Moto G 5 plus - One photo every day (6/365) My first game console

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One of my first game console wasn't a Xbox nor Playstation, but a cheese NES clone, with a set of include games XD. The console has stopped working a long time ago, but the box still remains with me.



I remember having to finish my homework fist to be able to play games on it haha.

Games consoles have come a long way but I don't think much has changed, well the graphics are a lot better now haha.

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that box is awesome!
Video games were so much fun back then even if they were basic as could be.


XD I think it has to do with we were just kid's, but yeah i agree, it was a time when I was happy and I didn't even know what a "clone" was.


All that matters was it workd when wanting to use it.