Best Photos Trail - 24th June 2017

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The Creme de la Creme of Steemit Photography

24th June 2017

I have scoured Steemit Photography in the past 24 Hours and have come up with the best for today. My motto is to focus on finding the hidden gems which did not get the attention they deserved. This will no doubt help the fellow Steemians who are new and struggling to find an audience. I will also Resteem all those who get featured in the daily list. Congratulations!! to all those featured :)

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You can always grab my attention by commenting. I will definitely have a look at your portfolio. The aim is to promote original content only. 

@bhaga shares an incredible sunrise from the balcony!

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@jefflombardo shares an incredible landscapes

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@p2npoison shares some old memories

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@kzollove appreciating cool artic air!

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@fromme shares beautiful Aurora Shots

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@superlover shares snaps of Beautiful Georgia

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@yeaho shares a wallpaper image of Rakotz bridge

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@alex-zi shares a beautiful capture of Sunrise Colours!

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@clodoweg shares an incredible picture of Pleiades!!

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@drkewalmd shares awesome captures from Tromso, Norway

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Disclaimer: This is not a photography contest. The aim is purely to help the underdogs :)

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thank you again for featuring my picture 😊🍻


Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it :)

Beautiful shots.

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great post!


Thank you :)



You are most welcome :)

Wow i was actually amazed by all this freakin' awesome photos :oO especially the northern lights and the Rakotz bridge :o

tnx @mycamerashoot : )) @superlover if like my photos upvote and follow me :)

follow and vote us, we'll follow back n vote to u

Nice discoveries its always good to help out photographers.


Of course . Thanks a lot :)

Thank you for collecting those great photoshots!!


You are most welcome @fromme

Absolutely awesome collection...keep up the good work. Thanks for featuring my photo!

I plan to post more amazing photos soon..follow to keep in touch! :)


Most welcome my friend :)

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Great posts @mycamerashots, and you are doing a great job selecting awesome shots :-)

Keep it up.


Thanks for the appreciation @crypt0b0b :)

really great