding the "nice" bit?


That is a good-looking pooch! Great shots.



Thank you Sir and glad that you liked it!

Hahaha, you made me laugh out loud. These are awesome action shots! Poor lady! But I can imagine the fear that the doggo had. Fear of something that we don't know.. I also hope that she found him..

Oh, of course I remember doing things just because people said that it would be fine, or that it wouldn't hurt, or that all will be ok, lol. But over time you learn to trust your own judgement. If something doesn't look good to you, well don't do it. It doesn't mean that you will like Bungeejumping just because all your friends do :)

Thank you for sharing and making me laugh :) Have a great day!


@delishtreats You really have a good grip on life my friend and I am glad that I could get a laugh out of you. Thank you and blessings to you!

Awesome photo my man!! Love it!


Thank you and I am glad that you liked it!