Walk with me through the streets of Lisbon, PORTUGAL (Part2)

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Yesterday, we began our walk through the streets of Lisbon by observing its beautiful ground mosaics and getting lost in quaint cobblestone streets. On our way, we immersed ourselves in the city's creative vibe surrounding us with every step.
Despite the many steep hills, walking is by far, the best way to experience Lisbon (with the tram coming up close in 2nd place).

So get your sneakers on and come with me on my second day in Lisbon to discover a multitude of treasures!


Commerce Square, better known as Praça do Comércio, is situated near the Tagus river and is Lisbon's main square. It was built on the site where the old Royal Palace stood, before it was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake.
When the square was first built, the commercial ships would unload their goods directly here, as it was considered the “door” to Lisbon.
Notice the equestrian statue of Joseph I of Portugal and the majestic triumphal arch built to celebrate the reconstruction of the city after the earthquake.


Top left is the row of arcades found all along the façade of the buildings surrounding Commerce Square.

When I walked past the river, I found a wide display of cairn had been built using riverbed rocks. I was itching to make my own as it is one of my favourite activity when traveling, but the horde of tourists trying to capture photos made this endeavour impossible.

Surprising to see there were still quite a lot of tourists for an early November day...


Lisbon is a city blessed with an unusual light. Its architecture makes the most of this, with buildings designed around luminosity, shade and shadow.
The Santa Justa Lift which you can see on the 2nd photo from the left, was engineer Mesnier du Ponsard's answer to all pedestrian prayers! The iron structure opened in 1902 and stands 45m high (148 feet tall).
Glad to see somebody came up with an idea to remedy Lisbon's tired feet from walking up and down the numerous hills!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, Lisbon is home to the worldwide known azulejos: tin-glazed ceramic tilework found on the interior and exterior of just about any building/monument in the city (houses, schools, churches, palaces, and nowadays bars, restaurants, and even subway or railway stations).
As one cannot possibly visit Lisbon without noticing this beautiful work of art, I found myself capturing every possible tile in search for the one I hadn't photographed yet. A very fun treasure hunt if you like walking (Thanks for enduring the pain @abh12345 😉).

Façade of a home decorated with azulejos

Azulejos galoooore!


Azulejos are typically applied on walls, floors and even ceilings! In the past, they were not only used as an ornamental art form, but also had a specific functional capacity like temperature control in homes.
Above is a collection of some of my favourite ones in shades of green and purple.
And below is what I suppose was a reconstruction of fallen tiles using spare ones(?), in the church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição.


The word Azulejo is derived from the Arabic word al zulaycha, meaning "little polished stone" because the original idea was to imitate the Roman mosaics.

The ceramic techniques and glazing methods were adapted centuries ago when Christian and Islamic-Moorish cultures coexisted on the Iberian peninsula.

The patterns used are complex and reflect a taste for geometry and floral designs.



I found this shop walking up towards São Jorge Castle. Shame it was closed as I am sure the inside is just as fascinating as the outside.
If you look at each detail in the photo closely, you may notice the intricately designed window frames and wrought iron doors blending together beautifully within the surrounding azulejos.

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One of my most unexpected surprises when wandering through the streets of Lisbon was discovering the insane amount of quality street art.



La meilleure traduction entre deux langues est un baiser -----> The best translation between two languages is a kiss (in French the word "langue" has 2 meanings: language and tongue😉)


Futuristic city


The more professional displays of street art have helped to beautify run-down, vacant buildings and add a special brightness to the city’s trendy neighborhoods.


This is the end of my second day in this beautiful city. I hope you enjoyed tagging along.

Do you know of a city which would easily rival with Lisbon's street art culture?

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All photos in this post were taken with my SONY Xperia Z3.

Please don't hesitate to leave comments, share ideas, upvote/resteem. I love to hear from all of you!

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“Learning is not a race for information, it is a walk of discovery” - Jane Healy

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what an extraordinary city, the more I learn about it the more I love it. This time it's your description of the light and how the architecture in created in harmony with the workings of the light! Your photos are fantastic and as with part 1, I really appreciate your sensibility both aesthetically and with telling your story. I've long been fascinated with azulejos but you've shown a much more interesting variety than I've ever seen - gorgeous!

Thank you so much Ruth! You absolutely must plan a trip to Portugal... it would blow you away. So much beauty, so much inspiration, so many ideas to take home with you.
🎁Merry Christmas to you and yours🎁

Yes you are so right!! and Merry Christmas to you too xooxox

@osm0sis - I only knew Portugal as the country that along with Spain indulges in the eating of percebes (a rather deadly delicacy). And I thought that the street art of Melbourne in its alleys and laneways was something impressive until you showed me what Lisbon had to offer!

Wow, I had to look it up as I'd never heard of "percebes". I'll be honest with you... I kinda wish I hadn't!
But thank you for mentioning it. I learnt something today :)

They are said to be quite a delicacy but sadly comes at a cost (of human lives). I learnt lots about Lisbon from your post as well and perhaps next time you walk into a restaurant in Portugal or Spain you'll be able to tell an interesting story about the food in the menu.

Funny you should say that. I keep forgetting, every time i travel, to take photos of the food I eat and all the strange culinary traditions. Must remember for my next post

Lots to see in Lisbon if you like Ceramics and Graffiti!

Just a shame you have to walk up and down so many hills! At least we had a good excuse to stop for refreshments :D

Super colourful and well written post!

Thank you... this series took me a while to finally pop out. But hey, I did iiiiit!

You are the real explorer ! You present the real beauty of Lisbon ! Always awesome my friend @osm0sis !
I love this artworks on the wall . M too preparing a post about art works in the streets of Kathmandu !

Thank you so much for your support @akkha. I look forward to seeing your post. I remember seeing some very cool graffiti near Durbar Square last year... that alone is worth a post :)

Thank you so much for your support and wish dear @osm0sis ! I will post with some shots of street art !

Thank you for showing me some of the places that I didn't get to see while I was there. I live the little history lessons you throw in. 😊

You're most welcome @getonthetrain. Trying to cram as much info, photos, and anecdotes into one post without writing a book is a daunting task for me! (also explains my addiction to making post series).
Thanks for your input, it helps :)

Great article. I like the way you present the tour. Great photos, they really portray the diversity in graffiti around the world. I have been many places and have found it to be very diverse. Thanks for the post. great Job.

Glad you liked it @imaginationicon! Many thanks for the kind words.

So many colours, such incredible beautiful artworks! The ceramic tiles are all masterpieces. I'm even more convinced now that this definitely looks like a place I would love to visit!

Lisbon and Portugal in general should be on everyone's bucket list :)
Thanks @kerlund74

Very nice photography @osm0sis.

Thank you!

A really nice walk today through the streets of Lisbon. I love all the Azulejos. They are so colourful. And so many designs.

Thank you @cecicastor. They are so pretty I wanted to take them all home with me!

Excellent is a photography

I can almost forgive u for missing out steemfest. We'll go back when we have been to Reunion.

Hahaha DEAL!

Ouais, will tell the girls. So definitely, ur butt is going there?

You can never really fully confirm anything until you are physically there, but yes. Should be :)

Alrite, fart away when ure there ;)

These Lisbon posts are really lovely @osm0sis. And thanks for adding them to steemit worldmap too.

Thank you @choogirl. My pleasure!

wow. your post soper.

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